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Retail Assistant Manager47 avis
Canada47 avis

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3.5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Just the run of the mill retail job

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My job overall was a lot of fun because of my colleagues and customers. The upper management (store manager, district store manger) run off of gossip, and internal gossip between stores (although against company policy) still happens and makes helping at other location awkward.
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One of the best places to work

Reitmans was an extremely fun, and inclusive store to work for. My coworkers were some of the best people I’ve met. Work can be fast or slow paced depending on the day and time.

Points positifs

Great discount on clothes

Points négatifs

Can’t guarantee hours for part timers
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Mediocre Retail Job

What can I say? Its your standard retail position. Your paid minimum wage yet expected to go above and beyond your job. Customers yell at you and theres nothing you can do about it. The store is highly disorganized and constantly a mess. Co workers were great which made it bearable.
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Fun place to work at.

The store manager and all the employees are great. It's like one big happy family. I had learned how to fold clothes differently.I really enjoyed picking out outfits for our customers.

Points positifs

Fun and laid back place to work

Points négatifs

I was only part time
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In-store associate role not recommended

Unfortunately, the company continued to add on roles to salespeople in the store without increasing the rate of pay. There were a lot of structural issues in place that hindered individual stores' success. Did not feel supported by upper management. With a couple changes, the in-store environment has potential to be great.
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amazing workplace

this is one of the best places I have worked. the manager is understandig and caring, as well as the employees! it is a great place to learn on exelling
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I enjoyed working there

It was a fun place to work until they changed management , then it became stressful. Over all was a good place to work and they respected your home life as well as your work life.
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Would and have recommended

Hours are not consistent but good atmosphere for most part. Good and friendly management. Enjoy working there but wish there was more hrs. Too many employees to offer more. Over all good experience thus far
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Overall good Canadian company

Overall a good Canadian company however would like them to be more Canadian like offering military discounts. Advertising could be better Too focused on email and social media and therefore leaving the customer that have supported us for the start behind and in the dark.
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Takes advantage of employees

I work 7.5 hours and only get a 15 minute paid break I also have to take a 1/2 hour unpaid break. I can’t believe I’am only worth 15 to them😪 I run around helping clients, tasking, garbage, clean bathrooms etc and that’s all I’am worth
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Would Recommend It!

Job enjoyment is highly dependent on store management and the environment they generate for customers and staff. Participating in all areas of the store keeps things interesting, and customers are usually friendly and receptive. Would recommend this job to those that can at least act extroverted, as the sales floor positions do require a significant level of pep for success.
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Good team to work with in store but not upper management

It was a good team to work with but upper management was very rude about keeping up to sale targets. We would also be stressed as soon as we heard our phone ring after a period had gone by that we had not hit our target because we would get rung out especially the store manager at the time.
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Great place to work at!

The manager is the best manager I've had to date. She is a really knowledgeable and skilled manager. She has taught me so much in the past months I've worked at Reitmans. I would definitely recommend working here. The co-workers are great too. Overall I actually looked forward to coming to work every day.

Points positifs

Work environment

Points négatifs

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Abusive manager

I loved working for Reitmans, it’s been my dream job since I was a kid. I was hired under a different manager who was extremely nice and accommodating to my needs as a single mother. I slowly made my way up to the keyholder position after my first month working there. I then was interested in the team lead position that just opened up. Then we hired a new A.M ( assistant manager) with zero experience in retail or visuals and needed thorough training. All of the sudden my manager quit abruptly for unknown reasons. I went from part time to 50 hours a week just like that. I trained the assistant manager! The D.M (district manager) didn’t do a single thing to help. Didn’t come up once in the 6 months I worked there. She was extremely hard to get ahold of and it just felt like she didn’t care at all what was happening. The manager from Penningtons came over to hire a new manager for us and help get the store back together. The assistant manager did a lot of illegal things which made the work for the Pennington’s manager that much more daunting. I couldn’t wait for the new manager to start because I was being unpaid, over worked and unappreciated. As soon as she started she immediately saw me as a threat to her knowledge as a store manager because I knew that store inside and out and better than anyone there, I was good at my job and adapted fast. I was the “old timer”, one of the longest working employee, which is pretty sad since I was only there for 3 months when all this happened. Once the new store manager started our first conversation wasn’t friendly, she then extremely micro - 

Points positifs

Great discounts

Points négatifs

Horrible management
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An excellently managed store

The management staff care about their employees, and the atmosphere is fun and professional. There is room for advancement, and initiative is rewarded with opportunity.
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Loved it

Overall a great company to work for. Not only was management great at the time I worked there, the coworkers were amazing. I was only 16 at the time of hire and within months I was promoted to key holder. I take all those things I learned from that job with me to wherever I go now. I will forever remember my amazing manager and her inspirational training techniques and ability to make work a fun place for everyone.

Points positifs

Management, room for improvement/advancement, fun work environment, get to dress up at work

Points négatifs

I have nothing bad to say
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Boring and Unfair

Management is very greedy, hours constantly get cut by the head office for not reaching the unrealistic sales targets, management cheat their way in many ways.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Great job for a high school student!

I've worked here for over two years during high school and going into university and absolutely love it. It is the perfect part time job for a confident and bubbly girl who enjoys fashion. It's a friendly fast paced environment with staff and other coworkers who encourage you to succeed. I started off as a seasonal part time employee and was kept on as part time throughout the school year and quickly worked up to being a key holder.I'm also our stores Hyba Product Pro and Accessory Product Pro. I liked that there was room for advancement if you were skilled and excelled in your position. My favourite part is having my own segments as I love reaching a target and getting praise from my manager for it. It was a real motivator. I would like to see more employee contests, or recognition for associates who go above and beyond. at my store I was given very flexible hours and they understood when I was and wasn't available. One downside is that shifts could be cut last minute as in just hours before they start if the store isn't performing well that day. I would defiantly recommend any young girl looking for a first job to apply here as it was a great experience for me!

Points positifs

Employee discount, flexible hours, positive enviroment

Points négatifs

Needing to purchase new clothes frequently
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Fun and exciting environment

I loved this job. The environment was fantastic and my boss was a joy to work for. I would recommend this company to anyone. It was a fun and entertaining environment and it always keeps you thinking and on your feet.

Points positifs

Great flexibility

Points négatifs

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Always changing team

I have worked at reitmans for over 2 years and during this time I have had 3 different managers, 7 different team leads come and go, and countless sales associates... I am a key holder and have been for about a year so this means I had to take on a lot of responsibilities that I was not getting paid enough to do. ie training, payroll, majority of closing shifts etc. Reitmans as a company/network is great, you get to know managers and employees from other stores and there is opportunity for you to try different locations if they need people to cover shifts, its a really easy job, ie folding, visual & making the store look good, cleaning, helping customers find outfits etc. Customers were usually nice older ladies so the store was never super crazy. I wish we weren't pushed so hard to sell, sometimes I felt like I was annoying customers

Points positifs

Easy job

Points négatifs

always changing team, selling aka pushing
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Only good thing was advancement.

Must be able to greet customers as they enter the store and go up to them right away and let them know current promotions. The staff is constantly changing. Dependent on the current sales will be how many hours you may or may not get in the span of a week. The discount was pretty great which helps sell the product! Most junior staff is young so the job is enjoyable. Hardest part is meeting target sales in an isolated location. The management is very poor, there is so much backbiting.

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Points négatifs

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