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C’est bien mais beaucoup demandants trop de pression
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Good place to work

Good pay if you do your job well. Management level supportive and a lot of internal opportunities to move up. Training is professional. Company culture is friendly.

Points positifs

Good pay and flexible time

Points négatifs

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Great pay

The pay was terrific at the call centre, particularly the commission. Also, during our training period, we were given bonus pay (average commission) since we could not be on the phone yet to make a commission. However, the shift schedule is my seniority. Therefore, new hires get the least desired shifts.
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Great place to work

Competitive and exciting with great pay and great work environment I would recommend this as a great full time position if you want to learn alot. Good Job.
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Productive and sometime fun

Very good company to work for. They help you to succeed in your tasks.They care about you as a person so you can accomplish your task or goals. Help and support you to advance in whatever capacity possible.
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No growth or mentorship for store employees

If your working at the retail store, no such opportunities for growth unless you want to be a store manager which you have to prove yourself for years to come. HR or talent acquisition team is not involved with the progression or career development for the high performing employees.
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Great environment

Great coworkers, management always there to help you if you need it. Great great opportunities to make a lot of money. You’re independent so great work experience
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Require proof of vaccine for work from home?? How stupid

Terrible comapny requires proof of vaccine even if you work from home.Am I going to contaminate your weak immune system through zoom ?pathetic.Shows how stupid they are and how badly they manage their company. Definetley do not recommend even applying here.
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decent workp;ace

monotonous work and an overall depressing atmosphere. It starts off as a decent job but unless you have the mental fortitude for it, this isnt for you
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Stressful and demanding

At first I loved the job, but after training I got a reality check. I think they need to give you more training in the beginning. The systems give so many issues. The customers stress you out. You have to have thick skin to work there.
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Don’t go in starry eyed

Telecoms is a fast paced sector so expect a lot of changes to your job function on the fly. Be prepared to constantly learn new products, procedures and expect changes to your compensation frequently. Management (senior and middle) also changes often and that can affect how much pressure you’re put under. With good management that have clear and realistic goals, expect to make some decent money and be very busy. A lot of tenured staff so you have lots of people to help if you’re stuck and you know how to network and ask nicely. Company promotes development strongly and it can be a big advantage if you have skills outside of sales. Also, like most big companies it takes a while to implement changes that negatively impact your job function, and managers tend to deny the existence of a problem until an official solution is available. Beware of that, it can be frustrating and limiting.

Points positifs

Good development

Points négatifs

Frequent changes
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Rogers/Fido are an excellent employer

Typical day is answering calls from customers regarding their wireless and internet services in the areas of new services, and billing with some basic technical support. Culture is diverse. Management is approachable, easy to reach and supportive which is great when you work from home. Hardest part of the job is it can get pretty busy however there is no pressure to get to the next call; it's one customer at a time. Everyone you work with and are supervised by are cheerful and helpful. Work is not boring or routine and each day is different. You do need patience when some customers are upset about their billing. All that you are asked to do is show up every day on time, do your best, be open to change and have a sense of humour. I had to leave because for health reasons but would welcome the opportunity to work for Rogers/Fido in the future.

Points positifs

great diverse culture, supportive staff, excellent benefits.

Points négatifs

upset customers
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Rogers is a great company!

Rogers is by far the most inclusive environment that I've ever worked in. The company has good benefits and is very supportive. However, frontline customer service is not an easy job. The expectation is that you will handle all kinds of calls on you're own, you can ask for help but you are generally on your own.
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Good experience

A relaxed atmosphere with good support from managers and QA team. There were metrics to keep up with processing certain units per hour and a monthly quality scorecard.
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Chat is okay

Chatting is not bad since you can’t hear customers but they make you take 2 chats at once it can get stressful. There’s lots of support and they encourage you to move up the company which is good.
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Inclusive and amazing management

I've been here for months now and I do not regret my decision. People here are respectful, work-life balance is a thing. I currently work from home and will transition to going in once every week. I'm happy.
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Excellent supportive workplace

I work as a customer service agent and coming from a different background, integrating was not so difficult as there is great training program. Supportive management and professional development is encouraged. There is also room to grow within the company.
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Very productive workplace

I would recommend this workplace it's very comfortable to work and like any other call center it sometimes is stressful but there's lot's to learn, regular training if there are new products and changes, huddles every week, calls are also monitored

Points positifs

Bonuses, free cell phones free lunches

Points négatifs

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Great place to start a career

Pros: Lots of career growth opportunities, management and HR are always looking for ways to assist you in taking the next step. With proper planning and good performance, it's very easy to make vertical movements in the company. Great benefits and discounts on Rogers services.Cons: Management at the director/chief level is very disconnected from senior and mid-level management, constantly setting expectations that aren't realistic for frontline managers/agents. Salaries are below the market average for a lot of roles.
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Fun workplace

Honestly a great company to work for for worker benefits and employee incentives also it’s just like any other sales job high stress too but still a great company to work for
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Fair wages and bonuses.

It's a nice place to work! Growth opportunities are there for those who apply themselves. On going training and coaching makes this a place to grow with! Only down fall is the hours are not stable and changing every 6 weeks. Shifts can be as early as 7 am and end shifts as late as12 am.
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