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46 questions

RDO doesn't support staff, says staff are rogue with target on their back. Screamed at the Director everytime he visited the home.

Réponse du 13 juin 2020

Have managers that actually support their staff and show up for work, better communication between departments, fire lazy and incompetent staff instead of keeping them on because their friends, appreciate their employees by thanking us and having staff appreciation events, give us a raise!! we're very underpaid for all the hard work we do and the stuff we have to put up with!

Réponse du 8 mars 2020

It took well over 6 months from the start of the process when I got the call for a phone interview. 2 phone interviews, 2 in person interviews, many broken promises and deadlines missed by the company management along the way. Your references will have to fill out a VERY lengthy online form and IF the Revera system doesn't crash, your reference might forgive you for it ;)

Réponse du 27 octobre 2018

Terrible culture, certainly not about residents care only money

Réponse du 13 juin 2020

There is no such thing as work and home life balance. Revera owns your life. They expect you to put in a 50 to 60 hour week with no compensation because you are Management. Benefits are very low but workload is unacceptable. REVERA does not care about the staff, they only want the money.

Réponse du 30 mai 2019

It is a very rewarding industry to be in.

Réponse du 20 février 2020

Maintenance and driving record questions

Réponse du 23 octobre 2019

Our unions fight hard to get us the money we deserve, unfortunately they are always begging revera for retro pay. I've put in over 10 years and with a three year college diploma I still make as much as the housekeeper.... Not the best company when all the corporate people show up in BMW's and the actual locations need more staff and work done to the building. However it's what happens when they are for profit and not the actual residents

Réponse du 6 février 2020

Don't bring your home life to work get ready to work on your own a lot don't expect much help from management or coworkers

Réponse du 3 février 2020
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