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Bon salaire et bonne assurance , mais stressant , je ne conseille pas au personne hypersensible , très bon chefs d’equipe!
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Great job environment, poor pay structure

Good job if you are looking to get into the world of sales at entry-level, however the incentive for selling is really low even if you become very good at it. Advancement within the company is possible but the process is very long for no reason

Points positifs

Good Benefits

Points négatifs

Low pay incentive
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It was ok

Good balance of work and benefits, very good managers always there to support you, you will not a fixed shift you have to be a senior to get a good morning shift.

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Points négatifs

new targets
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Not much to say, the people sucked, pay was mediocre, and management was rude. There were long hours but I gained knowledge and experience so I can’t complain

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Points négatifs

Long hours
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Solid organization to build a career.

Lots of opportunity to grow no matter where you are based. Benefits are solid. Training is provided when required. Management is well developed. Sales team had many incentives.
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Regret everything

This company does not care about employees. Compensation is lower compared to competitors. Upper management don’t care about customers but they try to make it look like.

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It was a stressful job

It was a stressful job. People call to tear you up in pieces, people can be mean just because they think that is how they can get their impossible demands. You have to try and satisfy their demands because it is a private company and they need their customers. Company rates you on how many people give you reviews a month, how are you supposed to control people's actions after they hang up? They are always hiring because turnover rate is really high.

Points positifs

Good benefits

Points négatifs

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Hard work can pay off, but you can be easily overlooked

This is a large company with many different branches so the opinion may vary greatly between employees, but overall I would say it's a solid place to earn a paycheck. If you commit to working hard they will work with you every step of the way.

Points positifs

scaling benefits, good pension plan

Points négatifs

hard work if you are on the front lines
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Excellent place to work

Great management and colleagues, very people focused company. Good pay and health benefits. Opportunity for advancement is great. Exciting industry to work in.
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It's a decent experience for your first telecom sales job

A part time sales asssociate job with Rogers could be an interesting experience to learn about sales if u never done it before. Managers try to be flexible with your hours if you need to (if you are a student or sthg like that). Training about phone plans and finance is mostly done on the job, you get like 1 month to learn everything and after that you need to start hitting sales targets if you dont then you are out.Something I dont like is that their compensation package is mediocre, there are other telecom companies that pay more than Rogers for the same job.
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okay place to work but stressful

If you like selling and talking to customers then it is a good place to work. As a Manager, you are constantly managing people who don't care about their jobs and never will so it is a waste of energy.

Points positifs

good pay and benefits

Points négatifs

When they exit an employee, you are treated like garbage. The Director doesn't even have the guts to speak to you.
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Great company to work for

Pros : awesome salary, benefits, HR portal simple and easy to use, great training and opportunities for commission Cons: management doesn’t take issues seriously. Multiple occasions HR wouldn’t do anything about situations
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Great place

All in all a good experience and great benefits.Collaborative environment, helpful managers with lots of room to grow and learn new things. Work has lots of client interaction
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Cozy at home but High stress Low pay

Very easy to get in Equipment sentWork at home 8 hrs With a month minimum training in old laggy broken systems then you will be sent to deal with angry screaming customers all dayYou are not allowed to go washroom unless its break You will be micro managed down to the last minute of every detail you do

Points positifs

Work at home

Points négatifs

High stress low pay low training
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Don’t work for this organization

Not a good place to work . This place never gave a raise and if it did it is 10 cent to 25 cent. Horrible place. No work life balance. No sympathy for personal concerns

Points négatifs

Low pay
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great experience

great company , lot of room to advance, supporting work culture, great benefits, rogers always support their employees from top to bottom, i would like to work again.
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Good: Mature corporate Bad: low compensation, politics,

Good: Mature corporate, gym, food court, work placeBad: low compensation, lack rewarding culture, does not value or not able to promote your real talent
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Flexible work environment for students and self emplpyed

Excellent flexible arrangement for scheduling. Management is helpful and knowledgeable about sales systems. Commission sales so actual pay depends on your sales abilities.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Rude customers
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Fast Paced

Not being paid enough for the amount of work done, raises are ridiculous. Employee referral program, stock option , health spending accountGood support and trainingOpportunities to grow
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Not great place to work

Dont recommend, don't work here. Management is not good, the actual work is boring and not good. Pay is poor. Being abused on the phone is not a good way to spend your life.
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Pay is lacking, they only pay minimum wage for a Business Technical Support role and the rest is on variable pay based on performance which is difficult to achieve because there are too many factors involved such as average call time, cx surveys, schedule compliance, call time, offline time and more.

Points positifs

50 per discount on services

Points négatifs

Pay is barely worth it
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