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Bon travail mes l’Abitibi trop éloigné pour moi pas pratique
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Awful people.

Worked there for a short period of time. They gave me training despite no previous experience. Started out nice, but when things didn't work out they told all other team members in my department before me. Interrupted me with a customer multiple times despite telling them I could have someone else take my place, so I could speak to management. Unprofessional work environment, terrible management.

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Points négatifs

No benefits, no care for employees, and terrible management.
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Fast paced, fast days

Starts either really fast or slow and could take off and be at a run all day. Some workers are set in their ways and don't like change. Other have attitudes about what vehicles they drive and don't like to share.

Points positifs

Fast days

Points négatifs

lots of people with attitude
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It was an ok job

It was an ok job as far as jobs go . Like I'm loading and lifting lumber in and out of trucks. So if you like that kind of thing , you'll like the job and if not you won't

Points positifs

Free screwdriver bits

Points négatifs

Only one per person
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boring but easy job

Amazing coworkers but can be boring when there are no clients. Good first job at sixteen. It is easy and they provide most of the training. The pay is average.
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Great job!

I’ve worked retail for over 30yrs. This is one of the best companies to work for. I’ve been there less than a year and have been in two departments.Management is very supportive and my fellow co-workers are amazing!Go Rona!!
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Good first job

It's a good first job for students, they collaborate and work well with your schedule. It's a fast-paced environment and can get pretty stressful at times when you're new.

Points négatifs

long hours
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No managment

No managment to speak of, to many kids doing nothing and get away with it. The people who do all the work and have all the responsibility get no recognition for there effort's and are treated the worsed
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Terrible to work there

Management is awful and everyone is always yelling. No one cares for personal safety or your home schedule. The hours are never consistent and the pay for work amount is brutal

Points positifs

Good parking

Points négatifs

Everything about working there
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It's great for mid-term jobs but not longer than 20 years.

A typical week consists of price changes, putting away stock, and helping contractors and customers. Hardest part is the contractors, some can be rude. The management team and the people you work with are usually great and everyone gets along, super collaborative and are more than willing to help out and teach each other. I can't say much about the company because some people definitely deserve to get paid more for the amount of work they do here.

Points positifs

Great learning environment, great community, lots of opportunity to learn new skill sets

Points négatifs

Pay does not reflect the amount of work expected from us
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Okay, but favouritism through the roof.

Some managers are great, but some are absolutely horsecrap. At the end of the day they really don't care about you, or about hours needed to survive financially. The "favourites" can do no wrong and never get in trouble, whereas if you aren't one of their favourites, you get in trouble for their mistakes. The expectations are ridiculous, and the pay is horrible. Promotions are given if a manager likes you, not if you're a good worker.

Points positifs

staff lunch, friendly workers.

Points négatifs

bad scheduling, favouritism, bad pay with horrible chances for raises.
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Don't work here!

Terrible company; poor management; the staff are generally nice for the most part, but do to the low pay, the majority of the staff members have to work multiple jobs.
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Not horrible, as PT, but not worth the effort they ask. Cant imagine FT, you really have to enjoy it

Only did seasonal, so mostly garden and summer sale items. Also plants. A bit labor intensive while also mostly working alone in your department. Grunt work like moving, building, watering plants, and unpacking products for shelves. Clean up and re-shelve after every close. Good experience for young/students and ok building experience for the summer. No real manager help or guidance, again really just basic labor or grunt stuff.
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Decent place to work

Decent place to work to pay the bills, not worth it in the long haul if you don’t plan on going into management. Decent work environment and you can get a solid workout in if you work in the yard
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Fun but messy

They always say it’s a red flag when you sign papers at an interview. I enjoyed my time here because of the people. but the store management doesn’t communicate and are never on the same page. I met a lot of great people including coworkers and contractors/customers. I will not miss the job or the responsibilities given without your pay matching but I will miss all the relationships I have built
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Kind of fun for teens

It was a pretty okay place to work, it is a more relaxed culture than some. Workplace culture sucks, and you will not be properly acknowledged for the work you do.
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Fun place to work

I briefly worked at rona north van and enjoyed the staff there. The pace is faster, so you don't get bored and the training was enjoyable . I'd recommend

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Not the highest salary
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Endroit pour commencer

Emploi pour travailler à temps partiel. Flexibilité d'horaire et personnel amical. La charge de travail est bonne et la formation est pertinente pour l'emploi occupé.
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Grand / lumineux

Être engagée à l’externe au poste de gérante des caisses. Le plus gros département du magasin. Avoir 4 personnes a l’interne qui voulait avoir le poste!! No commentaires!!
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Great at first then everything went downhill

The grimsby location was good at first, until we got new management. The store has just gone downhill over the past 9 months. The job was okay, had its ups and downs like every job does. Best part was probably the raise every year from your start date
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Great starter job

get more hours in the summer then in winter, lot of room for advancement, great co-workers, pretty repetitious in terms of day and job tasks. Management was alright although got switched a lot
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