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J’ai aimé beaucoup le fait de pouvoir travailler chez soi. Mais RBC pourrait faire beaucoup mieux pour ses employés. La formation n’était pas à la hauteur de mes attentes, je n’étais pas bien préparé aux défis du poste. Les avantages sont bons mais il y a beaucoup mieux chez la compétition. Les superviseurs sont bien occupés eux même pour ne pas dire qu’il sont absents.
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It's good, superiors are very humane and understanding. There is emphasis on the fact that you are in charge of your own growth in the company. There is A LOT of info to learn in small amount of time, but you'll be just fine if you have basic common sense and good memory
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Good work enviroment

Chances to grown in the ladder are big, people are always being promoted on the collections department, team leaders are helpful, equipment need some update since some of the chair were tearing apart
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Great work life balance.

Awesome work life balance and competitive wages. Great management. Evolving company with ever changing goals. Some of the best products in the financial industry. Overall a great employer.
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Solid, stable job that may suck your soul out of you.

What is the best part of working at the company?Salary and benefits. Ability to apply for jobs internally across the country.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Weak management accountability. Branch leadership have free reign and many are not trained or equipped to effectively manage a team. Some excellent leaders are employed there. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Very inclusive culture with emphasis on LGBTQ community and indigenous causes.
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Fun and cool

Very cool and fun and also cool I would also say it could be very fun especially on the days that it was cool and fun. The coolest days were definitely the fun one while I would say the cool ones would also be considered to be some of the funnest and coolest
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proud to be part of this company

work load is high but you learn alot my first full time job was as banking advisor with rbc if you put in the work and have desire to learn on of the best places for you.fot promoted to financial advisor within 12 months
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Great People, low stress

Wonderful people to work with, lots of opportunities to learn something new, and switch over to different departments — it's a massive company. Paid below market value, but end of year bonus makes up for it.
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Work is easy and good benefits but pay is not great

Work is easy and good benefits but pay is not great . Benefits and paid vacation is the plus point. Branch culture always change depending on the Manager.
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Keeps you engaged

Environment that fostered open communication, growth and support. Fast paced and hectic at times, if you can work in a place with metrics, timelines, and KPIs to meet this is a good place
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Inclusive employer with room to grow

RBC was a great place, they encourage all staff to learn new skills and grow into their role. The downside is depending on which team you are part of, there may not be much room to grow, but you can always make lateral moves in the direction you wish to proceed
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Fun and overall good learning experience. Can be competitive and management can differ from department to department. Better to keep moving up and meeting others.
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Leadership driven by results by providing great work environment and diversity and inclusion.

What is the best part of working at the company?Environment, work balance, career plan. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?In my experience after 2 year working there is that there is no stressful I would call out. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Everyone is respectful, and it is safe to speak up. Regarding the culture, the value human’ right, diversity and inclusion, and work balance. What is a typical day like for you at the company?In my department, we have flexible work hours as long as it is 7.5 hours a day. Hybrid model, being 3 days at the office.
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Overworked mostly customer service

Chaotic office with mostly customer service and dealing with client billing issues, while still trying to meet sales targets. Was ok for experience but not a long term career path.
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Excellent people, caring organization

Excellent people, caring organization, manageable stress. Excellent growth opportunities. Salary is slightly lower than market. Great leaders and managers
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Great experience. I worked with wonderful people and the gala was always a fun time. Management was great and the clients were always happy.
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It can be demanding, but the people I work worth with are very nice. However, I do feel a replaceable vibe, from the one manager, and can see that they would only care about performance when it comes down to it
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Overall good employee

Worklife balance is great - if you apply yourself, meet goals and get your work done, no one micromanages you. They will invest in you if you show the desire and work ethic. Work hard with a good attitude it’ll pay off. Benefits and employee discounts, investment programs are really good.
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Salary above average

Pros : Good Pay , Good support from managers , health benefits, RRSP match , The training is of world class will set u up for the role.Cons : High screen times can lead to headaches,
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An Excellent Work Culture!

It's an amazing company, with minimum politics, tons of great people, and lots of opportunities. . Not a toxic workplace at all. The best place I've worked in Canada. Join it. Keep it.
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Great place to work

friendly staff and teams, great place to learn and advance. paid for school and licencing as well. while i took a new oppertunity, I would go back shuold i continute to be in this field.
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