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3.5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Most of the staff were great to work with.

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When I started there in 2017 the management and staff were great to work with. The best part if the job was the clientele. I worked for the now defunct Addition Elle, very unique work atmosphere. Positive and all inclusive. Sadly in 2018 changes were made to management and the atmosphere became stale. Orders from head office placed more emphasis on cost efficiency and less on customer service.

Points positifs

Flexible hours

Points négatifs

Addition Elle is gone
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Decent place to be but they really cut hours

They weren’t that great when I started but when we got a new manager it got 10X better but near when I decided to quit I was only getting 3hour shifts and constantly getting cancelled shifts so it was hard to wanna stay when I wasn’t making much to begin with and that made it worse. Other wise it was a positive place to be and super chill staff would have stayed if I wasn’t getting 3 hour shifts or cancelled shifts.

Points positifs

Great staff, positive environment

Points négatifs

Too short of shifts
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great company discounts

Not much room to move up in company, also you can work there 10 years as a part time employee and never make more than minimum wage no matter how good you are.
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Going Down the Drain

I had a great store manager and great coworkers but upper management is stupid. They don’t know how to run a business. The customer is not always right and they never stand up for their employees. As someone in an HR profession now, I can tell that Reitmans won’t be around for very long. All they look at is store sales, they don’t care if their employees go above and beyond for customers , if the sale is not there then they don’t care for you.

Points négatifs

Upper Management does not pay enough attention to how their stores are operating
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Loved working at reitmans

I loved working T reitmas my boss was great. I was only part time and had to leave due to it being just too much to work 2 jobs. one full and one part.
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Productive, fun workplace.

Reitmans was a fun part-time job. I enjoyed the team I worked with, the environment of the store, and the perks that came with the job (employee discounts!). The most enjoyable parts of the job for me were doing cash and running the fitting rooms.
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Productive, Fun, Competative

Reitmans was very good to their employees. They had multiple competitions, on who can sell the most, which really encouraged us to sell more. Also, the management was kind and encouraging
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Reitmans was a great place to work with wonderful co workers!

I enjoyed going to work every shift and loved helping ladies with outfits and such! I learned more about communication skills, and loved being able to see an insight on different styles!
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productive good place to work with fahsion

This company was good to work for especially getting to know the fashion in todays industry. It is a good company to work for. The mangers were far to all new employees. The employees that have been working there were very welcoming to the new comers.
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Environment of growth

There was a lot of pressure working here for customer service. It was a little bit extreme sometimes, I think that might have just been the manager though. Customer service is important to retail, but you also need to know how to step back and allow a customer to take their time. This was not the case here and customers were often scared off by how closely we were attending to them. Other than that, great place to work, lots of room for advancement. They value their employees, which is rare.

Points positifs

advancement, benefits, skill building

Points négatifs

lots of pressure, not enough staff on duty
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Fun workplace

the managers are so friendly, as are all the workers. The customers are very nice and classy. The work itself want that hard and was very fun! Would recommend.

Points positifs

Free water

Points négatifs

Sometimes slow
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Do not recommend at all

When you have a manager who won’t work with you run to a different company. The current manager at white oaks is a power tripper who talks behind all the staffs backs and smiles to their face. She has ensured all her “friends” can get their hours and when there is a sale she lets her inner circle including her big family pick and stash before the store opens very unprofessional and she should not be in this position. Do not apply to this location unless you want to be talked about and treated poorly. Her friends are scared to speak up so watch her continue this terrible behaviour to the few staff who are honest and want to work. Hopefully the previous manager returns from her mat leave and this lady gets called out on her many atrocities.

Points positifs

You do get a staff discount

Points négatifs

When you have a manager who won’t work with you run to a different company.
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Good Place of Work

Definitely a great place to work, it gets fast-paced at times but it was manageable! I would definitely work there again! The ladies I worked with were nice!
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Productive and engageing

I really enjoyed my years at Reitmans, I was able to work for the company in two different cities and learned a lot about customer service and Ad set up as well as earning the chance to be a third key holder with added responsibilities.
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Great learning experience!

I learn new things about how to set up the store's floor and how to take out the garbage. Working there really helped me gain experience! Everyone was so kind!
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productive and friendly workplace

My duties as below: - Managing sales floor during sales segments. - Maintaining productivity flow to ensure a smooth operation on the floor. - Handling daily managerial duties including, till reconciliation, paperwork auditing and loss prevention. - Handling store opening and closing tasks and duties. I learned more about Human Resources and how to communicate with different customers. Management is perfect. we have diversity in our workplace but most of the staff are Iranian. In my opinion, nothing is hard for me in my workplace. the most enjoyable part is communicating with various people from differnent parts of the world.
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Productive and fun environment.

I love working with my coworkers at Reitmans. They are fun loving people who also love their jobs. They make it fun for not only the customers but coworkers as well. Its a wonderful place to work.
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Great job

People are very nice and easy to work with and it’s a very chill work environment. Management is decent, could use a little work but still very fun place to work at.
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Never again!

If it weren’t for the friendly staff and regular customers I would not have stayed. Higher management is corrupt. Hours are horrible. The stores don’t do well anymore so unless you are management, find another job while working there. DM’s want each sales associate to bombard 1 customer with questions and no personal space to shop. Customers don’t want to feel attacked, it turns them away!
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It was okay not horrible but not great work enviroment Did not really get good training, but learned on the job so it didnt really matter i dont have much else to say about this job but indeed wont let me skip

Points positifs

free lunches

Points négatifs

long hours
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The Job was usually boring because there were times were we would not see a customer for hours at a time. When there were no customers to assist, we would clean and get every task done so there usually was not a lot to do. I believe that location is the problem with low sales. If this store was located in the Lloyd mall, sales would sky rocket.

Points positifs

fun people to work with

Points négatifs

no awards or anything when you have a super high sale or beat the target
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