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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Culture d’entreprise digne des meilleures dictatures. Ton chef t’offre de l’aide tu lui dit ce qu’il a besoin. Et lors de ton évaluation il te dit que tu manques d’autonomie. Si tu ne disciplines pas assez tu es perçu comme un mou. Bref si tu veux un salaire tu vas là. Si tu veux une ambiance de travail et un climat de travail sain oublie ça
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Expect long hours

Even though my job is based in Quebec, I work approximately 80% of the time in English. Bilingualism isn’t an option, you need to work in English first, French second. Strangely, that on’y applies to Quebecers, as there are plenty of anglophones and expats based in Montreal that don’t understand or speak French. With the business spread around the globe, expect to have to take calls very early or very late to accomodate Australia.There is a lot of pressure, a lot of competition, unfortunately, too many projects are managed in crisis mode. It makes for a tense workplace, most people in my team work from home, which helps with the schedule too.The pay is good, really good. But at what cost? The turnover is quite high and burnouts are just « part of the deal » even though management keeps saying taking care of employees wellbeing is a priority. Employees who feel good don’t quit or go on leave at the rate I’ve seen since I’ve been there.If you want to gain experience in a fast paced environment and commit to being your own advocate to protect your time/balance, go for it. There are awesome people and opportunities, it’s just a tough setting.
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meaningful contributions to projects, and collaborative teamwork within a dynamic and supportive work environment."

What is the best part of working at the company?When asked about the best part of working at the company, it's essential to answer honestly while also considering the potential impact of your response. Here's a diplomatic way to address the question, while subtly highlighting your concerns about management:"One of the positive aspects of working at the company is definitely the compensation package, which I appreciate. However, if I may share some constructive feedback, it's important to consider the overall work environment and management style. While the company offers competitive pay, there have been challenges with the way management handles certain situations. I believe that a supportive and respectful work culture is crucial for employee satisfaction and productivity. So, I would encourage any potential candidate to thoroughly assess the company's management approach and work culture before making a decision solely based on compensation."This response acknowledges the positive aspect of the compensation package while subtly expressing concerns about management style and work culture. It's essential to strike a balance between honesty and professionalism when addressing such sensitive topics during an interview.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?When discussing the most stressful part about working at a company, it's crucial to be diplomatic and avoid overly negative language. Here's a balanced response:"One of the challenges I've encountered in my experience at the company is managing tight deadlines and high-pressure situations. While - 
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The supervisors and management was horrible

Horrible place to work the management don't have a clue, they get u there and then treat you like they own you and it is way too far away from anything

Points positifs

Good money

Points négatifs

Bad schedule
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Sécurité de tous priorité numéro un

La flexibilité de horaire de travail est équitable.Votre idée est important

Points positifs

Équipement de protection individuelle est changé a chaque fois rop

Points négatifs

La récompense bravo est insatisfait
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Toxic environment, many expensive layers of managers, they good assets

What is the best part of working at the company?Good Salary. The matching with the shares is a poisoned gifted as they are not matched under a government registered account (TFSA, or RRSP ) with no efforts you finally end paying 50% of what they finally offered you and you money blocked for 3 years.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Very micro managed company with no career development plan at least for immigrants. I hope AI productivity tools will penalize managers that just talk by phone and read mails,... zero add value from their part.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?With people working from home everywhere this is hard to measure. My bosss used to do what he liked to do.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Boring little interaction with other teams, better external relationships with customers and suppliers.
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Normal work day

Most of the work is put on the few that try to make improvements to the area. Co workers can be hard to get along with. Very paranoid work force when it comes to trying to get crews to work together
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Ok place

Was just here for an internship. Travel to site took a while but you can sleep. Day at work is ok. Great food. Great people overall. Very remote town to live.
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Good place to work

Good place to work and start your career. I had a lot of responsibility and learnt a lot of new things. ProsLot of responsibilityFun challengesCarrer growth
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Très bon salaire

J’adorais y travailler avant de me faire mettre sur appel
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Disorganized management

Not a constructive work experience. Had I known at the beginning what I knew when I left, I would have turned the job offer down.Things to expect:- Disingenuous, negative work culture- Stressful environment- Unrealistic expectations- Disorganized management- Serious communication problems- Poor attitude especially in the upper tiers of departmentsBottom line: I strongly recommend avoiding this company for your own well-being. There are other studios that will treat you better. Managers are never available to help and if they are m they don't even know what to do but they expect you to know everything the moment you start working. very poor training and overall very toxic work enviroment. I got fooled by the high pay. But you'll have to say goodbye to you sanity. NEVER AGAIN

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so many
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Bonne ambiance de travail

Expérience de travail unique! Malgré un management en retrait, l'équipe crée une ambiance positive incroyable. La solidarité entre collègues est impressionnante, avec une coopération proactive et une confiance mutuelle. La communication est ouverte, favorisant une culture où chacun se sent valorisé. Le manque de direction formelle encourage des leaders informels, démontrant une adaptabilité exceptionnelle. Bien que des défis existent, l'équipe innove face à l'adversité, créant une entreprise résiliente et collaborative. Une atmosphère inspirante qui distingue cette entreprise . le seul bémol c'est la surcharge de travail.
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Nice set up

Need to take the train every day (2h). Could be a little bit long, but decent workplace overall. Was here for an internship but I think professional around were decently treated.
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employeur médiocre

l'emploie semble bien mais ici l'employé est toujours coupable, tres mal encadré et tous les fait sont consigner afin de mieu postule a une autre place

Points négatifs

assurance, convention
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Pay and benefits good, everything else not so good

Toxic environment, from peoples attitudes to actual fumes.Highly mismanaged, tarnish work ethic, even the good supervisors give up trying to right the ship.Lots of preaching about health and safety, but as always its production first when it gets down to crunch time.
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Good pay

Good pay pension not so good . Isolated area. Very dirty work environment . Management is hit or miss . Good vacation and some other perks . Ppe all free
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Bon employeur

Bon employeur offrant une bonne rémunération, avantages concurentiels, possibilités d’avancement. Je recommande cet employeur à ceux quo recherchent des défis et qu’ils n’ont pas peur de mettre des heures.
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Challenging and lots of opportunities but can be stressful

Challenging but flexible work environment. The the work load can be stressful sometimes. The benefits are good. More resources needed for ESG research
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Big beaurocracy, heart in right place.

Large beurocratic organization, multiple levels of governance. Often this can be a drag on getting on with your job, but the corporation has it's heart in the right place.
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I had a good crew to work with and that was great

What is the best part of working at the company?The small town and travel benefits for medical appointments out of town,also shares matched by the company What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The time pressure to have breakdowns fixed What is the work environment and culture like at the company?For me it was fine for other people they found it hostile but I was a tradesman and never had any problem What is a typical day like for you at the company?Fixing machinery working in a hot filthy environment were you have to whet breathing purification units
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Milieu de travail dangereux

Depuis l achat d Alcan par Rio tinto, la sécurité n est plus prioritaire! Du personnel incompétent sont en charge de certaines décisions et n ont aucune expérience dans leurs domaines

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Points négatifs

Compagnie anti syndical!!
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