Rocky Mountain Equipment
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What are the perks offered by Rocky Mountain Equipment?

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Benefits are pretty good. Con of paying into your benefit plan however means that service techs that are always at school completely levels of their apprenticeship are laid off my RME, so not technically working for RME, they erase them from their system even if they are just gone for 4 weeks - but are still expected to pay upwards for $200 biweekly as if they were collecting a proper income. Don’t worry though, they now accept e-transfers.

They have a great medical and dental plan. A great RRSP/shares program where they match up to a certian amount each year. They will fully support and pay for schooling for journeyman tickets. Staff parties, paid vacation and sick days.

You get benefits, it's a good work environment (staff is very easy to get along with), during harvest you'll get lots of OT.

Good enviroment , benefits and contract

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