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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great job environment, poor pay structure

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Good job if you are looking to get into the world of sales at entry-level, however the incentive for selling is really low even if you become very good at it. Advancement within the company is possible but the process is very long for no reason

Points positifs

Good Benefits

Points négatifs

Low pay incentive
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Sales Rep - Rogers

Rogers was an amazing company to work for. Very flexible and has the best work culture. I will forever look back on my experience as an employee with Rogers. Thank you Rogers!
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working with incentives

this place is great to work as a student or as a regular part-time. Customer service is taken very serious but be prepared to be attacked by angry customers as, well, you already know how people feel! I guess it just comes with the territory. But yes lots of incentives for sales and upgrades!
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Competitive but Cooperative

I feel that working at Rogers can get stressful but fun at the same time. Management obviously pushes you to perform. However there is a competitive flare to the team and each person is there to gain as much sales as possible.The one helpful thing though, was that everyone was very helpful when you required it.

Points positifs

Work culture, friendly, competitive

Points négatifs

Competitive, long hours
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Terrible place to work

Terrible management no direction. No help at all. Just want sales and not much else. They expectations from management don’t align with realistic outcomes. They expect you to work long hours and a lot of evenings.
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Fun place and they take care of their employees

Management was Great and easy to talk too and they are very understanding. I had a great time working their, made lots of friends and memories while I was there. Great Benefits, Good Commission structure, HR are responsive and very helpful. I liked my experience with Rogers and I would definitely recommend to go in for first step in Sales!!
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Great Manager

The management and staff was great to work with. They helped with the training process intesively.Did not make me feel uncomfortableEarning potential was good
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No job security. High turnover of employees.

Rogers is a good company but could be a great company. The compensation was good and you could earn more. Benefits were also good as well as a share purchase option also available. No complaints there. However, constant fear of job loss and staff turnover due to the whims of management made it hard to commit. Also lack of proper training and unavailable but necessary tools to do the job ( only some got them ) made it very difficult at times to do what you were hired for. The products are excellent and installers were great to work with.

Points positifs

Flexibility of work schedule, good compensation package and great products.

Points négatifs

Low commitment to frontline salespeople for long term growth and stability.
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Good entry-level sales experience

Good place to get started with sales. You learn a lot quickly, and are expected to hit targets consistently. Good, challenging workplace but the company is somewhat turmoiled with drama and favoritism.
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Company is alright

I wouldn’t say Rogers is a horrible company to work for but you do miss that sense of connection in terms of feeling like you’re not just a number but then again it is a huge conglomerate
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Good environment but stressful dealing with customer attitudes.

A typical day would begin with opening the store and logging on to all the sites you may need. I learned how to handle some intense customers as well as how to de-escalate situations. Overall the management was okay, they mostly left you to your own devices but as the job continued they did get harsher saying if you asked a question they would take that sale. The hardest part of this job was probably trying to balance school and work as they do not let you work under 20 hours a week. The best part of this job was the coworkers as there was always a good sense of camaraderie and fun.

Points positifs

Good work environment, friendly coworkers.

Points négatifs

Work-life balance is hard to maintain, customers often take their anger out on you.
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Good for beginners in sales

Rogers is a franchise. Therefore, each branch/location may be different...commision, pay, benefits..etc. But this was a really good starting place for those that not only want to be in sales but a good first job.
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Bad pay, no time off, no management support, bad customers, required to do a lot of work for little pay, targets that can be unachievable, no COVID support pay-wise

Points positifs

nothing really

Points négatifs

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Normal Customer Service Job

Not much room for advancement. They want to pay you as little as they can. No proper hands on training. Deal with a lot of angry customers. Good benefits, though.

Points positifs

Lots of time to sit around, if that's what you want

Points négatifs

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Very bad work place environment

I worked there for a year and barely made more than $750-800 every two weeks. The first manager I had was amazing but then when the management switched it was not good. They would always "update" the system so it was never easy to deal with customers in the midst of change. I got fired for no reason and was told to leave the day they told me. None of my co-workers contacted me or spoke to me as I left. and I was the only girl that worked at the store out of 4 employees.

Points positifs

Not many other then everyone was super chill about being late or lunch breaks.

Points négatifs

way too much work such little pay and bad management.
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not too good

i do not really have anything to write about the company it just i have to write minimum of q50 words to submit the response so ,, overall it was not at all a good exp for me
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A place where I can enjoy myself during work.

Effective communication and your contacts are essential ins sales and retail jobs which both help me to grab a lot of customers for them, and it was a great experience with my team.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Less hours
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• Completed voluntary customer service training to learn ways to enhance customer satisfaction and improve productivity. • Managed a high-volume workload within a deadline-driven environment. Resolved an average of 800 inquiries weekly and consistently met performance standards in all areas including speed, accuracy and volume. • Highly commended for initiative, enthusiasm, persuasiveness, intense customer focus and dependability in performance evaluations. • Fulfilled the position for the Oxford Properties Group receptionist during sick leave contracts.
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Great at first until you want to move up

At first it the opportunity seemed great and the money was amazing. After putting in almost 2 years of full time hours and asking multiple times for a full time position I decided that there really isn't much room for advancement in the company until you know someone or have leverage.
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Not very respectful of employees personal time

It was a decent job but the management never respected the employees enough to put the schedule out in advance which made it impossible to have a life outside of work especially as a full-time shift working employee. Management then got upset at the amount of requested days off but the schedule sometimes wouldn't come out till 6:30am on the day its suppose to take place so you'd have to wake up early just to see if you were working the opening shift that day, if you had to work the closing shift or if you had another day off which would have been nice to know if you did so you could have planned to do something instead of having to book a day off to do it!! The night before you'd be constantly checking your email all night to see if they sent it because sometimes they send it at 10:30pm sometimes 8 sometimes midnight the night before. Just so disrespectful to the lives of their employees and ignored multiple requests asking for at least 2 weeks in advance schedule which is actually the standard.
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Horrible place

Was ostracized by the team and no one spoke to me for whole shifts other than management. Instead of giving 6-8 shift twice a week we were giving 3-5 shift daily. Didn't make sense to someone who had to drive from St Thomas to London everyday
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