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bon environnement de travaille ,travaille a domicile et bureau disponible. journées de maladie et beaucoup de vacances.Overtime disponible et possibilité de mettre les heures en banques pour prendre congé
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I like the company culture manager are nice working hour is ok not rigid with training is ok to deal with with medical and vacation paycoworkers are nice
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Good start to career

Very good pay structure. Can easily make $70,000 a year if each monthly target is achieved. Targets are even reasonable. Have completed targets for most of the month in first 15/18 days of the month. Great place to start with
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It was fun work

It was a good job but not a career difficult to move up because of how many employees are there in the call centre, but overall everyone that works there is very nice but sometimes you have to have a thick skin to handle customers rudeness and not take it personally
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Productive and fun workplace

What is the best part of working at the company?Flexibility and good and friendly staff What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The only issues I have are personal What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Friendly and well - cultured people What is a typical day like for you at the company?Often busy and seldomly calm overall
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Made it through training and we’re told were getting midnight shifts

So for the first couple of weeks everything went well, however I had some prior appointments that could not be missed during this time. I was completely upfront about it, one of these apt was a surgery my daughter had waited for for over a year. During this time it as asked to still log in and be present, and was told to use my personal phone to do so. I explained that as i would be travelling and in the hospital this wasnt exactly realistic. There was a lot of push back but eventually nothing could be done. Nearing completion of training, we were told that we would be bidding for shifts, and we would be starting with a midnight shift. This didnt work for me due to work/home life scheduling, and at that point it as told to give my notice. I did ask if it were possible to transfer to a different department given i completed my training, and received no response. Overall not a company I would work for again.
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Used to be fun place to work at

Used to be fun place to work at. Now it's all about calling customers to come in for upgrades and new activation. I mean it's a retail store. Not a call center! Oh yeah, Rogers sold their retail stores in NB and PEI to Beyond Wireless (you'll make half as much as working for corporate)So yeah, retail job at Rogers is not safe. So beware! Nova Scotia you will probably be BW next target!

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Just about everything
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Decent work, lacklustre pay

It's hard not to feel jealous of the employees making commissions, but if you're able to have a consistent schedule, the company is good at working with your needs.
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Do 10 jobs get paid for 1

They will add more and more and more to ur daily task till you are doing 5 peoples jobs for the pay of 1 but this doesn't start till after you worked there and are comfortable.

Points positifs

Discount on phone bill

Points négatifs

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excellent benefits

Great place to work. Positive work atmosphere and good colleagues to work with. Very corporate structured and formal. If you know a better way to do your job it will be frowned upon, this is the only thing stopping me from giving five stars.
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Average company to work with

They are not bad to start, with good commissions and discounts but lots of sales pressure. Mostly it depends on the store you get and how they adjust to your availability
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Rogers as a company provides good services for homes but working for them is somewhat different. Overall, it’s not a bad place to work but the pay can be better
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Too many “re orgs” a few times a year

Teams are understaffed and over worked. Using 3rd party teams that are in and out constantly. Every few months more duties are added with out any taken away.

Points négatifs

Have to work more hours to catch up, and not get paid for it
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Worst employer I've dealt with in my career...

"Give us your opinion about a typical day at work."It's brutal, to put it as blunt as I can. You log-on each day about 10 minutes prior to your shift so your systems can be warmed up/ready to go for the actual start of your shift. You're essentially giving them 10 minutes of your time, unpaid, 5 days a week. You load up your necessary software/programs. Take calls, assist customers with sales/minor account issues and pitch a company card here and there. About 60-70% of your calls are customer service based, things you can't really assist with. The company has a strange system in place where they overflow calls to queue's the customer didn't ask for, it's simply to get them to agent. They could've selected billing in the IVR but if it's busy/long wait-time, they'll get that customer over to an available agent in sales for example, creating a terrible customer experience. It's a mess of a system. Beyond that, you assist with basic things within your scope, if a customer wants a service, you pitch and sell them that product, with an upsell. Change a cellular plan, that's something you can do. They don't have a call script per se, it's a "call flow" as they call it. If you don't follow this down to an exact tee, they will pull you aside for coaching/call reviews. I should mention they can watch your screen at anytime to see what you're saying/doing, you're also not allowed to use the bathroom unless it's an emergency and a manager approves it. The micromanagement/control that comes from upstairs is beyond nasty. Calls are also back to back with a 30 second pause in between - 

Points positifs

Commission pay, Flexible schedule, Work from Home

Points négatifs

B2B Calls, Micromanagement, Stress/Anxiety Inducing, Leadership, Call Reviews, Arrogant Customers
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Low pay, cut hours

They will tell you its full time....but, once you're hired "full time" means 22 hours or more. They routinely cut hours to make more profit. If you don't mind being a workslave for low pay and an inconsistent pay...this is for you. Otherwise, go elsewhere where you are appreciated, given a REAL full time schedule so you have stability and security.
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Terrible management and treated hooribly

Rogers will treat you like trash and the management is beyond terrible. You will frequently be scheduled outside of your availability regardless of what hours you chose.
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Belle expérience

J’ai travaillé longtemps au rogers et sa restera à jamais des beaux souvenir graver dans ma mémoire , l’équipe et l’ambiance était vraiment incroyable !
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Nice culture

I enjoyed my time with rogers. The company and my manager is great who is willing to provide useful feedback and is also patient with me. Colleagues are generally nice as well.

Points positifs

Nice office

Points négatifs

better pay
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Productive and fun

It could get busy here but overall it was an enjoyable environment with different opportunities for you to grow and/or take on different responsibilities.
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good learning environment, get to make relationships with customers.

Simply don't work at the place because they make you say a lot of lies to do their sales. Management do not have a humanity, they do not bother about customers financial conditions and needs. They pressurize employees to sell plans and products to customers. I would never work here again I literally went into depression while working there.

Points positifs

Learnt customer service

Points négatifs

toxic management, pushy sales, not supportive company
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It was good while it lasted

I liked my job and my team, but I was laid off in the restructuring. I think they could do better for entry level pay in the new grad program. However, I think the overall role was fine.
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