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Brampton, ON9 avis

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3.5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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productive good place to work with fahsion

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This company was good to work for especially getting to know the fashion in todays industry. It is a good company to work for. The mangers were far to all new employees. The employees that have been working there were very welcoming to the new comers.
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Wonderful environment

Great management and store staff Friendly environment Opportunities to grow Good discount Hours varied depending on the time of year, Christmas time was the best for hours however it was slow for the rest of the year except for specific weeks when there were major sales.
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Good part time job

Retail job, worked there for a holiday season. Fast paced environment with generally older women. Flexible schedules, and nice people. I would work there again.
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Excellent place to work

Had an excellent time with all my coworkers and managers. I learned a lot and always felt like a valued member of the team. Enjoyed styling customers and working the floor. Hardest part of the job was leaving it, but I had to raise my family.
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Not terrible

Not a terrible work environment, but for the work one does, minimum wage and the few hours you get don't make one want to stay. If you aren't outgoing and upbeat, or can't make yourself be, this probably isn't a job for you. And if you're squeamish around other's bodies, again not the job for you. You need to look the part always, and strike up conversation with customers. The most enjoyable part though is making the customer comfortable in their body.

Points positifs

50% off all regular priced merch.

Points négatifs

Minimum wage, low hours, small teams, retail.
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Management is very immature

This company was fun at first, but the longer you work the more management turns on you. They made this new rule that if you work a certain amount of hours, and sell you get a small raise, but they'll give you like 3 hours a week if you're lucky. I've had shifts cancelled 2 hours (ALL THE TIME) before I was suppose to start and this was when I had to bus to work (university student) so it took at least 1 1/2 hours to get there. It would ruin your day and you couldn't really make stable plans, and you'd definitely drop your plans to grab the hours you could because you wouldn't get many! Just in general, some of the keyholders, usually just upper management really snake you in any way they can. OH. I wasn't allowed to wear toms to work, some locations do but my manager was strict lol.

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50% off reitmans, hyba and additionelle.

Points négatifs

Management sucks lol
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daily work day

a typical day at work for me as an assistant manager would involve coming in to the store and counting the cash for the registers in the morning. then after making sure the store looked neat from the night before ...put back any left over try on clothes that were left on the rack and mop the floors . i learned a whole lot of responsibility from this position that i held since i was the only person in management handling the store for a couple of months. my co workers were great associates who would always work hard to sell the merchandise. the hardest part of this job was that i had all the pressure for the store on my shoulders. the most enjoyable part of this job was that i got up every morning to dress to impress and i could make my own schedule.

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half off on all the merchandise in store

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warm and fuzzy enviroment with great leaders that provide enthusiasm and knowledge

sizing, pricing clothing Greeting customers Bringing stock from backroom for replenshipmentè Assisting customers with wardrobing needs Building repeat customers with amazing customer service cashier duties assisting customers with sizes and add ons in the changeroom changing signage,price points,new event reporting to assistant manager manitaing sales quotas meeting and exceeding weekly targets

Points positifs

excellent team, scheudled breaks

Points négatifs

not enough hours
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Sales Team Lead

I enjoyed my time at Reitmans. I enjoyed working with people, whether it be with my colleagues, or with customers that walk through the door on a daily basis. I always had to keep my mind one step ahead of the customer, to anticipate what she would be thinking and see if there is anything that I could do to break down or to solve the customer's problems.On a typical day, I would:- Handle cash- Customer Service- Maintained inventory, both on the floor and in the back room- Training of new and old employees with new materials brought to everyone's attention
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