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Hamilton, ON10 avis

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Fun Clientele and experience

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I overall enjoyed my team with Reitmans, working with customers and adorning the latest fashions to come in. The salary and management however was less than desirable which is what prompted my exit.

Points positifs

discount on clothes

Points négatifs

terrible management
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Great place

Honestly a wonderful place to work. Alot of rubbing around but the women that work there are great. There are currently no men working there however there was a man working there at one point.
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Great company to work for, very accommodating, very friendly and very kind. In comparing to all my past experiences, this job has by far been the best. Employees great at being friendly to newcomers and ensuring they learn everything they need to know about the job to be successful.
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Good team, management is spotty.

Wasn't upfront and honest about allocating hours. It is a good place to work in general, although a lot of the clientele is older and can be extremely difficult to work with.

Points positifs

Paid breaks

Points négatifs

Not enough hours.
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Fun relaxed work environment

I've worked several retail jobs, Reitmans corp. was my favourite, I worked with this company through my post secondary education. They were very understanding of school demands and I never felt overwhelmed with hours. Lovely balance of work and school.

Points positifs

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Very unorganized

Training wasn't well planned out. District manager was self centred and unappreciative unless she needed something from you. They expect full time availability from part time employees basically. Don't give out enough hours to regular employees. Everyone's really snobby. Clothes aren't made the best and aren't really in style, nor do they fit well. The NEW stuff since summer 2016 is terrible. Clothing is made too big so I can't even get my size without ordering online therefore not getting my employee discount. Just not the best company. But it could be
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Typical Day

My typical day at Reitmans involves processing sales transactions and greeting/informing customers on our new collections. That being said I also help customers choose outfits and provide the best customer service I can. I've personally learnt how to process transactions efficiently and how to provide great customer service.

Points positifs

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Great Company to work for.................

A great place to work with a lot of training and support. Reitmans provides the tools to succeed and recognizes hard work.
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Great group of people to work with

You are expected to work at a fast and efficient pace throughout the day but if you are a people person it can be a very enjoyable workplace. They tend to hire positive and friendly employees so they help ease the stress of the job. The most difficult part of the job is dealing with negative and grumpy customers, you need to keep a positive demeanor even if you are being verbally attacked by a customer. The most enjoyable part is the happy customers and friendly staff. I came away from that job with several friendships that have lasted even after I left the company.

Points positifs

Discount on clothing, leg workout from running around the store, friendly staff

Points négatifs

Irate customers, very busy and stressful during holidays
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canadian womens fashion retailer

the job is mostly customer service with supervisor responsibilities. I was able to focus on my leadership skills and work with a nice group of people

Points positifs

full time employees get benefits

Points négatifs

working evenings, weekends and holidays
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