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Overall great job. Management is willing to teach you SO MUCH about retail if you ask and show interest. Hours are competitive so you have to work hard and show you deserve them. Breaks are always given, and coworkers make the place awesome! Can be stressful at times but overall a great place to work and learn.
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I waisted my 13 months

What is the best part of working at the company?Some team members were good I worked almost 13 months for one year they threw me in fits only and I was doing job for three people lot of pressure of work and no help no appreciation and after one year no raise in pay and as part time no guarantee hrs so obviously so paid holidays nothing it was so sad What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Nothing no growth just keep working What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Stressful overwhelming no help just work
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Management needs to do better.

The management would talk about other employees to everyone. The atmosphere was very toxic because you could tell the manager didn’t like a specific person. The manager didn’t like to be proved wrong or admit that they didn’t know something so talked down to everyone. The company as a whole needs to do better training when it comes to whose managing. The person who trained me had only been a manager for a few months and had no idea what they were even doing. The company decided to transfer that manager and not bring in an assistant manager OR as store manager. Had three girls struggling to run the WHOLE store. Would never recommend

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Great location

I love working here, everyone is so kind and they are flexible with the schedule, but the pay is not great, other than that I really like it. They also have benefits
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Zero hours

Retail isn’t easy after Covid but Employee beware of the store you apply to, do your research. I was hired part time fashion associate and ended up getting only 3hrs a WEEK!I did more online training and reading group chats about the store more than I worked. I was put in the dressing room each shift doing put backs. I finally was taught quickly (2 minutes quick) how to do cash 3 months in when other girls who started at the same time were trained on cash faster. It also seemed like I was the only employee to actually clean the store but heaven forbid I went over my 3hrs to do so. And heaven forbid you say “sorry” to a customer! I 100% do not agree with that logic as a customer service representative for over 10+ years. I kept getting told by an employee to not apologize and instead say thank you. If you aren’t apologizing you are not genuine. Customers don’t like to feel that way. They were rebuilding management also so there wasn’t much help. The apps and the non stop nonsense training and zero management and no growth really made it not very pleasant. If you are a student or retired it’s perfect!! They certainly should have been more honest about the hours though during the hiring process. They want you to wear their clothes. That’s great especially because you get a massive discount ALTHOUGHHHHH getting only 3hrs a week myself my pay went to the gas to get to work lol
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wonderful manager

I was at employed at Reitmans for a short time but it was a fun part time job while it lasted- I loved my colleagues my manager was great and I enjoyed assisting the clientele

Points positifs

Busy, great colleagues and management

Points négatifs

Low pay
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pretty okay

It's pretty okay environment to work with, people are very nice (depending on who is your manager and location), no benefits unless you're working full time. It could be stressful sometimes because some managers will want you to do the most when wages aren't as good/low

Points positifs

nice people

Points négatifs

wage isn't good
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Amazing workspace

I’m currently an assistant manager/key holder/Fashion associate at Reitmans and I absolutely love my job and the people working there with me. I could not ask for a better job ♥️
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All they care about are numbers, not people

When I first started, it was fun and relaxed. Then they implemented a program where they counted customers coming into the store compared to sales (conversion) and that was all anyone cared about.
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Reitmans is great if you want to kill time and take advantage of their discount. Other than that it was not worth it working there. Shifts got frequently cancelled or had no shifts at all, district managers and head office were always out of touch, and the fashion is recycled and outdated. Luckily the managers and keyholders made the job fun and bearable.

Points positifs

Fun store management

Points négatifs

Inconsistent hours
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Fun workplace

I worked here for two years, never guaranteed hours and had shifts constantly cancelled. Although the woman I worked with were amazing, management was questionable. I enjoyed helping people find the best outfit to suit their own personal style.
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great helping the customers feel great

working at Reitman is ok some days its really busy and other days its really dead. I enjoying helping the customers and helping them feel great about there look. I think the company should pay the employee more for all the hard work do and more help the employee with discounts.
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Productive and fun enviornment

Good work environment. Team oriented. Are able to be flexible with availability. Good benefits and great employee discount in stores.working environment is very relaxed. coworkers are nice and friendly.
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Amazing workplace

Prior to starting work with Reitmans, I had never worked in a retail environment before.. starting here really helped me build confidence and move up fast within the company. I have made many great friendships working here.
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Productive and fun work environment

Working at Reitmans helped me get a sense of the fashion world, and what was in and was was fading out. I would help women of all ages find their style and sizes that worked fro them and their body type. I learned so much working their, and it helped my own wardrobe grow.

Points positifs

Discounted on clothes

Points négatifs

Have to wear their cloths and stay on tope of each season
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Not the worst place to work

RW & CO.: I like working here in the sense that it is not a high-stress job. Most of the time it's slow, but I do enjoy sales and interacting with customers. The employee discount is nice, but considering that I get paid minimum wage, the stuff is still expensive. I hardly ever buy unless it's from sale anyway. Besides that, I still have not received my shopping pass (it's been six months). The work culture is good, for the most part. But there are always going to be brown nosers. Employees like to post things on forum to embarrass you in front of everyone, rather than wait and talk to you about it in person. One thing I learned is that it doesn't matter how many times you do something perfectly, no one ever notices. However, if you mess up once, you will be blasted. There is a lack of respect between the full-timers and part-timers. The schedule is also a huge problem. Our schedules are Sunday-Saturday. The schedule is emailed out on the Thursday before it starts, and sometimes it's even on Friday. I do not know until two or three days beforehand if I am working, making it extremely difficult to plan anything in advance. And then, they say you have to book time off 7 weeks ahead.

Points positifs

short shifts, discount, location

Points négatifs

short shifts, schedule, pay, forum, no shopping pass, lack of respect boring
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Not great

The one I worked at had a 17 year old assistant manager that would take advantage of me all the time. She would make me do her work and she would sit in the back on the phone with friends. Hours would be cut all the time and new people came all the time when we were overstaffed to begin with.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Everything else
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Productive Workplace with a great discount

Wonderful place to work, great hours and great discounts were given. Contests were great motivators for the team to work harder (ex: if the team made a certain amount of jewelry sales, each member got a free accessory)

Points négatifs

Missing manager for a long time
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Enjoy styling customers to make them feel comfortable and confident

I have great co workers and flexible hours. Since I love fashion, I enjoy styling customers and making them feel comfortable and confident. I have learned visual merchandising, how to use Point of Sale and I have improved my interpersonal skills.

Points négatifs

inconsistent hours, clothes are not my style, weird sizing
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Fun work place

Checking the new items that store received Checking the new promotions Talking to the customers and asking their needs Helping the customers to find their needs
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Fashion Associate

Enjoy interaction with Customers, knowledge of new fashion trends, and selling. Customer service, stocking and maintaining a clean environment, happy positive attitude, superb work ethics, punctual. concientious, team player. Most enjoyable part is reaching sales goals working with an awesome team and Managers upbeat personality.

Points positifs

Enjoy the atmosphere

Points négatifs

Not enough hours
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Associate chez Reitmans (Canada) Limited

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