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Ottawa, ON14 avis

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3.5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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cleaned and sold

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We did a lot of put backs and cleaning, we also helped customers find things they love and feel comfortable in. Management had good communication and was understanding.
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Fast paced and always changing

fast paced and always adjusting to the new realities of retail. Definitely full of opportunities and constantly looking to better myself in the business wold!
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Handwork - for just customer service - you do more than what is expected

This place really takes a toll on you! If you are fashion associate - they will make you work way harder than you are actually getting paid. And sometime the management just doesn't work as had as the part=timers.

Points positifs

Good people - usually

Points négatifs

Not worth the pay
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what i learned

Customer service. Setting up visual displays as per company plan. Learning how to manage cash register . Also unpacking new merchandise and getting it ready for the sales floor with folding or steaming.

Points positifs

friendly staff

Points négatifs

on call shifts
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Always changing team

I have worked at reitmans for over 2 years and during this time I have had 3 different managers, 7 different team leads come and go, and countless sales associates... I am a key holder and have been for about a year so this means I had to take on a lot of responsibilities that I was not getting paid enough to do. ie training, payroll, majority of closing shifts etc. Reitmans as a company/network is great, you get to know managers and employees from other stores and there is opportunity for you to try different locations if they need people to cover shifts, its a really easy job, ie folding, visual & making the store look good, cleaning, helping customers find outfits etc. Customers were usually nice older ladies so the store was never super crazy. I wish we weren't pushed so hard to sell, sometimes I felt like I was annoying customers

Points positifs

Easy job

Points négatifs

always changing team, selling aka pushing
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Fun workplace

Great place to work at. Respectful and understanding management. Great working hours, Monday to Friday, weekends and holidays off. Great benefits and convenient location.
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Love the job

Great place to work, love helping people look and feel great about there wardrobe. Fast pace, friendly, great training, excellent discount, and fun place!

Points positifs

Great discounts

Points négatifs

Evening and weekends
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I like the people I work with, the store always has something new, there's something there for everybody. We have amazing discounts. You might not get many hours, but is a nice place to work at.
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Received new and fun managers which makes going to work enjoyable.

Completed numerous objectives. Sales Associate. Trained as a cashier and a fitting room stylist. Once we received new, energetic, friendly and nice managers and employees, it made going to work more enjoyable.

Points positifs

Great team to work with, great discount.

Points négatifs

By bus, takes a while to get there, and old management was not great.
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Fun workplace with with great hardworking and effiecient employees

Reitmans is a very good company to work in. The employees and employers are hard-working and nice people. My co workers are positive and strive for the goals given that day. I usually close the store since I am a keyholder. I learned a lot in this position, it build up my confidence level.

Points positifs

Good shift hours, good employees

Points négatifs

Not good pay
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A typical day at Reitmans would start with the employee's counting cashes and getting the the prepared for open.
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I learned a lot of people skills.

I open the store with another co-worker and closed at the end of the day we worked as a team. We had a quota to meet and when we achieved our qouta we gave our sales to an employee that may not have met a quota as of yet I learned that if I was honest with the customer and gave all the information on regular price clothing and the sale price I made a very happy customer Very rewarding. The customers appreciated the clothing advise and the ongoing sales Management very professional and responsible for all discrepancies that may occur in the store. The hardest part of the job was leaving at the end of the day one had so much fun it was time to leave to go home. I like getting dress up and being the first to buy the items so the customers would always ask where did you get that?

Points positifs

Hour for lunch

Points négatifs

Saturdays was a zoo
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A great place to start a new career and grow. Wonderful people to meet and work with.

I started at Reitmans as a part time employee while finishing school. I hadn't thought about the retail industry as a place to make a career. Over the years I learned many valuable skills for customer service, financials, loss prevention, health and safety guidelines, and management. My co-workers ranged greatly in age, and backgrounds, making the work environment out to be fun. My manager was very professional, involved, and taught me a great deal, that would later further me in my career. The hardest part of the job for me is probably passing duties onto others. I'm very hands on when working and sometimes I might try and take too much on myself (which is very easy since there is always tons to do!) The best parts of my job would be the people I get to meet and help on a daily basis and...there's always tons to do! Definitely not a job for anyone who gets "bored" easily.
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Interesting and Fashionable place to work

I prefer not to place a review at this time. My Co-workers were young and very friendly. My management team was also very young.The company philosophy is fantastic
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