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3.5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Too many hours, not enough employees

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There is no work life balance when working full time at Reitmans. Worked almost every weekend, a lot of over time. Zero appreciation for their employees.
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Working at Reitmans was a great learning experience in the clothing business

Strongly recommend working at Reitmans everyone is friendly and eager to guide new comers.Changing the visual setup of products was a great experience as well.
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Excellent starting point if you would like to work in the retail business.

Keeping in mind the retail business is not my area of experience. It was my first time working in a store and more than likely my last time. I did not enjoy my experience. I was trained for 1 or 2 week before we fell back in lock down for the second time. Luckily for me they decided to keep me on handling the e-commerce sails. I was trained for 1 or 2 days for this. For the entire time this is what I did. Not too exciting. Then when the stores were allowed to open up again, they had me open up a store on my own. I had no idea of this before I was in front of the store. I had mentioned to the manager who is supposed to be the employee trainer as well as a manager of one of the stores that I was not ready to do so. Totally not listening to my concerns and ignored them. The staff that I had worked with were all nice. The managers do however talk badly about their employees behind their back, at least this was my experience. The expectation is a little exaggerated, they expect their employees to disinfect the cabins after every use, that the in store customers be served, make sure that the clothes on display are continuously hung up, folded and picked up from the floor, make sure that the boxes are unpacked, hung up on hangers, scanned for prices and then put on floor, as well as make sure that the online orders are taking care as well. All this when you are 2 or 3 people at a time in the store. One employee who does not know how to handle the cash and was not trained. That person was a manager from another store and they expected her to start cleaning cabins, hanging up the clothes - 

Points positifs

Excellent job to start in for a person who is pursuing a career in retail.

Points négatifs

Lack of organization, managers do not listen to their employees concerns
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The worst company to work for.

Only a month into working with Reitmans. I knew I was going to be treated like a number. The lack of support from our district manager is beyond words. The expectations and dead lines were unrealistic with the very low hours distributed in the week. Visual flips every two weeks, high volume of online orders to fulfill, a lot of stock to do and assisting customers at store level with only two employees in the store working. Sometime you work alone so you don’t over spend on hours. Terrible.

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Points négatifs

Toxic environment
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Terrible working experience with this company!

One of the worst companies to work for. The pay is bad, the company doesn’t care about they’re employees, and the HR is a complete joke! Don’t waste your time applying, lots of better retail companies to work for hands down!
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Fast paced, customer service based work place.

Worked many years for this employer. Overall if you LOVE fashion and appreciate all the work that goes into providing excellent customer service while balancing stock replenishment, visual placement of product signage and a plethora of other duties and responsibilities this is the work place for you.
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Expect lots of work and no recognition

work hard and do not get credit for it. Tones of micro managing in upper management and only give you a promotion when you are about to leave. Never able to take a sick day because there is never enough employees
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Loved working with these ladies

Probably the greatest group of ladies I have ever worked with. Always high energy and never a dull moment. Management always tried to ensure a positive environment and made weekly outings a priority for team building.
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Fast paced and demanding work environment

Top performance is expected. Upper management holds you accountable for any sales lost and you can be written up or dismissed if you fall behind. Sales staff are wonderful, management are burnt out.
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Key Holder, Assistant Manager

I worked for Reitmans for three years in the positions of key holder and assistant manager. I enjoyed the staff, the customers and the job in general.

Points positifs

Working with people

Points négatifs

Work hours: weekends and holidays
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Productive and fun atmosphere to work in,

Reitmans is a great place to build experience, the training provided is quite good. I enjoy working here, I just have no opportunity to advance, and that is ultimately my goal.

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Points négatifs

Not team focused
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Great people at store levels. Poor head office communication.

I have worked for Reitmans for 3 years, and overall the job is good, depending on the location you are placed. The employees at store level are great, however, the company as a whole has poor communication skills with the staff.

Points positifs

Canadian company

Points négatifs

no work/life balance; constant, sudden changes
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Productive and fun working environment

My staff made my job enjoyable. I had a really great team at my location, everyone was comfortable working together and enjoyed working together. As a team we worked very hard at driving sales and providing exemplary customer service. My team and I established an amazing rapport with our customers. Which always had them coming back. It was sad to see our location close down.
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Fun work place!!

Fun work environment. I enjoyed the people I worked with and the DSM was always there when needed. I didn't always like the hours and your schedule changed week to week.

Points positifs

Amazing people and great discount.

Points négatifs

Demanding customers.
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Love the job

Great place to work, love helping people look and feel great about there wardrobe. Fast pace, friendly, great training, excellent discount, and fun place!

Points positifs

Great discounts

Points négatifs

Evening and weekends
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Good team, bad company

I worked for Reitmans Co. for two years, and while it was steady employment, it was far from ideal. The pay was extremely low for when I was in the assistant manager position, and I had no benefits despite working there for a considerable time. I never received a raise outside of a promotion, and rarely did our employees get any form of praise they deserved from our DM or head office. My team was amazing, and I had two spectacular managers who were kind and accommodating, but that didn't make up for the fact that the company itself cared little for their employees and their comfort.
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retail is a difficult thing to rate....

I did enjoy the overall atmosphere at Reitman's and I have absolute confidence in the product. It is difficult to rate retail positions because there are so many daily changes and problems. The hours are always long and there are so many things that managers especially, are responsible for that it can sometimes be a challenge. However, in general I always enjoyed the people I worked with, and of course the clothing was amazing. Working with the public has its ups and downs, but if you love people, this should not be an issue.

Points positifs

discount on clothing and flexible working hours

Points négatifs

long working hours
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very busy enviroment,

very busy, blackout periods with vacations, hard work life balance. Visual setups every other weekend. Very excelent growth opportunities within company.
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Very unorganized

Training wasn't well planned out. District manager was self centred and unappreciative unless she needed something from you. They expect full time availability from part time employees basically. Don't give out enough hours to regular employees. Everyone's really snobby. Clothes aren't made the best and aren't really in style, nor do they fit well. The NEW stuff since summer 2016 is terrible. Clothing is made too big so I can't even get my size without ordering online therefore not getting my employee discount. Just not the best company. But it could be
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Exceptional Customer service

Reitmans is a great company to work for. I have been with them for almost 10 years because I believe in what the company stands for and level of Customer service they have to offer. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to grow through this company, starting out as a part time key holder moving up to Store manager. They value the employees and try to provide a very positive atmosphere for management and team members. I love that Reitmans believes that team work is how you become successful. My 2 favorite parts of my job are...#1 Helping my team learn. Watching them grow into amazing associates. # 2 is providing an exceptional experience for our customers. It is such a great feeling knowing you helped brightened someone's day by helping the feel amazing.
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Unappreciated and demotivating

Lack of motivation and direction and no chance for advancement. Change of policies very often. Upper management lack empathy to employees and demand unreasonable results with minimum training
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