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Decent if you're starting out in sales

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As a first sales job its not bad. You will hustle phones, tablets, credit cards, and more. Management really wants you to upsell upsell upsell. You'll become an expert at solving convoluted wireless plan issues
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Manager is always micromanaging

Manager is always breathing down your back. Also doesn’t want you to advance or succeed. Toxic work environment. Wouldn’t recommend if you want to work full time. Ok for part time in between.

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Fun place to work

Very good team, they support you. Lots of things to learn if you are willing to. Good commission and a steady slope of growth. If you can prove yourself you will see support and recognition
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It's a decent experience for your first telecom sales job

A part time sales asssociate job with Rogers could be an interesting experience to learn about sales if u never done it before. Managers try to be flexible with your hours if you need to (if you are a student or sthg like that). Training about phone plans and finance is mostly done on the job, you get like 1 month to learn everything and after that you need to start hitting sales targets if you dont then you are out.Something I dont like is that their compensation package is mediocre, there are other telecom companies that pay more than Rogers for the same job.
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Great place

All in all a good experience and great benefits.Collaborative environment, helpful managers with lots of room to grow and learn new things. Work has lots of client interaction
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Fast paced work environment

Nice place to work overall for students. Gotta hit your sales target regularly or else you will be fired. Hard for the people who have never worked in commission based sales.

Points positifs

Good pay rate

Points négatifs

Not enough training for seasonal reps
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I’ve had better

Loved the company, discount was great! And loved learning about the new devices and getting to show people how to use there phones. However management in the end made me leave

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I learned a lot

Work was alright. Everyone worked independently most of the time. Hours and wage was fair. Learned a lot about wireless communications and the company. Supervisor was fair and understanding. It was a good experience all in all.
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It'll get you by

It's a place you can work to pay your bills. Management above store level is all over the place, and there isn't much support for store staff from them.
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good place to work

satisfaction really varies from store to store. pay (if in a busy location) and benefits are fantastic, a fun, satisfying customer service position that made me feel good about helping people get the most out of their phones,
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Good for an entry level job

Good if you just need something a bit better than minimum wage. Still not a liveable wage though. Some customers really are a pain, but some customers make it worth it.
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Great place to work

Learned a lot about sales tactics, customer service, problem solving and working corporate. The best part of the job are my co-workers and managers. The hardest part of the job would be reaching sales targets.
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Good for students

Good place to work part time for students to make some money and build customer service experience. The only bad part is dealing with annoying customers, similar to most customer facing jobs.

Points positifs

Easy work

Points négatifs

Bad customers
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Great place to work

Excellent place to work with very friendly and helpful people. Amazing cafeteria and beautiful environment. Rogers is a very progressive company that is constantly looking to innovate. I would recommend Rogers as a great place to work.
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Great sales environment

Great place to start your sales career, a lot of opportunities for growth and personal development. A friendly team environment where you help each other reach goals. The district managers are super nice as well, they will help you best they can.
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Very relaxed

This job isn’t forcing you. The culture is very friendly and young. There’s a lot of benefits and the pay is above other for entry level jobs. The only complaint is it’s hard to go up
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They use to care, now they dont.

Rogers use to care about their employees where you can pretty much have it as your part time job and still go to school fulltime. Now they just don't care no more, with the past 7 years working in the company, they make it impossible to do school and work at the same time. They make you work minimum 20 hours as part time employee that pretty much is impossible with full on university work load. It decent if you are just doing part time at school and that's a BIG if.

Points positifs

Employee discounts on all phone lines.

Points négatifs

They force you to work 20 hour minimum.
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Some locations are slow corprate wants sales an dosent care about trafic

I wouldent recomend this job to any one that dosent have a strong mental mind or sales repor. Sell sell sell even of there is no clients to sell to. not corprates problem reps are responceable an expendable.

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Points négatifs

Forced commishion sales or get out. Unliveable wage
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Pretty laid back

Their systems are usually broken and bug out, so you need to learn A LOT of quirks which can take months. You also deal with customers a lot which can be exhausting (just like any other customer service job).

Points positifs

Relaxed team but obviously varies per store

Points négatifs

Account management systems are basically always broken which makes the job difficult to learn
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Overall just your average retail store in a mall.

Worked at Rogers as a part-time sales associate. The company itself was nice. They have a lot of opportunities to grow. Overall a nice experience, and good for students.

Points positifs

flexible hours

Points négatifs

the commission is lower than other companies.
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Good COmpany

I worked in the small business specialised store for Rogers. Manager was pretty easy, making sales as well was easy at the location In Mississauga so I rarely had any issues
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