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Customer Service Representative470 avis
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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Productive workplace

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Productive workplace with always something to do. Management was helpful whenever there was a question they were available to help. Would recommend if you're starting out in the workforce.
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The benefits were good but pay was horrible

Do not work there. Very toxin place to work. Customers yell at you everyday, they don't care for their clients, don't care for their employees, but the support teams and managers hide behind their telephone staff and customers can not to speak to manager without an appointment. They say we are there to help you and they are not. You ask for support while on phone and they do not get to you for 20 minutes and your customer is getting mad at you. In a nutshell trying to help this customer and support team calls you a liar. It would be different if the support team did not get angry with you when you are trying to help their customer.

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Work at home

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Everything else. If I could give negative. -1000
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Not much to say, the people sucked, pay was mediocre, and management was rude. There were long hours but I gained knowledge and experience so I can’t complain

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Long hours
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Okay company to work for

They should be more generous with commissions, and wages. Over all not a bad company. A lot to things to learn and slot of room for advancement within the company
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only if you are desperate for a call center job and want to work from home

only if you are desperate. working from home means your manager might be away in another province and time zone and different schedule so support may be harder to come by, was a little better pre covid but now its just bad
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Fun At workplace

Wonderful opportunity to help re-enter the workforce. Pleasant management and personable supervisors. Appreciative of hard work and provide an opportunity to expand skills.
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Not great place to work

Dont recommend, don't work here. Management is not good, the actual work is boring and not good. Pay is poor. Being abused on the phone is not a good way to spend your life.
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Fun place to work

Fun place to work, could be stressful at times.Good bonus,useful coachingknowledgeable managersgreat company cultureConssistent coaching.Great place to work, diversity and career development

Points positifs

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Busy Work Environment

Very high call volume, difficult customers. Some managers were very helpful, others were not as understanding. My coworkers were the best part of this job.
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Okay place to work

Work from home is great if that’s what you are looking for. The pay is below average. The work is relatively easy. Maybe takes some time to get used to.
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Okay place to work

Take alot.from customers for stuff.out.of our control management some are great some are terrible, you will get moved from department to department once they see ur adaptable with no more money
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Great place to start your career

I was a cx service rep for a while. There were some good days and bad days. I learned a lot about myself and how to work with people overall. Managers were hit or miss. Some were excellent while others played favourites.
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Rogers is a great place to work if you want to try new roles, work with new leaders, and learn new skills. It's a huge national company with assets, teams, and brans everywhere. Workplace culture has been better but I believe it will turnaround and be great again.
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Fun with snakcs

Rogers itself, the people (co-workers, management, HR, trainer) were all great.But there's nothing they can do about the fact that the work itself (outbound) is horrible. Horrible.Relentless stress, no possibility for mental peace while doing this job, on shift or off. This was probably mostly me - it just turned out I am not at all suited to CSR phone work, in particular when there's an important sales element.Their retention would improve if they updated their systems (they use extremely archaic software) and streamed calls better to provide a more reasonable work pace. Also the computer they gave me for WFH was ancient and falling apart. And the pay is atrocious (min wage or slightly above), even with the "bonus" structure in place.
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Started out great but new exec team has made a turn for the worse

When I joined I genuinely loved what I did, felt like I was helping people get what they needed but as of late it is a push for constant sales, micromanaging and being reprimanded if you do not meet the metrics they set out. Management prior was amazing but after shifting around you don't end up with great managers. Pretty much told you can never take days off due to "company requirements" even with advance notice. If you call in sick more than twice a year you are frowned upon and not paid at all for the work you do + little to no room for advancement
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A lot of work for little pay

Most clients are ok but with the ongoing tech issues and previous horrible experiences makes calls difficult with little help from offers back to back calls draining and for what we are paid is not worth it

Points positifs

Work from home and benefits

Points négatifs

Lots of work pay isn’t great
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Pay is good I guess

Rogers as a company is not great. Working as a csr and eventually manager there's just so much nonsense in this company. The rules for dealing with customers seem to change all the time.
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Not good

Not good stressful and busy. Fast paced. Many technological issues and too many changes happening on a constant basis as soon as you get used to the routine
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Stressful but a lot of knowledge

It’s a good starting job as you gain a lot customer service knowledge because of the amount of stressful customers you get but in the long term I won’t recommend it because of the salary and the schedule flexibility
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Great company, great managers and so helpful and understanding very diverse and friendly ! I love the WFH option as well and I honestly couldn’t be more happier working here
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Productive and sometime fun

Very good company to work for. They help you to succeed in your tasks.They care about you as a person so you can accomplish your task or goals. Help and support you to advance in whatever capacity possible.
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