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Retail Assistant Manager61 avis
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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Stressful but a fun place to work

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What is the best part of working at the company?The coworkers & friends I made What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The holiday and busy seasons in the store What is the work environment and culture like at the company?It's a fun work environment while also being stressful and has its pressuresWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Helping customers, processing transactions, cleaning the product on the floor and cleaning the store when closed
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Good co-workers but lack of communication and coordination

Working here has been a good experience so far, with nice co-workers as well. However, I feel like there is a disconnect in communication at times and that the training/on boarding process could’ve been done with a lot more keenness. Other than that, I believe I’ve been able to gather new skills and work with great people.
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Did not like this place at all

Managers are so not welcoming they are always in a bad mood. They expect you to know everything even tho they did not teach you. They’re cash system is so old school and confusing. Manager is always in a bad mood.

Points positifs

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Fun workplace

Reitmans is a fun and inclusive place to work at. The manager at st-laurent is very sweet and down to earth. There is always good team work.
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Productive and clear cut

Working here had clear objectives on what needed to be done. There were goals and targets that were notImpossible to reach and there wasn’t really any penalty for not hitting all goals which made it a little less stressful.
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Typical clothing retail job

Pretty basic job in retail, customer service and opening and closing the store. I think it all depends on the team you work with, whether or not you will enjoy it.
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Great place to work in, but has it's cons

If you have a good manager like I did, you will enjoy the job. My manager made it fun and challenging. Otherwise, I've temporarily worked with some managers that made it difficult for employees.The other only cons are those typical of sales jobs: lots of standing, doing repetitive work, getting bored if there's no traffic and so on.Otherwise, it's a nice place if you just want to get into the workforce.
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loved working here

Reitmans is great. It was the first job I actually enjoyed working for. Thank you Reitmans for being one of the best/if not THE best retail work environment in the game,
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Worst management

Although it’s a laid back environment to work in the management is the worst. Especially head management Brandi and Elise. Not worth it to apply way to draining and all anyone does is gossip about other employees

Points positifs

Fact paced environment and discount

Points négatifs

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Bad Managment

It doesn’t matter how hard you work it is never enough. 1000 hours gets you a 0.25 raise. If its a slow week they give cut hours and you often work alone. If you are a keyholder and it’s short staffed your hours are overtime and you work alone often even during late shifts. If there’s only 2 keyholders they work every day to open/close and it’s impossible to get a day off and you ger guilt tripped for even doing so.
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Stressful and outdated

The only thing enjoyable was working with customers and the clothing is fashionable and fair priced. No room for advancement. No raises after many yrs of work. 20 plus yr old big box computer systems with old software used at cash desk. Takes much longer to process a customer from those systems. Management acts superior. Unreliable hrs. Always working alone to do a two person job. Store would never pass a saftey inspection. Emergency doors/ hall ways/dressing rooms packed with stock. No room to move. No progression in a positive way in 20 plus yrs other then the clothing fashion. The company is a stale one too work for. It's a dead end job, a thankless job. Turnover is high. You can do better elsewhere.
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Great company bad management

Loved working for reitmans I like the company but did not like management if you want to keep good employees need to have a better additude and more hrs to keep part timers multipule employees quit due to bad upper management. Discount was great and philosophy of company is great.
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Extremely unorganized & toxic

I was required to find a replacement for my 3 hour shift in order to attend a funeral, which they claimed was problematic for them. So heartless. According to HR you can't get professional references for any future jobs or applications??? I had to "earn my shifts," and randomly had my shifts cancelled 30 mins beforehand, or was put on the schedule without any notification whatsoever.Highly unorganized and toxic, would not recommend to anyone who seeks a work life balance.

Points positifs

50% discount

Points négatifs

Bad management, poor scheduling, unreliable
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I will never recommend anyone to work with Reitmans

If you want financial stability and a life outside of work this is NOT the place to seek employment. I have never worked for such a dysfunctional company before. Management is a night mare, HR is no help what-so-ever, and if you are a part time worker you sometimes go 1-2 weeks without a shift. A manager stopped scheduling students because she claimed they were “unreliable”. I would never recommend Reitmans to anyone seeking employment.

Points positifs

50% discount

Points négatifs

Schedules are almost always late coming out No hours for part time workers
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One of the best places to work

Reitmans was an extremely fun, and inclusive store to work for. My coworkers were some of the best people I’ve met. Work can be fast or slow paced depending on the day and time.

Points positifs

Great discount on clothes

Points négatifs

Can’t guarantee hours for part timers
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Just the run of the mill retail job

My job overall was a lot of fun because of my colleagues and customers. The upper management (store manager, district store manger) run off of gossip, and internal gossip between stores (although against company policy) still happens and makes helping at other location awkward.
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Mediocre Retail Job

What can I say? Its your standard retail position. Your paid minimum wage yet expected to go above and beyond your job. Customers yell at you and theres nothing you can do about it. The store is highly disorganized and constantly a mess. Co workers were great which made it bearable.
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Fun place to work at.

The store manager and all the employees are great. It's like one big happy family. I had learned how to fold clothes differently.I really enjoyed picking out outfits for our customers.

Points positifs

Fun and laid back place to work

Points négatifs

I was only part time
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In-store associate role not recommended

Unfortunately, the company continued to add on roles to salespeople in the store without increasing the rate of pay. There were a lot of structural issues in place that hindered individual stores' success. Did not feel supported by upper management. With a couple changes, the in-store environment has potential to be great.
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amazing workplace

this is one of the best places I have worked. the manager is understandig and caring, as well as the employees! it is a great place to learn on exelling
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I enjoyed working there

It was a fun place to work until they changed management , then it became stressful. Over all was a good place to work and they respected your home life as well as your work life.
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Retail Assistant Manager chez Reitmans (Canada) Limited

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15,70 $ par heure

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