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Do you always work in a group? Do you have to travel in a carpool or can you travel on your own? Do they work around the time you are available or are there set times you have to start work.

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Carpool. Usually work on your own. And you can pick and choose the shifts you are available for.

Réponse du - Inventory Clerk (Former Employee) - Greater Sudbury, ON

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You are in a group, but if you schedule 20, expect 15 to show up on time, maybe.

Réponse du - Area Manager (Former Employee) - Burnaby, BC

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Ya Work In A Group

Réponse du - Inventory Control Clerk (Current Employee) - Scarborough, ON

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As a counter, you would always work with at least 1 other person. Only people who work on their own are the Team Leaders. You are expected to get to locations on your own unless it is out of town, then transport will be provided. You are to submit your availability to the District Manager who will then schedule you for your available times. You are expected to take the shifts assigned during your available times.

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