Rocky Mountain Equipment
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Si vous deviez quitter Rocky Mountain Equipment, quelle en serait la raison?

7 réponses

Not a professional company. Management and corporate head office are out of touch to their hard working employees. Don’t expect to get treated fair in this company.

Upper management out of touch with employees on REAL issues, all they care is the paperwork and cover their a**. Also they want puppets, so if you're one you'll fit in! Wage is below average for experienced employees.

Executive manager behaviour and the CEO and other corporate puzzle pieces that allow such disrespect. Employees are not treated with respect or care - they are a dollar sign. You won’t make much money yourself but you better make revenue at all cost at RME

Horrible management, only brown nosers excel in this company

Dying of old age. RME Is my forever place. I love my team mates and customers and I don’t think there is a better company out there then RME.

Dying of old age. Rocky is a fantasic place to work, my team in Grande Prairie is more like family then friends. I have been there 7 years and i cant imagine another company be better better to work for then RME

To get paid a reasonable wage for experience and education, and somewhere that values its employees.

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