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Mississauga, ON7 avis

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3.5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Too many hours, not enough employees

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There is no work life balance when working full time at Reitmans. Worked almost every weekend, a lot of over time. Zero appreciation for their employees.
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retail is a difficult thing to rate....

I did enjoy the overall atmosphere at Reitman's and I have absolute confidence in the product. It is difficult to rate retail positions because there are so many daily changes and problems. The hours are always long and there are so many things that managers especially, are responsible for that it can sometimes be a challenge. However, in general I always enjoyed the people I worked with, and of course the clothing was amazing. Working with the public has its ups and downs, but if you love people, this should not be an issue.

Points positifs

discount on clothing and flexible working hours

Points négatifs

long working hours
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It could be better.

Working for Reitmans itself was a very good experience. The company is well structured. Has policies and procedures that make sense. However, SQ1 mall hours are insane and the DSM for that location (Specific for Thyme) is a huge problem. The entire team left and they still don't take actions towards her. Hours for sales associates are very limited. No washroom in the store. I would go back to reitmans. either Thyme or other brands. But wouldn't to thyme sq1.

Points positifs

Employee card is awesome!

Points négatifs

Square one hours are insane
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Fun place to work with amazing team but the Management was very poor.

I had an amazing time working with Reitmans. Our team at Heartland town centre was great. About a month ago around 8 people from our team left the job as they weren't happy with the management. But now we have new management and things haven't changed still. I don't look forward to going to work anymore.
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A fun and hardworking group of individuals

A typical day at Reitmans would consist of constantly helping customers when they need help while assuring them that the opinion we have given them is not wrong (we're not just trying to make a sale, we're trying to be honest in what we do). I learnt a lot while working at Reitmans especially how to be more open-minded to the changing environment. Management always tries to help you when needed but sometimes the expectations are unreal. Sometimes the hardest part of my job is trying to get customers into the fitting rooms, some get disappointed that their size is not available in the store so they give up and do not try a different size on that they mind potentially fit into.

Points positifs

Hard working team

Points négatifs

Not enough hours
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Fun, positive work environment

I started at Reitmans as my first retail position and had the opportunity to learn about customer service, stock, and housekeeping. I was able to build a solid foundation to later be in charge of to visual merchandising strategies and ongoing visual setups for a store in Mississauga. The hardest part of the job is the time management that is necessary to fulfill all the the requirements for an amazing visual store. However, overcoming this is a huge victory and one that I am constantly working toward.

Points positifs

Professionam respectful work environment
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Fashion trend really inspired me, learned a lot of new ways to put together outfits. learned how to multitask.

Greeting customers and providing them product knowledge was day to day challenge because we had different types of materials and fabrics. Sometimes handling difficult customers and dealing with issues such a returning the product with out the receipts or bring it after the expiry date of the receipts was bit challenging. I learn to be poised and calm in difficult situations. I really enjoyed visual merchandising, the hardest part of the job was when we had to setup the store walls according to the floor plan. I loved the new products that came into the store daily. We had a great team and I learned to share the responsibilities. Our management team was very co-operative and understanding. I always looked forwarding to going to work.

Points positifs

Yes, we had free meals when we had meetings and celebrations

Points négatifs

Yes, Weekends and evenings.
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