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Why would you want to work at Rogers Communications?

9 réponses

  • The people, the relationships

  • This is ground zero for sales, you will learn a lot about yourself and other people.

  • There is lots to learn the in the fibre department as technology advances the demand on the network exceeds.

  • If you are a sales-driven person, there is a lot of commission to be made. There are a lot of perks and events you can attend for free (like hockey games in the luxury box and launch parties where you can win great prizes).

  • Not a good place to work at,horrible pay for the work you have to do, poor management, very unorganized ... not a fun environment for employees, very stressful

  • The company treats their employees fairly. Great support and advancement opportunities. Amazing benefits.

  • Opportunities and advancement

  • To gain experience in Customer service.

  • Career advancement

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