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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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This is a large company with many different branches so the opinion may vary greatly between employees, but overall I would say it's a solid place to earn a paycheck. If you commit to working hard they will work with you every step of the way.

Points positifs

scaling benefits, good pension plan

Points négatifs

hard work if you are on the front lines
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It was ok

Good balance of work and benefits, very good managers always there to support you, you will not a fixed shift you have to be a senior to get a good morning shift.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

new targets
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Best Job

Loved working at Rogers.It was a great place to learn, excellent benefit's,Good working partners and always customer focused.Approachable managers who take time to train, coach and assist as required.Flexable hours and shift trades as you required was a nice asset.Job satisfaction was another bonus in working with peers and outside tech and the customers.

Points positifs

Great working inviroment

Points négatifs

Can't think of any.
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great experience

great company , lot of room to advance, supporting work culture, great benefits, rogers always support their employees from top to bottom, i would like to work again.
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Better pay for similar roles at other companies

You wont get weekends off for 1 year atleast . Except that all good . Benefits are great after probation . Managers are very professional . All the best
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It’s…a job. It’s not for me but people can thrive

Been working for 9 months and I can say you definitely don’t get paid enough to deal with the type of customers and also having to know all the technical support issues and resolutions. It’s just above minimum wage but it’s not enough. I’m also not a phone person so this job is pretty soul sucking but if you like talking on the phone/talking to people and are a fast learner this is the job for you.

Points positifs

Benefits, vacation time and discounts

Points négatifs

Long hours, minimum breaks, sitting down for long period of time
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Very draining work environment

I don’t recommend working there as management didn’t seem to care about the well-being of the employees, very condescending tone and not cooperative at all
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The job is ok. You can learn alot, but I would advise to get off the phone as quickly as possible

This job is ok. You deal with same issues everyday. Customers internet or cable not working properly. You try to help fix the issue or send out a technician. The job gets to be very stressful after a while.
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Full Time Hours and Part Time Benefits

Sketchy management tactic - Was hired as a part time tech support with part time benefits but had to consistently work 40 hours.My work as a Technical Support Consultant was extremely stressful mainly because of the customers. The call volume was usually not that high like the call centers at those big 5 banks where you get back to back calls but the customers will make your life painful. This role worsened my anxiety and I decided to quit the job for the sake of my mental health. I felt mentally, emotionally and physically relieved after quitting the job.
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Productive and fun place to work

Tech support is a best department to work. Some times it’s stressful because of back to back calls. Overall nice place to work. Management is supportive too.
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it was okay

They say there are not hugr sales targets but they prssure you to do a sale even when the clietns says they dont have the budget which makes it redundant to ask for an upgrade
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Good place to work

The call center was very busy at times and senior management was stressed about service levels constantly. Aside from the busy call volume Rogers was a great place to work. Lots of opportunity to move around the company and above average benefits
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It's a good place

It's probably the best as far as call center goes treated fairly however times are very busy and customers are a little spoiled when it comes to down time etc

Points positifs

Pay is good benefits Excellent

Points négatifs

Workingweekends and nights 5 to 10 years before you have enough seniority
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Good customers service experience

Great work place shifts is not bad ...good benefits ..medical and dental ..double salary if working on statuary holiday..great training ..

Points positifs

Good experience

Points négatifs

Call after call ..very busy
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Great Company to work for

Great Company to work for. The technical support consultant job itself is a very stressfull job but apart from the work environment and workethucs at rogers are awesome!!
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Great place to work

Great place to work, loved it here. Great benefits even as a part time worker and lots of room to grow at this company.Sad that I had to leave due to personal reasons. I would work here again
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easy work but the company and the customers will mentally affect you.

the work itself is fine but there are several issues. having to take responsibility for other employee's incompetence when filling out tickets they often seem to just not fill it out properly which means the issue continues for the client. scripting is getting worse and worse when i first joined it was pretty basic but polite stuff and now there's an unnecessary amount added which can add several unnecessary minutes onto the call when the customer is already sick of talking to you. infighting between departments because no one knows what to do or who to transfer to for certain issues. sometimes you will notice other departments transfer to you because they just didn't want to do the job even if they could have done it or are the only ones able to do it. the shifts might give you depression. seriously. some of these shifts are just plain awful where you literally have no social life outside of your two days off which could be anywhere. a former coworker had health issues and a doctor's note told rogers to give them a shift between certain time slots to account for this. rogers gave that person the shift that they would not be able to do because of the health issues so they had to quit. from what i've heard and seen they range from 6am-3:30pm as the earliest shifts to 6:30pm - 3 am shifts as the latest (shift bids work by seniority so if there's a long period or something you are stuck having no joy or life on that 6:30 - 3 am shift. there's also optional overnight stuff. the customers often have very little knowledge of how their service or their personal devices - 

Points positifs

good pay and benfits, employee discount.

Points négatifs

short break, unpaid lunch, everything mentioned in the review
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If you value your mental health don't bother.

Looks good until you realize how everything works. If you value your mental health don't bother this place will run you into the ground you only need to look at all the long term workers there it's sad.
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Mediocre at best

- management doesn't seem to care, - too much micromanagement - worked PC tech support, paid the same wage as a teenager washing dishes - no work life balance, you work a different schedule every day - Switched departments after 3 years, was promised full time hours would continue, got 12 hour week
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Fast past learned a lot

This has gotta be the most self driven call centre in which I have worked for they certainly give you the platform and the tools necessary but you certainly work and solve problems you never likely will come in contact with.
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Great place

Amazing people and great place to work . No stress and everyone are helpful and understanding. Relaxed atmosphere and opportunities to move forward is given to you .
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