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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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great community

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Great first job. Very nice people and very collaborative. They were great at teaching about customer service and how to deal with cash. Definitely a safe first place to work.
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Terrible company.

Overall experience throughout the years has been awful, I have been mistreated on many accounts by multiple members of management both in-store management or upper management, I know other staff members who have had the same experience with this as well.There is constant turn over of staff including managers. The pay is laughable, promotions are far and few and there’s little to no incentive, and to get a raise….. “work 1000 hours and get a measly .25 cent raise” which is insulting, as we work very hard for very little and there’s never any appreciation for it. All the technology that is required to run the store is outdated and barely does what it’s supposed to, company is not concerned with updating any of it and instead we’re stuck dealing with IT on the regular and often lose sales due to tills being offline.Often understaffed(only when manager wasn’t working go figure) You’re expected to always be in current fashion, but with small wages and high prices for cheap quality clothing even with the discount(that hasn’t changed even with a price increase on most items)you're spending a large sum of your pay to stay current. Very little training, and is often left up to key holders to do even with new ASM’s. It’s very unfortunate.. it all may not be every single employees experience but as far as I know from my coworkers over the years, it’s many..
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Great managers and employees

Great management and nice co-workers. Friendly environment. The most enjoyable part of the job is communicating and helping customers. The only problem with the job is not giving enough work hours to part-time employees.

Points positifs

Friendly environment

Points négatifs

Not giving enough shifts
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Not great

The management was terrible and was not very accommodating the hours were terrible but if you’re in high school just looking for a part time this would probably work for you
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Organized, Fun place to work

-Very organized workplace -Always busy, time goes by fast -Usually part time hours -Clothe are nice -Management was really nice -Would work there again

Points positifs

Very Organized

Points négatifs

Pressure of making sales goals
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Great team of co workers

- althought it was repitive the managment was amazing and very understadning as well as flexible. the other co workers were very nice as well. the only reason i did not go back was because it was a little boring at times as there was little interaction with customers as they were able to help themselves

Points positifs

Great managers

Points négatifs

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Productive Workplace

Great place to work, I was responsible for being a cashier and a sales associate. I also cleaned the fitting rooms and helped customers with their questions and inquiries on products.
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fun workplace

great coworkers, lots of fun different variety of clothing for teenagers, middle aged women and older women great, respectful, fair management oppurtunity to advance in position

Points positifs

can earn giftcards if you refer people who are then hired, spread out breaks

Points négatifs

min of 3 hours for one shift
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Received new and fun managers which makes going to work enjoyable.

Completed numerous objectives. Sales Associate. Trained as a cashier and a fitting room stylist. Once we received new, energetic, friendly and nice managers and employees, it made going to work more enjoyable.

Points positifs

Great team to work with, great discount.

Points négatifs

By bus, takes a while to get there, and old management was not great.
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Great place

Reitmans is a very cleaned and organized place to work. There are always friendly. The hardest part of the job is accommodating everyone.
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Great employees and work place.

I really enjoyed working with this company, I unfourntley had a few back problems which I had to leave and sort out before I could return to work. I learned how to multitask in a fast environment which helped me succeed in the workplace. My management was very understanding and worked with me to make sure I was able to get the hours I needed. Co workers were always helpful and nice to me. Hardest part was changing the store around and remembering where everything was. Most enjoyable was to be able to know I helped make the costumers experience the best it could have been.

Points positifs

Was able to assit costumers in a timely order, was able to work both cash and changeroom.

Points négatifs

I had no cons working here
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Good first job

Reitmans gave me many opportunities which I am thankful for but it would have been easier to work with people who like on another.

Points négatifs

Not enough hours
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Fashion trend really inspired me, learned a lot of new ways to put together outfits. learned how to multitask.

Greeting customers and providing them product knowledge was day to day challenge because we had different types of materials and fabrics. Sometimes handling difficult customers and dealing with issues such a returning the product with out the receipts or bring it after the expiry date of the receipts was bit challenging. I learn to be poised and calm in difficult situations. I really enjoyed visual merchandising, the hardest part of the job was when we had to setup the store walls according to the floor plan. I loved the new products that came into the store daily. We had a great team and I learned to share the responsibilities. Our management team was very co-operative and understanding. I always looked forwarding to going to work.

Points positifs

Yes, we had free meals when we had meetings and celebrations

Points négatifs

Yes, Weekends and evenings.
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