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This is one of the worst jobs I have had. It was incredibly surprising to hear from employees at other locations that they enjoyed it. The Courtenay location seems to be an outlier in that way. When I first started the current manager was stealing hours from employees and was only fired after far too many complaints were filed to HR. The new manager was the best I've had but the management of the company in general seemed very poor. The communication was lacking greatly. A typical day would be clocking in, helping customers, starting fitting rooms for them, taking out any new stock that had arrived, performing returns, tidying the store, and clocking out. The workplace culture while I was there was pretty toxic. Within the Courtenay store there were several employees that would complain about anyone, and everyone. Nobody would take fault for their actions and would push each other down whenever possible. Problems are often left for someone else to finally deal with them. Hardest part of the job is dealing with rude and angry customers, and trying to communicate with higher-ups. Overall, the day-to-day activities of helping customers and doing stock, etc. were fine. The management, toxic culture, and lack of care for your health and safety were the main reasons this job was incredibly stressful and unenjoyable. I would not recommend working at the Courtenay location unless several employee changes have been made.
Points positifs
Occasional bonuses and competitions with prizes (though very small)
Points négatifs
Poor communication, toxic culture, rude customers, higher-ups do not listen, you are completely disposable, selling poor quality clothing
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