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Si vous deviez quitter Revera Inc., quelle en serait la raison?

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RDO doesn't support staff, says staff are rogue with target on their back. Screamed at the Director everytime he visited the home.

It is a toxic place to work, so much back biting and games. Management also play the games its nice to your face and bite you in the back with a smile. union was no help it would also give you nothing to work with. You had many jobs of other departs to deal with every day..
Nothing was ever good enough It took a tool on my physical health.

Understaffed, all that matters is money. I’m so tired of seeing commercials saying how wonderful the company is, meanwhile we run out of soap, towels, razors, wound care supplies, and other basic items that should always be available in long term care. I would NEVER put a family member in a Revera home, despite working at one. I’ve put in too much time at this home to start over somewhere else at this point. If I had another FT job offer at same or more pay I would leave, unfortunately it’s hard to start off FT anywhere when most jobs are unionized.
For Healthcare staff looking for experience, it’s worth getting a job for 6months to a year, get some experience for your resume and then GET OUT.

As an added bonus, they mess up the pay frequently, and you have to chase them down for your money. Keep records of any paperwork, time off requests, etc. They tend to lose it whenever it is convenient to them. They expect staff to come in early, give up their breaks and stay late, and when asked to pay overtime, remind staff that they “should be there for the residents, not for a paycheque”.

Basically, as long as things look good on paper, that’s all that matters. They don’t care if people aren’t getting the care they need, as long as on paper it looks like they’re cared for. It’s not the type of place you’re going to get a feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day. You’ll never leave feeling like you did a good job, most likely you’ll be leaving at the end of the day worrying if the things you didn’t have time for will negatively impact someone’s health, or in fear for your nursing license (if you have one).

If you’re looking for a mediocre paying job, that expects you to have no personal life, ok with being shorted on your check, working understaffed without enough supplies, having an impossible workload, and having unsupportive management, then this is the company for you.

Toxic management. harassed at my place of employment. All the management sticks up for one another and dont care about your side of story when it comes to getting a verbal warning. Management is on a power kick...

I had left because I only needed a certain amount of volunteer hours for my upcoming placement.

To much work under pay.

What they wanted is to fulfill on the eyes of people that they are good place also they think about themselves not the worker who run the shows.

Toxic management

Having to chase my paystub for starters, change password every 3 months, doesn’t recognize your name? Then when you do get threw to check paystub, you have to be sure there not cheating you, for hours worked and more, expect to do your job and other people job when working short, total overwhelming,

Complain about a coworker who brings personal issues to work but management already picked the side enev before you complain. They expect too much from you but nothing from them. No mutual respect. Since were at the bottom they can power trip as long as their in the throne. Too much politics. You complain but end up being the bad guy thats why nobody even cares people just punch in and punch out. Manager doesnt even want to own his own mistakes

Already left. Worst company I ever worked for. Management are bullies. They only care about filling the building and their pockets. The CEO sits in his office and plays games on his cell or is busy selling houses for his other jib in real estate. The hard working staff are treated the worst I have ever seen. If you are planning to work for Revera I would definitely look else where or you will be doing one if these reviews

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