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Outdoor sales

Stress on sales numbers is high. The areas many times given are saturated to get any sales out. Favourism is a thing in this company. Competition is fierce at times and weather tough.

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Too few to list

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Too many to detail
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Not thee best employees are promoted here

Rogers is a company with a lot of technology the sad thing is employees are very unhappy junior managers are pushed to provide numbers and not develop their people there are some people within the company that believes they are gods where you cannot speak to them. This type of culture is poir for moral. As a communications company Rogers is ver poor at communicating with its employees. Rogers could be much more thank what it is sadly its out dated senior leadership is based on sales compromising quality for quantity.

Points positifs

Lots of technology to learn

Points négatifs

Difficult getting training of the technology used
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Micro Management

I liked my manager and co workers but the demands of metrics and KPIs made for a stressful environment and ironically poor customer service. When you don’t have the support from management to support the customer who ends up suffering?
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Good place to work

Good place to work and friendly relationship.Lots of new tech you need to learn and have to implement it under pressure. Pay is fair and overpayment/benefits are good.
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Love to work as permanent position

I liked the building layout, environment and working in telecom industry. I felt I belongs to the company because I had knowledge and experience for telecom, so I had enough confidence at work but I was contractor there and not have job security.
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It was a stressful job

It was a stressful job. People call to tear you up in pieces, people can be mean just because they think that is how they can get their impossible demands. You have to try and satisfy their demands because it is a private company and they need their customers. Company rates you on how many people give you reviews a month, how are you supposed to control people's actions after they hang up? They are always hiring because turnover rate is really high.

Points positifs

Good benefits

Points négatifs

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You are just a number

Worked here, did my due diligence but never got promoted or offer promotion. Next guy who had high school diploma became manager while i had a degree. That shows the competence this company has. Poor management who treat you like a commodity to save their own behinds. When there is a major outage, layoffs follow suit in the next 2-3 quarters. Just be prepared to have one leg out of the door if you ever worked here.

Points positifs

none really

Points négatifs

long hours with management consistenly micro managing you with the garbage pay
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Stressful, overloading, multiloading

Stressful, overloading, multiloading culture.Communalism. You have more chances of getting hired if the hiring manager is from same country and religion as u are.You have more chances of getting fired if your native country and/or religion is different than that of your line manager.
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Nice place,good training

Good company to work ,environment is friendly and supportive staff .company give confidence and help in preparing buy giving good trainings ..Everyone is suppoand have transparent culture

Points positifs

Discounts on plans
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Fast Paced

Not being paid enough for the amount of work done, raises are ridiculous. Employee referral program, stock option , health spending accountGood support and trainingOpportunities to grow
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Pay is lacking, they only pay minimum wage for a Business Technical Support role and the rest is on variable pay based on performance which is difficult to achieve because there are too many factors involved such as average call time, cx surveys, schedule compliance, call time, offline time and more.

Points positifs

50 per discount on services

Points négatifs

Pay is barely worth it
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Rogers Communications inc who supposedly care about their employees

Rogers Communications have long advertised that as a company they are invested in their employees welfare/Unfortunately you can have some health issues and no-one, I mean, no-one calls/contacts you to ascertain your status, no-one calls/contacts your next of kin to ascertain your status.Therefore one can only assume they have no interest in employee well being and pay lip service to the same
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Terrible Pay and No career growth

Employees are expected to rate the company with a good score (R10 Survey). If you say anything bad, your manager will have a talk with you. These scores end up making the company Canada's Top Employer which is fake.Those coming from outside can negiotiate salary where as internal promotion a are limited to 10% of your lucky. Yearly raise is 1.5%, 2% if your lucky.
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Great place to work

Great place to work and really enjoy the people. Flexibility working in a hybrid model. Management cares about their employees. Most enjoyable part of the job is the people.
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It's ok

Not bad, but can be EXTREMELY stressful dur ti Stats and expectations to achieve the quota while taking back to back calls. Mangers are ok if you get one that does micro mange.
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Great office ambience /Perks but multiple layers of management causing delays in execution

Good company and best perks I've ever come across . I wish they would be more flexible with working from remote .Too much focus on reporting to management then trying to solve the root problems .Upper management tends to change often and results in laying off people every 2 years

Points positifs

Great perks, Great office

Points négatifs

More focus on reports then underlying issues
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Productive and work life balance

I love working here because work life Balance is great . If you are good in sales this the right place to work .I woul highly recommended to work here.

Points positifs

Great pay

Points négatifs

No cons
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Amazing and productive and fun

It's amazing working there. Its very flexible and most enjoyable part is my team mates and manager. Hardest part is sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. I learned a lot.
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Productive and sometime fun

Very good company to work for. They help you to succeed in your tasks.They care about you as a person so you can accomplish your task or goals. Help and support you to advance in whatever capacity possible.
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Very productive workplace

I would recommend this workplace it's very comfortable to work and like any other call center it sometimes is stressful but there's lot's to learn, regular training if there are new products and changes, huddles every week, calls are also monitored

Points positifs

Bonuses, free cell phones free lunches

Points négatifs

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