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Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez Revera Inc.?

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It took well over 6 months from the start of the process when I got the call for a phone interview. 2 phone interviews, 2 in person interviews, many broken promises and deadlines missed by the company management along the way. Your references will have to fill out a VERY lengthy online form and IF the Revera system doesn't crash, your reference might forgive you for it ;)

As long as you have a license for nursing they are willing to hire anyone who hardly speaks English.

Be a. Relative of a manager

Don't bother.. just a waste of time and'll regret working here ..

Revera uses websites like Indeed etc.

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I LIKE TO BE ABLE TO ANSWER, cannot. I have submitted many application for mid level management and supervisor position, I have yet to be hire by Revera. I have had a few interviews. As I read these review, it confirms the need for for Revera to engage my services. There does seem to be a disconnect from the top floor executives and the front line care givers to the purpose of and expected levels of care. I see good people and staff. How be it I will hold the free assessment, except this assessment that the Company. for sake a nickle to the share holders, the company reduces/ falls short of delivering good service to their clients.

Best to apply on website

Apply online or directly at a location.

Show up and submit a clear vulnerable sector check

Revera will hire just about anyone. My aunt is in a home in Brantford and the one psw is covered in tattoos and not very professional looking. My aunt has actually revealed to family that she is scared of her. The nurse on duty is rude and ignorant. Thank goodness we are getting my aunt out of Brierwood and she is going elsewhere.

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