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Working culture is good

People who work in the company have good ethics and are very supportive. They will train you completely for the job and will provide support even after.
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They care about you

Great leadership, great training, great community. They do really care about you. However, sales was really hard but the work environment was great….
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Good First Job

It's okay environment, depends on which area/store to work on. Busy core stores gets a lot of traffic but quiet stores are basically getting min pay only.
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As expected for all call centres, days can be long and customers are never happy.Company culture is lacking as the role is remote and there is no opportunity to advance within the company.
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Not worth it, no opportunity to grow within the company

Call center job, stay away. The managers time you on absolutely everything and there is no room to grow. Also the people you deal with over the phone isn't worth the stress.
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Busy and flexible

Rogers is a busy place and it comes with the perks that they offer flexibility to work from home. Also the stock options offered by the company are quite good in my opinion.
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Chilled environment

It was a nice experience as a new comer to Canada. Lots of nice and bad experiences too with customers but mostly positive . Would highly recommend to students looking for part time with commissions!
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Enjoyable job but overworked occasionally

I had a great time at Rogers but I was given more responsibilities compared to other employees with no pay increase. So I similar responsibilities as a manager but was paid minimum wage like other associates who did less around the store.
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Fun and pleasurable

I had a great time leaning and working in the industry. The leaders were very supportive. Staff was helpful. Shifts were constant. I had all the tools to work with in excelling at my job.
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Unprofessional management

Unprofessional Management with their part time workers with zero collaboration level. Worst experience to work with Rogers with no benefits and with egoistic manager I have never ever worked in that surroundings with a very bad effect on my mental health. I will not suggest to anyone. However, only the best part salary is always on time.No discounts for their employees.
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Poor Management Skills

The culture in the call center is that every representative is just a number and their mental state does not matter. You can be going through a whole life crisis and they will deny your leaves. They rather you quit so they can get someone else to fill your role. They constantly have issues with payroll "Overpaying" and that takes time out your personal life to calculate the hours worked and go through your statements. This can sometimes be in the thousands. Aside of the overpayment. You are constantly being monitored by multiple managers. To the point the micromanagement is an understatement. If you take a personal break for more then 5 mins (ex. Using the Washroom) expect 3 managers messaging you on teams asking whats going on and why you took so long.One-on-ones are not about you and how you can build your career. "It's why didn't you get 100% on your QA? This is what you do wrong. I'm going to listen to your calls for the rest of the day and tell you where you fail". When you want to talk about you development the time is done and they can't stay back to have that conversation with you. If you're joining this company with thoughts on building your career I advise you to join corporate. Anything in Call Center Operations is a toxic environment. Their "MyPath" Project roles which is supposed to get your foot through the door, but it's all smoke and mirrors to get cheap labour for a regular business analyst job. After the work is done they send you back due to budget constraints.

Points positifs

50% discount of services

Points négatifs

Mentally Draining, little to no chance for promotions
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Open workplace

The management is good, gives a lot of room for learning on a daily basis, the system could be more intuitive. Overall, a good place to learn about the industry and grow.
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Good place to work

Its a good pace to work. Serious office culture. Good benefits but lots of employees and yearly cuts. Lots of work, lots of opportunities. People are nice, lots of diversity

Points positifs

good pay

Points négatifs

office culture on steroids
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Overworked, underpaid, unattainable metrics

Customer care agents are seen as sales agents now. Be prepared to be pushed to sell on every call. 8/10 people who call are angry and already looking to decrease their bill, manager will sit with you and listen to your call and critique you like a child. Not worth it and pay is absolute garbage
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Is it worth a lack of Job Security?

This company is poorly managed from the top down. Whenever there is a power struggle in the boardroom it leads to jobs being lost in the lower end, sometimes even some of the ELT (executive leadership team) would step away if they didn't agree with the changes. The last CEO change lead to several CEO changes, MANY unpublicized layoffs, if you were a Team Lead or Higher you were on the edge of your seat worried if your job was secure. There were 4-5 rounds of layoffs in 2022. Who could feel job security in an environment like that?

Points positifs

Reduced Home Services, Healthcare Day 1

Points négatifs

No work life balance, unreasonable workload, no job security
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It used to be much better company but not now!

Over a period of time, this company became a very so so environment to work! If you would like to grow there, you highly need to know the company culture which involves too much politics! You have to be a good lobbiest rather than a smart and focused employee to be successful there! You have to begg for a help. This company has been losing its original value over a time and today I highly could say it could put a name on your resume but not much values in return. HR are not trustable and many managers just follow the dictated scenarios from top management and no feedback are really welcomed! You should do whatever they say even wrong! Many people got fired or moved out from the company even CEOs in the past and other people hired and I personally saw a failure pattern on all those employee turnovers. I personally worked there for many years and I found I put my love and passion on the wrong spot! The system pretents to appreciate you in theory but practically you are on your own with ongoing nonsense targets and demands from you. I really understood why Rogers is called Robers after a while which I always was against this statement at the begging of my work period there.
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Not much to say, the people sucked, pay was mediocre, and management was rude. There were long hours but I gained knowledge and experience so I can’t complain

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Points négatifs

Long hours
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Productive and fun workplace

This place was a very good place to work at I enjoyed everything the culture the management the customer the experience everything was so good from day 1
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Fun place to work

Very good team, they support you. Lots of things to learn if you are willing to. Good commission and a steady slope of growth. If you can prove yourself you will see support and recognition
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fun place

nothing really bad to say about it, it is a standard retail job with high attention to detail. You do receive calls outside of work hours be it from your manager or existing customers.
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