Revera Inc.
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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Revera Inc.?

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Terrible culture, certainly not about residents care only money

Busy fast pace environment

Toxic environment
Gossip is their culture

Here are all my cons for revera inc. Predatory hiring practices (prefering new comers to canada who might not understand labour laws or be willing to stand up for their rights out of fear of retribution). Understaffed chronically. Staff and management Very apathetic towards residents. Toxic kitchen morale.

Revera only cares about its revenue

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It was excellent working there

It mainly taking care of the seniors who are in need and who take care of them selves. just giving them more support. you have to have an good attitude in order to deal with them as well as a firm one. since i work mostly in the kitchen the people i have friendly conversions with makes my lives a lot more better yet i do have a good weight on my part of responsibility as well.

Working at Revera is a face paced, somewhat clustered work experience.

Toxic & polarizing.

Employees are being burn out of work load

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