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    Examens médicaux et laboratoires cliniques
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Emergency Care Worker (Nanaimo, BC)
le 6 juillet 2022
Great opportunity
Being an Emergency Care Worker at Red Cross was my most recent job. I really enjoyed learning how to deal with different types of people and being able to help others.
le 1 février 2022
Cool oppourtunity with a little too much management
A very cool oppourtunity and such an honour to help out during the pandemic. I got to go places I never thought I'd go and meet people I never thought I'd meet. Your colleagues are so amazing and wonderful!However there are too many departments and they don't all talk to one another. It took over 2 months between the time I was hired and when I started actually doing work. Also if you request a day off you will get calls asking who authorized your day off, asking you to change plans or telling you cannot have the day off (if you're lucky its all three from three different people!)
Personal Support Worker (Thunder Bay, ON)
le 29 juillet 2020
Really like working at Red Cross
Ii was nervous but the Interviewer were good, they explained what was required of me and how could I manage different situations caring for seniors with different illnesses and the relationship with family mbers
le 28 juillet 2020
I wouldn't work for this company if it was the last place on earth
Management are bullies, they like to change things without you knowing and they suspend you for no reason. Union sucks too. over the phone representation.
volunteer (Toronto, ON)
le 24 juin 2020
Volunteer Work
Volunteer work is excellent and disaster managements adds more experience and qualification to my medical knowledge and experience and motivate my passion to help the people in disaster situation

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