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HVAC Service Technician/installer (Ottawa, ON)
le 13 janvier 2022
Pretty laid back, with your share of stressful times and some fast-paced work.
You're put through some training right away, to see your compentcy level, some ride-alongs and hands-on work.Quite a few incentives, on-call is worked out pretty good, great bunch to work with. Management is easy to talk to and efforts are made to make things more stream-ligned.
Technician (London, ON)
le 16 janvier 2022
More cons than pros, work here with the knowledge that you'll likely need a second job.
Before anything, I did have some pros working for right time. Most of the co-workers were great, management was iffy but mostly kind, and the work was exactly as you'd expect if you're familiar with HVAC. You get good benefits too, full coverage on nearly everything I think. But the cons, for my experience, out weight the pros by a long shot. 1. management is not hired from within. It's often that they won't hire anyone from the HVAC trade. I don't know why but this makes things extreamly difficult for installers and service techs. 2. Hours are horrible. Like most trade jobs, Right Time has work and hours when we make sales. No sales, no jobs, no hours. I've had weeks where I'm working 2 days, 3 hours each day. I've had a month where I've earned $800, that's it. It didn't even cover my bills and I had to take on the additional stress of a second job, which is already difficult to swallow because you only get two days off since you can't work afternoons or any set schedule with your second job since the work day can vary. (For me, this was a big con) 3. Leads are a hit and miss if you'll get a good one and management won't do anything if you get a bad one. I was very fortunate, aside from one lead whom I worked with for a day, I had worked with some great leads. They would take the time to teach while we worked, they would answer my questions, and let me work on some of the complex stuff (not that's there's a lot).However, the bad leads are plentiful. From treating helpers like literal dogs whistling at them to come (I'm not kidding and it wasn't in humour), insulting them (one comment was made "Why is it that you helpers (directing at myself) all seme to die out at 3:30?!" I don't recall what it was but I had asked for clarification on a task that I was never trained to do or realistically shouldn't have done.)Do not expect management to help you, the helper, on this. We are a dime a dozen and they will not hesitate to fire you especially if the lead says something bad. 4. Sales or HCA are useless. HCA/Sales have a horrible job and in turn it makes our job equally horrible. They will promise outrageous things with no knowledge of what they're actually talking about. More than 90%+ don't know anything about HVAC. I've lost track on how many times I've gotten yelled at because the HCA told the customer that we wouldn't have to drill holes for venting. (If you know anything about HVAC, yeah we do.) 5. Your health and safety mean nothing. This is a tricky topic, the company does the minimum requirements to keep employees safe. This isn't a lot. From no winter gear and expecting us, with our already little pay, to buy winter equipment, safety gear, etc for me was unacceptable. If you want us to work in negative whatever weather proper gear needs to be provided. I've gotten frostbite because I had to stay outside to do my job. Within 5 minutes my fingers are frozen and paining but I can't keep coming inside for 15 mins to warm up since I'll get in trouble. They will demand you install equipment no matter the weather conditions. And no, they won't provide aid for any other weather conditions unless you're past your 3 months. Not that great if you're hired in a rough winter and have to suffer through it. 6. There is no real growth potential. You start as a helper then if you're lucky you make lead then some branch to service. This is a pipe dream for most. I think we have about 10 or so teams in my location. 10 teams of 2, so another 10 helpers. Of those, maybe 1 every year or two will move up to lead. This brings me to number 7. 7. You are paid peanuts as a helper. I cannot stress this enough, you do not make a living wage at all as a helper. I have made more at a fast food job than as a helper. It doesn't matter what licenses you have too. I have my full G2, have worked in this field for years and I make the same as someone who is fresh out of college and doesn't know the proper side of a pipe wrench to hold or how to even wire in a t-stat. All the while leads are paid task rate, which is a lot. I think, if memory serves, a furnace is $300, package is $650 something like that. Then they add the extras (metal, t-stat, copper, etc) leads can and do walk out taking home $600+ daily after reduction. 8. A helpers pay is taken off from the pay of the lead. This. Isn't. Right. Let me tell you why. Let say I get to work at 8. We leave at 8:20-30 and arrive on site for 9. We finish at 4. On my time sheet I'll put 8-4. The moment I get on company property and start doing physical labour I am getting paid. Leads will lie on their time sheets. They'll deduct an hour or half an hour or whatever. Anything to pay their helpers less and keep that extra $17 for themselves. This is common to the point where I have to triple check everything. Plus, and I do know this as a fact, payroll will not look into the matter and will pay you the lowest possible amount. Unless you bring it up. Conclusion: I wish I could say good things about right time, I truely do, but I can't in any honesty say positive things about a company that exploits their employees, allow/demand them to work in hazardous conditions, pay them so little compared to other companies, and not give any real chance at growth despite past experience.
HCA (Whitby, ON)
le 14 janvier 2022
Like a revolving door. High staff turn over.
Lots of staff turn over. Poor management. Managers play favorites. Expected to work 24/7. ( mainly because can't retain staff) No team environment.
Sales (Ontario)
le 18 décembre 2021
Work Here If You Want To Provide Everything From Your Own Pockets & Perform Scripted Sales.
What to say about this place with respect to their sales role other than shocking. It's 100% commission based with a bonus structure which was advertised. I can't comment on the success rate since I never actually performed the job (I retracted my acceptance of the job after I learned more about the job/company). What I can comment on is some of their job offer details which contained some of the most unusual terms I've ever come across. To start, if you leave voluntarily within the first 6 months of work, they expect you to PAY them back for their training costs up to a maximum of $2K! If that's not enough, the company expects that one has their OWN mobile phone working here! They don't even provide a phone but they do provide a monthly $50 reimbursement towards your phone costs. If you like mixing business with pleasure, sure, go ahead & give your personal number to every one out there you'll meet. They say the training is 'remote' yet they STILL expect you to come into their office AND use your OWN personal laptop/computer for business because they don't provide one! Something that I learned AFTER the fact. Why have an office then?! Expect to do more training after a long hard day at the office, in their words for '2-3 hours' each night during training on your own personal time. It's scripted sales with an 8-page document they expect you to memorize to pitch to clients! NO THANKS!
Office Manager (Scarborough, ON)
le 27 octobre 2021
Great Place for Advancement
Right Time Heating and Air Conditioning is a great place to work. They are continuously growing and there is a lot of room for advancement. They always try to promote within. Everyone works together to meet the goals within the individual centers. If you need help, you can reach out to other locations and they are always willing to assist.

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