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Équilibre vie professionnelle/personnelle
Salaire / avantages sociaux
Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
Culture d'entreprise
Good techs and office staff...awful managers
Customer Service Representative (Ancien employé) –  Coquitlam, BC12 juillet 2019
I left my previous job for this one, what a big mistake. Management has no idea what they are doing and will rip off customers while undermining staff to save face. The people in the office and the techs are great to work with, but management is based in Ontario and makes up rules as they go along. If you kiss a*s and suck up you are fine no matter how many mistakes you make, talk up for yourself and others, or show you are smarter then the managers (not that hard) and they will kick you out in a heartbeat.
Avoid this place as its a revolving door of employment where good customer service and common sense are over shadowed in favour of "yes men" and milking customers dry for as much money as possible. Rentokil badly needs a union for its staff otherwise all the a*s kissers will keep their jobs and carry on making mistakes while management turns a blind eye.
Points positifs
Great staff in office
Points négatifs
Poor management, no union
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Équilibre vie professionnelle/personnelle
Salaire / avantages sociaux
Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
Culture d'entreprise
Worst Company I've ever had the unpleasantness to work for.
Service Specialist (Ancien employé) –  Coquitlam, BC12 mai 2017
This is a route work job, I believe it would be better if I wasn't as new to the industry as I was, though I had a big learning curve, I thrived at getting better and better at my job with every passing day. At the begging this job seemed like it was a good fit, lots of OT, tons of work, you have their truck and can use it for personal use. Things started to go sideways about 5 months ago, when a new management group came in and started making changes to how we had previously been doing business, Overtime was thrown out the window, route values were cut dramatically. They hired too many new people and had to divide up the route area's. I suspect I was let go so that the new management group could hire their own specialist for the area.
Points positifs
Personal use of truck
Points négatifs
Revolving door of employee's, company poorly managed at the end.
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