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Ok place to work.

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Management at this location didn’t like to give time off fairly. There was supposed to be a rotation but my turn for a weekend off never came around. Something always came up and the manager of assistant manager always had time booked off. So I worked at least one shift every weekend
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Great for short-term work: would not recommend developing with

Store Staff are the best feature: Working in the store and with the fashion associates and key holders was phenomenal! But I think that had far more to do with the character of the staff vs the company cultivation of that. And management that was above the store manager was....less ideal. Often minimal contact unless it was being told what we did wrong. Additionally, rarely felt they had our store's staff's wellbeing in mind. What I enjoyed: While any job has a mixed about of customers I did really enjoy working in a retail setting for plus-size women. While some customers were entitled and demeaning to me- others were wonderful to chat with, and appreciative to have a welcoming store that was well staffed. Additionally, the dress code being business casual and having the employee discount I did (50% of regularly price items) my sense of style rapidly developed. I also loved having a work setting that was fast-paced. There was always work to be done so I was never standing around twiddling my thumbs. I wonder if I had a different division manager if this environment could have been one I stayed in longer than the one year than I did. False promises of opportunity to develop: I personally was given mixed communication about receiving the job position I had spent time trying to earn. Originally applied for the assistant manager position. But was hired on as a team lead with "opportunity to develop". I recall periodically having conversations about "when I'm ASM" not "if I'm ASM". After working for close to a year at the location (which was deemed a "trial run" for me to - 

Points positifs

50% employee discount on regular price items, comfortable work space, ever-changing work tasks

Points négatifs

Minimal hours scheduled, development opportunities are ideas not plans
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Super fun and inclusive workplace

Wonderful place to work. The environment is exciting and welcoming. Management is amazing and go above and beyond for their staff. Fun work events like style rsvps!

Points positifs

Discount at Reitmans and sister stores (Penningtons, Rw&co)
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High expectations for retail

The company “culture” does not support staff and the expectations are of a classy boutique versus a mid range retailer. Working alone at night for up to 4 hours never felt safe
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Always something to do!

Reitmans has an excellent work life balance the management is really considerate or their workers. I think that my skills as well as my coworker skills were assessed fairly. I love going into work everyday knowing there’s always something to do. There’s never a time for you to be bored and most days there’s so many customers time just flies.

Points positifs

Good management
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Fantastic teammates, but treated a number by management

I love working at Reitmans because I love working with clothes and with a team who wants to work together. We tried to cultivate an environment where we all wanted to be at work, but it was tough because our district manager was not able to allocate more hours for the schedule which made scheduling incredibly difficult. It is virtually impossible to hire anyone who is not in high-school because the pay is not even close to a living wage and if a hiree asks for more, then I was not allowed to hire them. This made it even more hard to hire someone because students in high-school have so many obligations- swimming, band practice, basketball, etc. The adults in the store worked mostly alone because we could only find a few to work during the daytime during the week, which left tasks undone, such as receiving, putting clothes on the floor, packing online orders. Steaming clothes was only done upon request by a customer. Returns were virtually impossible because there was not enough time to train new staff because there was not enough time to train new staff- we needed them to be on the floor asap. There was not enough time to have them sit in the back room to watch the training videos on the iPad. Personally, I think that reitmans focuses too much on online orders and pressures their employees to finish between 80-100 online orders per day when there are only 2 staff members on the floor who are untrained, and there could also be 20 women in the store at the same time who are needing tending to. There is supposed to be someone in the fitting room almost at all times and that never - 
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Good for short time

Work wasn’t bad. Clientele was mostly middle aged women so I wasn’t taken seriously as a young woman working there by the customers. Pay was fair, good benefits. Retail wasn’t for me, but for someone very goal oriented it would be good
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High work load, and get paid peanuts.

I worked there for a long time. Had a handful of horrible bosses and a few great ones. It's the lucky of the draw. Only reason why I left was poor management and under pay. When you're doing duties of a manager or ASM but getting paid much creates a toxic environment. Also if you like being set up to fail, this may be the job for you. The only thing that I loved was the discount and the friendships I've made at my time there.
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It was okay.

I enjoyed my time there. Manager was not great but enjoyed working with my coworkers. Great clothes and good employee discount. It was a good enough part time job.
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Save your time and energy

Great if you want no hours and empty promises (coming from an employee of 5 years) I stayed at this job throughout high school as it was my only option. It’s fine if you are wanting 1 3 hour shift a week
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Its ok

It is a decent retail job to acquire for part time work. The company is fun and are making quality clothes with many sales to keep up with. Staff is very friendly.
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Questionable decisions higher up

I was hired by a manager who was leaving within a week of offering me the job. Despite being hired for a part-time position with full-time hours during busier periods, I was thrown into a full time job and was, WITHIN MY FIRST WEEK, the only member of management in the store before a new full-time manager arrived. The current store manager is wonderful but there are a lot of issues with the company higher up and the pay and benefits are terrible.

Points positifs

Nice Store Manager

Points négatifs

Serious company-wide issues
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Great company, Great people!

Reitmans was one of the best places to work. The management was very fun and understanding, and your co workers turned into family. The overall job itself was fun and enjoyable, helping people find outfits that made them feel good with a good vibe to the store.

Points positifs

Great environment

Points négatifs

Long hours for inventory!
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Amazing staff, wages, and overall environment

I felt welcome from the second i was hired. You are more than just a number there and even higher up management is caring and always comes to the store to check up. The company is great to work at, there are great benefits and discounts and everyone who works there is so kind, caring and are just overall great people!

Points positifs

Great discount, great wages, welcoming environment
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Horrible management

One and only job I have ever been fired from . Treated very unfairly by new management and district manager. The only good thing about them is their discount on clothing , considering they make you wear up to date clothing (most of my pay cheque went there). I don’t talk Ill of any other place I’ve worked as I would never want to burn bridges , but this place was horrible.

Points positifs

Most girls were great to work with

Points négatifs

Everything else
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Not good work environment

Horrible company to work for..Very tight knit group and no respect for employees. Expect to work alone and have to do a lot or you get in trouble or fired over the littlest mistake
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Unpleasant, terrible communication, poor treatment....

This is one of the worst jobs I have had. It was incredibly surprising to hear from employees at other locations that they enjoyed it. The Courtenay location seems to be an outlier in that way. When I first started the current manager was stealing hours from employees and was only fired after far too many complaints were filed to HR. The new manager was the best I've had but the management of the company in general seemed very poor. The communication was lacking greatly. A typical day would be clocking in, helping customers, starting fitting rooms for them, taking out any new stock that had arrived, performing returns, tidying the store, and clocking out. The workplace culture while I was there was pretty toxic. Within the Courtenay store there were several employees that would complain about anyone, and everyone. Nobody would take fault for their actions and would push each other down whenever possible. Problems are often left for someone else to finally deal with them. Hardest part of the job is dealing with rude and angry customers, and trying to communicate with higher-ups. Overall, the day-to-day activities of helping customers and doing stock, etc. were fine. The management, toxic culture, and lack of care for your health and safety were the main reasons this job was incredibly stressful and unenjoyable. I would not recommend working at the Courtenay location unless several employee changes have been made.

Points positifs

Occasional bonuses and competitions with prizes (though very small)

Points négatifs

Poor communication, toxic culture, rude customers, higher-ups do not listen, you are completely disposable, selling poor quality clothing
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team lead

Having worked there for 10 yrs i have a great relationship with customers and have bonded with many, knowing their personal needs. The hardest part of the job was to keep up with the constant changes and as well the pay
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Fast Paced workplace, could use better management.

Pros -Good staff training -Paid on time -Employee discounts Cons -Management -Scheduling - Did not provide resources to problems I had good experiences with the company, and made long lasting friendships. It was difficult moving up in the company due to management training.
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good management too much pressure for sales

I enjoyed mentoring, but the pressure to meet sales quotas took away from the experience. When you did make sales quotas, there was little recognition from the dsm, and continually made the culture less friendly.

Points positifs

50% discount

Points négatifs

sales quotas
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Toxic Workplace

Are you looking for someone to dictate everything yet do nothing? Apply here. Do you want to work your tail off with no opportunity for advancement and poor wages? Apply here. Do you want to be hired to do a job but be micromanaged so severely you can't? Apply here. Are you looking for a work environment that protects the lazy and abuses the strong and knowledgeable? Apply here.
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