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Corrupt as they come
Groundskeeper (Ancien employé) –  Rocky View County15 septembre 2015
This company has the worst management I have ever come across. They hire you as a contract employee and lead you on with 3 month contracts for years with promises of raises, and getting on "full time" - which is considered the ultimate gift from god in their eyes. The management is useless, and it amazed me that they were capable of keeping their jobs and the charade up. Leaving multiple times a day to "pick up the dogs" or buy four 26s of Crown Royal - he was witnessed during noon hour walking into the liquor store on a Monday and walking out with such. The whole bunch of them walk around like they are God, himself, and have zero respect for their employees. Do you want to be treated like you are 4 years old again, and start to doubt yourself on behalf of the way the bosses treat you, and make next to nothing? Then I encourage you to apply to Rocky View County. If you are a hard worker, and easy to walk all over - you're bound to get the job!
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Free Lunches
Points négatifs
They promise overtime but don't follow through, corrupt, wastes so much money, no advancement, zero respect
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