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Rehab First Inc. is a multidisciplinary rehabilitation treatment and assessment provider specializing in complex case management, rehabilitation and life care planning for those who have been injured in motor-vehicle collisions, suffered injury on the job or who have disabling health conditions. We are committed to helping clients rebuild their futures – plus...  and reach their potential at home, work, school and in the community. – moins

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We offer our professionals the advantages of a multi-disciplinary environment, in which collaboration and professional growth are fostered, and compensation, which includes benefits and pension plans, recognizes your talents. Our passionately held values of sincerity and commitment inspire us to apply best efforts to the recovery of clients’ psychological and physical function and their potential, on the job, at home or in educational settings. Join a dedicated and caring team that aims to make a difference in the lives of our clients.

A Personal Message from Our Founders

Our credo, Building Futures, reminds us of our responsibility to restore capability, function and hope to lives that have been disrupted by injury and illness. We also respect the interests of others who have a stake in the outcomes of our efforts, such as families, employers, legal representatives and insurers.

As we continue to move forward in deliberate, measured steps, you will be hearing more about Rehab First. In the process, we aim to affirm the reasons you have chosen to work with us or may be contemplating working with us.

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