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Comme l’équipe est petite et les gens haut placés ont tendance à rester, les plus jeunes n’ont pas vraiment l’opportunité de grandir rapidement dans la compagnie, côté design. La confiance est très limitée et les gens préfèrent se fier sur les apparences plutôt que de s’informer. C’est une bonne voie pour commencer sa carrière en temps qu’assistante, mais sans plus.

Points positifs

Rabais et assurances après 3 mois.
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Very toxic and hostile environment

The work itself is not bad, but everything around it is. The environment is very toxic. Benefits are not that bad so that's a plus Workplace culture is basically non existent
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environnement travail

belle environnement les gens sont super sympathique les superviseurs a lecoute super atmosphère egalement
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A slow paced store but lovely coworkers and management

A very good place to work as a first job, mostly women staff and customers creates a very comfortable environment. Store tends to be quite slow and you’ll tend to get let off early a lot wether that’s a pro or con depends on you. Overall it’s a very average place to work not bad not amazing just an average job
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Poor culture and horrible upper management

I actually liked the job, but the district manager couldn't have been more removed from daily store struggles, very frustrating to say the least.Best part of the job was my staff and the discount! POGS were easy put up. Most info from corporate was great, just the next level up that left much to be desired.
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Fantastic teammates, but treated a number by management

I love working at Reitmans because I love working with clothes and with a team who wants to work together. We tried to cultivate an environment where we all wanted to be at work, but it was tough because our district manager was not able to allocate more hours for the schedule which made scheduling incredibly difficult. It is virtually impossible to hire anyone who is not in high-school because the pay is not even close to a living wage and if a hiree asks for more, then I was not allowed to hire them. This made it even more hard to hire someone because students in high-school have so many obligations- swimming, band practice, basketball, etc. The adults in the store worked mostly alone because we could only find a few to work during the daytime during the week, which left tasks undone, such as receiving, putting clothes on the floor, packing online orders. Steaming clothes was only done upon request by a customer. Returns were virtually impossible because there was not enough time to train new staff because there was not enough time to train new staff- we needed them to be on the floor asap. There was not enough time to have them sit in the back room to watch the training videos on the iPad. Personally, I think that reitmans focuses too much on online orders and pressures their employees to finish between 80-100 online orders per day when there are only 2 staff members on the floor who are untrained, and there could also be 20 women in the store at the same time who are needing tending to. There is supposed to be someone in the fitting room almost at all times and that never - 
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Beaucoup de responsabilités et salaire trop bas

- on nous oblige d'acheter du linge qui même à 50% demeure vraiment cher puis on est pas assez payé pour l'acheter - débute au salaire minimum avec beaucoup trop de tâches - rester debout tout le long du shift

Points positifs

formations payées

Points négatifs

pas de congés payés pour les temps partiels, salaire trop bas
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Good Place to work.

I like working here. Great company with awesome perks. Love the people I have worked with and with out currently. If you love clothes and custumer service it's awesome place it work.
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Zero hours

Retail isn’t easy after Covid but Employee beware of the store you apply to, do your research. I was hired part time fashion associate and ended up getting only 3hrs a WEEK!I did more online training and reading group chats about the store more than I worked. I was put in the dressing room each shift doing put backs. I finally was taught quickly (2 minutes quick) how to do cash 3 months in when other girls who started at the same time were trained on cash faster. It also seemed like I was the only employee to actually clean the store but heaven forbid I went over my 3hrs to do so. And heaven forbid you say “sorry” to a customer! I 100% do not agree with that logic as a customer service representative for over 10+ years. I kept getting told by an employee to not apologize and instead say thank you. If you aren’t apologizing you are not genuine. Customers don’t like to feel that way. They were rebuilding management also so there wasn’t much help. The apps and the non stop nonsense training and zero management and no growth really made it not very pleasant. If you are a student or retired it’s perfect!! They certainly should have been more honest about the hours though during the hiring process. They want you to wear their clothes. That’s great especially because you get a massive discount ALTHOUGHHHHH getting only 3hrs a week myself my pay went to the gas to get to work lol
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Bad Managment

It doesn’t matter how hard you work it is never enough. 1000 hours gets you a 0.25 raise. If its a slow week they give cut hours and you often work alone. If you are a keyholder and it’s short staffed your hours are overtime and you work alone often even during late shifts. If there’s only 2 keyholders they work every day to open/close and it’s impossible to get a day off and you ger guilt tripped for even doing so.
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I was fired because I was at the top of the wage grid, for my age and for a procedural reason that others were not disciplined for in a similar manner, which was blatant discrimination
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Good place to start

Like most retailers, your experience will depend on your team and management. Great fast paced environment with a willingness to promote internally. Sadly, depending on management, you may not receive a lot of hours or you may have shifts cut a couple hours before. Good bonus structure - if you can get the hours to qualify. Thankfully a very diverse and inclusive company!

Points positifs

50% off; chances for advancement; supportive environment if management is good

Points négatifs

Shifts cut last minute; may not receive many shifts; can be disorganized depending on management
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Stock clerk

Easy works, can be a bit repetitive and boring but is stable hours and pay isn’t terrible. Big plus is most people are easygoing. Plenty of overtime in peak season

Points positifs

Heat breaks in the summer
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Fun and Accomodating Workplace

As a university student, I worked at Reitmans throughout 4 of my 5 years studying. It was usually a fun environment to work in. Most of the managers I encountered throughout my years working there treated the staff well and I even became really close with a couple of managers. They were generally very accomodating with the demands university placed on me. My co-workers were always nice and respectful people with whom I got along really well.
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Store environment great

Management terrible, unprofessional & lying. Promising development or position and don’t keep word. Favouritism & unethical Management behavior. I would never recommend to any of my friends to work for Reitmans .
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Terrible company.

Overall experience throughout the years has been awful, I have been mistreated on many accounts by multiple members of management both in-store management or upper management, I know other staff members who have had the same experience with this as well.There is constant turn over of staff including managers. The pay is laughable, promotions are far and few and there’s little to no incentive, and to get a raise….. “work 1000 hours and get a measly .25 cent raise” which is insulting, as we work very hard for very little and there’s never any appreciation for it. All the technology that is required to run the store is outdated and barely does what it’s supposed to, company is not concerned with updating any of it and instead we’re stuck dealing with IT on the regular and often lose sales due to tills being offline.Often understaffed(only when manager wasn’t working go figure) You’re expected to always be in current fashion, but with small wages and high prices for cheap quality clothing even with the discount(that hasn’t changed even with a price increase on most items)you're spending a large sum of your pay to stay current. Very little training, and is often left up to key holders to do even with new ASM’s. It’s very unfortunate.. it all may not be every single employees experience but as far as I know from my coworkers over the years, it’s many..
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Stressful and outdated

The only thing enjoyable was working with customers and the clothing is fashionable and fair priced. No room for advancement. No raises after many yrs of work. 20 plus yr old big box computer systems with old software used at cash desk. Takes much longer to process a customer from those systems. Management acts superior. Unreliable hrs. Always working alone to do a two person job. Store would never pass a saftey inspection. Emergency doors/ hall ways/dressing rooms packed with stock. No room to move. No progression in a positive way in 20 plus yrs other then the clothing fashion. The company is a stale one too work for. It's a dead end job, a thankless job. Turnover is high. You can do better elsewhere.
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it was ok

never wanted to work with school schedule even though i told them, and knew upon hiring- would constantly call me at school askin me to cover last minute shifts
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Good for short time

Work wasn’t bad. Clientele was mostly middle aged women so I wasn’t taken seriously as a young woman working there by the customers. Pay was fair, good benefits. Retail wasn’t for me, but for someone very goal oriented it would be good
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Il s'agit d'un emploi parfait pour une personne débutant sur le marché du travail ou pour une personne à l'école. Il a plusieurs formations pour nous aider à bien fonctionner et l'esprit d'équipe est incroyable!
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It was the job that I classify as my career and would do it all over again in a heartbeat

A treatment I found it was my career job and if I had a chance to go back I would loved the people is wonderful working with the customers to find what they needed

Points positifs

Which treatments would actually have a Christmas party for their employees

Points négatifs

Needs to be more customer service hands on
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