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Calgary, AB26 avis

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3.5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Just the run of the mill retail job

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My job overall was a lot of fun because of my colleagues and customers. The upper management (store manager, district store manger) run off of gossip, and internal gossip between stores (although against company policy) still happens and makes helping at other location awkward.
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Not good work environment

Horrible company to work for..Very tight knit group and no respect for employees. Expect to work alone and have to do a lot or you get in trouble or fired over the littlest mistake
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amazing workplace

this is one of the best places I have worked. the manager is understandig and caring, as well as the employees! it is a great place to learn on exelling
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I enjoyed working there

It was a fun place to work until they changed management , then it became stressful. Over all was a good place to work and they respected your home life as well as your work life.
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Fun workplace

I worked here for two years, never guaranteed hours and had shifts constantly cancelled. Although the woman I worked with were amazing, management was questionable. I enjoyed helping people find the best outfit to suit their own personal style.
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Do not consider this employer

The worst place to consider a career. No room to move up, no guidance most of the time no management. Do no recognize hard work or long term employment. The worst 5 years of my working life.
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Great store

Working at Reitmans was perfect for me because they were so accommodating to my university schedule. I also loved the people that I worked with and the brand sells great products, although a little bit on the pricey side.
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Loved working with these ladies

Probably the greatest group of ladies I have ever worked with. Always high energy and never a dull moment. Management always tried to ensure a positive environment and made weekly outings a priority for team building.
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One of the Worst Places I have EVER worked

I was employed by the Addition Elle store in Calgary. I found the store was terribly understaffed and morale was in the toilet. The customers were great and i felt bad that they had to endure such poor service due to lack of hours. There was a revolving door of managers who could not take the bullying of the DSM. Apparently i hear the store is closing down. Not at all surprising to me. Retail stores must be great at all levels to survive the retail landscape of today.

Points positifs

Close to Home

Points négatifs

Terrible working conditions
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Fun place to work

Fun place to work at and the Management will support you with a good Training, pay a less salary for the amount of work you get done there, other than that nothing to complain about the job

Points positifs

good Environment to work

Points négatifs

Less Salary
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better management

Had to ask for a transfer because the manager was discussing my medical condition i expressed to her as a reason of missing work with another coworker
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great company

This company has treated me fairly throughout my employment. They have given me pay rises,bonuses and vacation pay throughout my time. The discount and incentives keep my there.
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Great place to work

Great place to work I will life long friendship with other employee. it was fun to come into work I looked forward to still catching up with former co workers
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Awful assistant manager

My assistant manager at Beacon Hill Store just degraded me In frount of other employees and customers so so unprofessional Other employees where lovely and Manager .

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Assistant manager
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Straightening up after night before. Sizing racks, customer Service ,cleaning dressing rooms ,cash, vacuum ,customer service ,banking,cleaning mirrors ,Windows

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Points négatifs

Visits from head office
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• Responsible for opening and closing store • Provided specialized service for clientele • Handled daily cash transactions • Helped train new staff • Handled large stock orders
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I love Ladies wear!

I still find Ladies wear accessible and easy at Reitmans and am sure any mall staff have to work and work hard as I did years ago. Managers may be tough but are you doing your part? I still miss a retail position and would love to be in a small mall again helping out for a while. :)

Points positifs

great choice sizes that fit would be close to family, would want good caring co-workers

Points négatifs

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Fun environment to work in being in a mall.

Open up and do the cash registers. Tidy the store and check that the merchandise was neat and tidy. Serve customers in a polite and efficient manner. Work on the till, unpack new stock and put out on display, dress the models, steam clothes, sort racks into sizes, clean change rooms. Close at the end of the day and count cash and balance the tills. Lock up. The management changed from time to time. Some managers were really good and others could have been better. Upper management were remote and we didn't have great access to them. My co-workers were generally great. We all had a common focus and got on with our day and worked well together. The hardest part was re-stocking the racks after many customers had been trying on clothes. The most enjoyable was merchandising and serving customers.

Points positifs

Working in a mall

Points négatifs

Working Saturdays and evenings
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Great management team; great working team

Manager and assistant manager were very helpful and supportive in what was my first experience working in a retail environment. I learned the technicalities of working retail (sales transactions, returns, exchanges, stocking, receiving) and extended my existing customer services skills into the retail environment.
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Fun and Productive

Was a fun place to work with the staff. Management was absent most of the time due to personal issues or vacation time which left assistant manager and team lead to deal with the daily managerial tasks with no training provided for specific roles.

Points positifs

Staff and Clients

Points négatifs

Management absent
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A lot of fun

Nice co workers, learned a ton within a couple days, coworkers are wonderful and enjoyed the whole atmosphere of the job.
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