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Inside Sales Representative40 avis
Canada40 avis

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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Telecoms is a fast paced sector so expect a lot of changes to your job function on the fly. Be prepared to constantly learn new products, procedures and expect changes to your compensation frequently. Management (senior and middle) also changes often and that can affect how much pressure you’re put under. With good management that have clear and realistic goals, expect to make some decent money and be very busy. A lot of tenured staff so you have lots of people to help if you’re stuck and you know how to network and ask nicely. Company promotes development strongly and it can be a big advantage if you have skills outside of sales. Also, like most big companies it takes a while to implement changes that negatively impact your job function, and managers tend to deny the existence of a problem until an official solution is available. Beware of that, it can be frustrating and limiting.

Points positifs

Good development

Points négatifs

Frequent changes
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Great place to work

Competitive and exciting with great pay and great work environment I would recommend this as a great full time position if you want to learn alot. Good Job.
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Was good

Spent about 3 years at Rogers. Was an ok place to make a living wage. Lots of advancement opportunities if that’s what you’re after. Good type of job to do your work and leave it at door when you’re done for day
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Pretty decent place to work. Company culture is very relaxed

Pretty decent place to work. Company culture is very relaxed.Managers are good. No micro-managing Friendly atmosphere. Large company.Would reccomend for someone just starting out.
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Productive and fun loving

Very competitive and friendly atmosphere..staff and seniors are quite friendly and understanding..flexible working hours and pay scale is also good...
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Great people, very helpful in settling into your new job

The training program by Rogers is very interesting and informative. Management is very helpful in every way. A good and fun working environment. good place for growth.
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Fun place

Good place to start your sales career. Nice people and friends. Most of my co-workers are friendly which is one of the reasons I had to enjoy working.

Points positifs

flexible work hour

Points négatifs

parking lot.
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Rogers a top notch employer

Rogers is good place to work. You have to work really hard and network with right people to move up in the company. It’s a big company with lots of opportunities to grow up in your career.
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Great place to start a career

This is a nice place to work if you're a new graduate or seeking entry level employment. They have many programs available for you to expand your horizons and if you know the right people, it's definitely in the realm of possibility. They often have great incentives available and are laser focused on your production.
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good place to work for.

a lot of pressure, they will push you to do sales, push you to do bundles in every call, management is very poor in Ottawa but much better in Brampton.
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it's okay

the levels of management really contradict themselves on how to do your job. One manager will say one way to do something while training will teach you otherwise. other than that a job is a job, it pays well and you have good and bad days.

Points positifs

relaxed office enviroment

Points négatifs

tough legalities and hidden aspects in employment contract. no trust with the company
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Rogers Experience

Rogers is a great place to work at. I've learned and developed at Rogers in the professional and personal level. the work environment is friendly. The most enjoyable part of the job is talking to customers from different parts of the countries and connect with them and building rapport. The hardest part is not dealing with people face to face. another hard thing is doing the same thing everyday. The management at Rogers is professional and are friendly in general.

Points positifs

Great management

Points négatifs

interaction with the customer through the phone only.
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2 years at Rogers, inside sales representative

So. I worked at Roger's for about 2 years. I enjoyed it. It was great. The pay was terrible. Minimum pay at $14 an hr. The commission was great. Just alot of flows in the system. Management was great. Not to helpful but great supporting you half way. I was layoff and a little bit of terminated in the process. I gave to many credits and promises to Roger's customers. That my manager did not like that. So in that case I was let go. It was a great experience of getting alot of training experience doing what I did. And since I'm no longer there. That's okay. Would be nice if I can go back. Some of my colleagues would make $45k-$75k before tax. So think hard if you want to be successful or long time with a company that does this to there workers. There is no job security or even a warning to it..

Points positifs

Benefits and shares

Points négatifs

Job security
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Absolutely brutal.

Unless you have no other option, don't work here. After 3 months of poorly planned training, you are asked to do everything for customers calling in to have their problems fixed. While somehow keeping them happy after the terrible tricks Rogers plays on them to keep driving more phone calls, you are expected to sell to them. And not just upgrade their service, you have to get them to subscribe to a brand new product. Most of the time there is absolutely no use for a customer to go for these products (like faulty security systems or overpriced cell phone plans), but you can only succeed in this role by overcoming guilt and sell services for ridiculous prices, while making less than cents on the dollar (in terms of your commission). Not recommended for anyone with a conscience. Oh you get 50% off your monthly Rogers bill, but that's only off of market price. Don't flush your life away for an affordable phone bill.

Points positifs

A couple times per month free food is provided, commissions are sometimes paid out

Points négatifs

Usually end up working longer than your scheduled shift, constant pressure to sell, very poor communication from management, lack of direction by upper management, toxic sales culture, majority of employees are in the same role for 10+ years and have not moved, many are on rotating maternity leave, commissions get docked regularly and it is no fault of your own.
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Sales military camp

You learn how to sell under pressure and especially with calls that are being escalated to management. The industry is always changing and you have to adapt to change so you can succeed and meet your targets. This is a job where you learn how to sell under extremely uncomfortable conditions where the customer is extremely upset! You have to manage their concerns and then present solutions that are good for the customer. So not only do you not lose your customer, but you increase revenue while doing it in an ethical way. I believe in ethical selling, which allowed me to outperform any agents that will use any means to gain a sale.
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The World of Rogers!

though it is a competitive environment the sales department offers an amazing training program to help enhance your selling abilities, therefore allowing you to meet the necessary targets and pay cheques of your desires... with full benefits and the ability to transfer internally to different departments.

Points positifs

uncapped commission

Points négatifs

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inbound calls, lack of knowledge from management, gossiping, SLWP

typical day, log-in wait for calls and attempt to sell on each one. I had to become a subject matter expert, learning everything for myself in order to do my job properly as management could hardly ever answer customer questions. Work place culture is similar to a high school, gossip and segrated friendships Hardest part of the job is management strategies/reasons for coaching. The approach is lacking in respect and effectiveness. SLWP is the best part of working at Rogers, when call flow is slow, you can leave (without pay)

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Poorly managed
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poor management must change culture

Terrible management , senior sales manager is a narcasis and run a tight ship , no room for input , and advancement is base on favoritism, no coaching no follow and sales people were fired due to stealing sales and tide selling , bad company, not the company that boost best company to work for .

Points positifs

free meal

Points négatifs

no feedback, poor manager more like bullies than mentors
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Productive and fun work place but lot of things have to be better

Not bad its a nice company to work for but some of the manager need to be changed because sometimes it affects the employee . Benefits were fair enough
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I liked it

It was very stressful just like any inside sales job. The people and management were amazing, I honestly have amazing memories from those days. Too bad OutRank doesn't exist anymore!
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fun place to work

Great company base pay could be higher need more phones in office .great management although they don't know much about what we sell some reps are high priority and take sales from others.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

base pay
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