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No room to grow. Promises of growth never fulfilled.

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Decent lay for an entry level job. Almost no room to grow. There were people who hadn’t moved up for 10 years. More you perform, more you are burdened with extra work. Always expected to do more work outside your responsibilities with a promise to grow but that never turns into an actual growth opportunity. The classic - to grow you need to show us you can do extra work.

Points positifs

Free lunches. Work from home.

Points négatifs

Bad hours. No opportunity to grow.
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Lack of empathy for customers equals excess stress for front line workers

I worked for rogers for 2.5yrs in the call centre and quit mid-covid craziness. Lovely people work for the company however the company's lack of empathy for customers, prioritizing corporate greed left front line staff to handle angry and emotional escalations with very little to no support as deferring customers ment no change in resolutions. They explain it as "self empowering our front line staff to handle all situations. When really they just left no offers to any department so the customer was going to walk away frustrated regardless, so why not just handle it at the first contact and save wasting company time. Staff direct managers only worry about numbers for higher-ups so they will not explain problems to senior management in order to supply solutions to staff and customers. Very little mental health support during the covid crisis drove myself and (no exaggeration) EVERY SINGLE PERSON who was in my specific team (15+) to step away from rogers. I know no one who is still with the company with exception to managers. But they offer weekly free food to boost moral. Also you will be working the worst shift for the first 2-3 years before you start seeing weekends/evenings off unless you excel and get promoted to a training team (like myself)
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Great job/ Awful customers

The job itself is great, i had great co workers and managers and raises every year which were pretty good. The customers made the job unbearable. I would recommend tho if you have handle awful people
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Busy Work Environment

Very high call volume, difficult customers. Some managers were very helpful, others were not as understanding. My coworkers were the best part of this job.
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Require proof of vaccine for work from home?? How stupid

Terrible comapny requires proof of vaccine even if you work from home.Am I going to contaminate your weak immune system through zoom ?pathetic.Shows how stupid they are and how badly they manage their company. Definetley do not recommend even applying here.
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Good money but overworked

The queue never ends. You will be paid well however the job will take its toll. Also there is no job security as the company lays off employees for no reason each year even when they are hiring.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Toxic employer. Stay away!

There is literally nothing good about working at Rogers. Expect to be yelled at multiple times per day, and constantly harassed by managers about strict quality/performance metrics. The pay isn’t much more than minimum wage. Some of the co-workers are decent people, but many of the long term employees are highly toxic.
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Good employer for resume building

Good employer to gain experience, but I did not feel it was a great place to stay long term. Management did not seem attentive to employee needs. Stressful environment.

Points positifs

Steady work. Opportunity to gain experience in large company.

Points négatifs

Poor management.
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It’s an ok job

Very stressful. Must meet minimum stats every month or you will be put on an action plan. Pay is good and bonuses are alright. Management wasn’t great.

Points positifs

Pays is ok

Points négatifs

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Good fast paced. Call aftet call....can be sometimes stressfull. Shift changes alot so if you have kids keep that in mind...... Call target needs to be met ....
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Was good to work for. Did not want to burn bridges before I left. Great support from everyone. Great benefits- work from opportunities would have been great before I left.

Points positifs

people you work with

Points négatifs

call center type job
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Easy job for short term

The job itself is easy, my direct managers were great. The company as a whole is awful. After I quit (gave two weeks notice) they claimed they over paid me for two weeks of salary - a two week time frame I did work during, as well as I over took vacation and owed that. I was forced to book vacation within a month of starting and the dates available to take were all before I would’ve technically accrued the vacation. But, if you aren’t going to give that to the employee why force them to book and take it. I asked multiple times if I could not take the vacation and was told I had to. Needless to say, I am fighting this and am furious that they are claiming I owe them money.
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Busy Call Center

The call center was very busy at times and senior management was stressed about service levels constantly. Aside from the busy call volume Rogers was a great place to work. Lots of opportunity to move around the company and above average benefits.

Points positifs

Great bonus and commission structure when meeting your targets, company matched stock options

Points négatifs

Busy call center and management constantly monitoring service levels and productivity
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Stressful place, pay is good tho

The work is super stressful. The management depends, some managers are nice but others are not at all. They can be very pushy with the stats and sales. The pay is good and the commission is good. There's a lot of room to grow and good benefits, however the work can take a toll on you.

Points positifs

Good commission
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High stress high anxiety job

I would not recommend this job to my worst enemy. I wasted 11 years of my life there and suffer from anxiety because of it. Not enough money to pay for the way people treat you there.
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. Enjoy fun working environment set up to celebrate KPI's and Quality, Sales and other targets being met.

ROGERS has aways been a diverse organization! The culture of the organization has always included ALL cultures, languages, veterans, abilities, ethnicities, genders, orientations, and age groups, and individuals who contribute their experience and ideas to move the company forward. It is a very good company to work for!

Points positifs

Fair, Team oriented, Fun Activities set up in teams or between team, Sales Incentives, Great Benefits

Points négatifs

Must be available days, evenings, and weekends. Must have the ability to adapt to working in fast-paced, ever-changing, competitive work place.
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Good people. Good job.

I enjoyed my time at Rogers. It was a competitive workplace but my manager was very helpful. I would recommend working there. The pay was really good.
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Was great at first

When I started the job back in 2019, it was a good company to work for. Great benefits, a good culture for a call center, and lots of friendly faces. Since covid has begun, they have really started focusing less on customer experience, and in my mind, more on the bottom line and making money. It is no longer a job I am happy in, and the higher-ups are taking away a lot of tools and resources we need to keep customers happy and maintain a good level of service.
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For single people it might be alright

Rogers is terrible to work for. There is no work life balance. You have to be working there for at least 10 years before you have a shot at a Monday to Friday schedule and even then it will be afternoons. You also have to be there for 10 years to have any chance of getting decent times of the year for vacation. I had a couple of good managers but majority are company slaves and don’t care about you. You get written up for every absence even though you have 6 paid sick days. If you happen to use 3 days within a 3 month period you get out on an escalation absence program. You are not allowed to have family emergencies.

Points positifs

Pay well but the abuse from customers is not worth it.

Points négatifs

Everything, most people develop severe anxiety working there
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Nice place

The best non trucking position I ever had. If not getting hurt in 2002 I would have retired there. Very nice and exciting place to work. I would recommend it for anyone.
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It's a giant corporation Job.

As far as corporate jobs go it was good. The pay and benefits are better than most and many of the management certainly give off the impression they care, and some actually do. The thing to keep in mind is that you are a tool to increase share holder profits and that is the end of the list. Your job will change day to day and they will call that flexible rather than what it is - stressful. Your job will change with very little training and once you are trained do not expect to be trained again - that costs money and that is all being syphoned off to the top. You are a cog which can and will be replaced when necessary. Leave expectations of humanity at the door as is the way with large corporations driven by shareholder profits. Do not expect raises on a regular basis, nor bonuses, nor commissions. You will get them sometimes but while I was there I learned that these things were for other people. If you have mental health concerns then you definitely shouldn't work here. The immediate management is good but the company really only cares about the bottomed line. The corporate sound bites are a great bit of talk but that is all it is and again, this is to be expected from a corporation of this size. If you are looking for money and benefits and can tolerate customers yelling at you with little recourse then you will do fine. The problems aren't unique to Rogers and as I mentioned, certain things are actually quite good.

Points positifs

Money is just about at a liveable wage.

Points négatifs

Customers will yell at you. You probably won't have a future here.
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