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What should you wear to an interview at Reitmans Fashion Group?

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  • Make up dress up

  • Make up. Dress up. Do not be your authentic self like they proclaim. Paste on a smile, lipstick falsies the whole 9 yards. Do not under any circumstance be yourself. You like hairspray, nailpolish and lipstick.

  • Trendy and fashion forward.

  • The dress code while working is fashionable but business casual, so something along those lines works well for the interview. No running shoes, jeans are okay but not too ripped or casual. Stuff like that.

  • Trendy business casual outfit

  • They are looking for someone who is fashion forward...who knows the trends...
    If you can rock a jumpsuit do it...

    If you look great in distressed jeans with a heel and a fun top do it...

    Put on your favorite trend and rock it...

  • Reitmans clothing

  • Fashiinable, non-casual attire

  • Dress pants and a nice business casual top, nice dress shoes, accessories that are not over powering and maybe throw in a blazer.

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