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Retail Sales Associate20 avis
Canada20 avis

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3.5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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productive and a positive work environment

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great place to work and people were very friendly seemed to be very slow work place and no parts of the job were hard very easy to pick up on everything
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cancellation of shifts and hours

worst place ever to work for , manager wont cancel shift of her fav employee but rest will keep on cancelling shifts and reduce even the 4 hour shift bec apparently store doesnt make enough sale but infront of u store is actually crowded with never ending customers , extremely slow nothing to do its better to broom the roads rather than working for this place , no dress code at all people domt even know who is the customer and who is the employee

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Points négatifs

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we were required to wear the most current fashion in the store. The discount was nice but when you only 3 hrs a week its hard to stay on trend like they require.
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Advancement and Training

Advancement within the company is limited, especially when you are part of the management team. Upon starting with the company I was trained on very little things, everything I have learnt was from other stores and not from my Store Manager. Training is super limited but they have a bunch
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kinda boring

it was hard to work there, I was really bored and couldn't relate to any of my coworkers. Not too bad for a first job but my feet really hurt. not bad tho.
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talked with costumers and put away clothes, learned how to work at the cashier. lots of management coming and going but overall the store maintained order.

Points positifs

nice people to work with

Points négatifs

some bullying
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Such an amazing and welcoming place to work

If you love clothing and just a place to work in a relaxing environment, this place is for you !!! I love my job here and I do not regularly say that. All customers are so polite and co workers are even better.
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Supportive work environment

Busy work days sorting merchandise and helping customers, I learned a lot with how to work the cash registers, sort stock, manage payroll and work in fitting rooms. The management team was great and I really enjoyed being a team leader when I was working there. The hardest part of the job was adjusting to being full time and the only full time worker for a while but the holidays were always so rewarding seeing every customer excited to bring home their pruchases.

Points positifs

Fun staff

Points négatifs

Working alone a lot
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good place to work with amazing coworkers

a typical day at work would involve helping all customers when they are there. replenishing the stock when traffic is down. hardest part would be dealing with unhappy customers but we can always work it out.

Points positifs

get a discount on product

Points négatifs

not to many hours
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Friendly & professional

It was a good place to work. The manager at the time was very good about scheduling and making sure the compromise in the schedule was good for both the company and employees working there. Very professional and friendly environment!
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great eemployees

Management was horrible not organized at all Employees were great easy to get along with Company needs to listen to their employees about issues with there stores

Points positifs

friendly employees

Points négatifs

management horrible
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cleaned and sold

We did a lot of put backs and cleaning, we also helped customers find things they love and feel comfortable in. Management had good communication and was understanding.
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great company

Overall great place to work,great management,discounts. Only drawback is during non peak season when hours are reduced for staff reducing available hrs for part timers resulting in job security worries.
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first job wasn't the best experience pay was horrible no benefits job wasnts fun or enjoyable just a job to go to to make some extra cash if you are a student

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Points négatifs

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Retail Assistant

I enjoyed serving Guests as they came into the store. Helping them find what they wanted, making the store as well as displays organized and tidy.It was a fun place to work, although most of my paycheck went to clothing.
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This was fun partime job in another type of work.

I loved working at Pennington. Working a different side of retail was fun and exciting. All retail work is not the same. This had different kind of challenges and tasks. Working with cloth is diff than working with groceries. Helping out the customer and trying to meet their needs was basically the same.

Points positifs

Fun staff and made good lifelong friends

Points négatifs

Business closed
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Got to work with great people Benefits were awesome Learned new things that I never knew Manager was wonderful Got to meet knew people Hear different stories
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Great discount - management needs some correction

Loved working at Reitmans for the first manager and loved the crew there but then the work environment started to change. The upper management might like to take note that 7 people quit in a month and usually that is an indication there is something wrong.
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Loved working here

I really enjoyed working here because of the customers i was able to help. I would go into work priced clothing that was being marked down for a sale, made sure the clothes were hung the proper way, making sure the sale signs were posted, refolding tops or pants on the tables. In the stock room when i was there i would get a new shipment, load the scew on the pdt to put in the computer. I then would unload the boxes, rehung the clothes on our hangers, price the items of clothing and bring them out to put on the walls, tables and racks. I really enjoyed my job at Reitmans because my co-workers made it fun and enjoyable to go to work, the hardest part was getting home after work, due to bus schedules

Points positifs

Was able to purchase Reitmans clothes and wear them at work

Points négatifs

Management could have used more traning on how not to disrespect employees
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fun place to work

I gained a great deals of skills working at reitmans. I was responsible for interacting with customers and ensuring the sales floor was well stocked

Points positifs

excellent people and management team

Points négatifs

not enough hours
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