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J’ai aimé beaucoup le fait de pouvoir travailler chez soi. Mais RBC pourrait faire beaucoup mieux pour ses employés. La formation n’était pas à la hauteur de mes attentes, je n’étais pas bien préparé aux défis du poste. Les avantages sont bons mais il y a beaucoup mieux chez la compétition. Les superviseurs sont bien occupés eux même pour ne pas dire qu’il sont absents.
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Productif mais pas agréable

Ambiance dans l’entreprise très concurrentiel et mauvaise. Aucune entraide … Je ne recommande pas … Beaucoup d’heures de travaille pour très peu de reconnaissance et salaire pas concurrentiel
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Good place to work but depends on group and manager

Don’t wait to be promoted take your career in your own hands. Take courses and don’t be afraid to move divisions and advocate for yourself. Don’t wait around to be recognized as others have advocated for themselves ahead of you.
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Productive and fulfilling

What is the best part of working at the company?The best part of working with RBC are the teams in client facing roles, service teams and incredible staff at the various operations centers across the country. Working with Commercial Financial Services was the best role because of the team and leadership! What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The most stressful part of working is managing the volumes. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?The culture is centered around collaboration, teams and innovation. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Managing various clients and mitigating risk.
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Fun workplace

You can show your dedication and upper management will recognize your hardwork as if you're not working. It's very tiring but definetly can support our PR application in the future.
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Always on

Time between answering calls is 2 seconds you can use personal time but you end up having to use it for breaks so its not actually personal time Management is encouraging but has no controll over time between calls, culture is good useless team meetings and 1 on 1s that dont do anyrhing other then waste time everything is to follow a procedure if its not on there no one knows the answer

Points positifs

good pay

Points négatifs

no time to self
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work life

Management picks favourites and even if you out perform others unless you bend backwards to kiss them you still get basic performance reviews. Management inconsistent with year end bonuses throughout teams. New hires should get Development but some managers bend rules to give highest rating while some follow rules. Big favourites are picked for raises and bonuses. Heavy workload and management often non empathetic.Thanks
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Not fun and extremely fast paced

Your mental health will be tested. You only get off the phones during your breaks. System is also too robotic and I feel you get underpaid as well.No concrete hope of transitioning if you are on contract!
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toxic manager

Most walk-in RBC Clients are nice and friendly and they aren't as bad as RBC colleagues say and think of. RBC colleague and ESPECIALLY assistant branch manager ALWAYS publicly speak ill of clients behind their back, even though clients haven't really even done anything that offended them or even have not appeared to be aggressive or demanding. They show no respect to their clients as well as the co-worker. Management is way toxic especially the assistant branch manager, he demands respect, but doesn't respect any others. He speaks ill of a new hire with other colleagues, shows no RESPECT and micromanages a new hire if he/she is unable to perform the work they haven't even been taught. The ABM even blames you in front of the walk-in client because you don't know how to do the transaction you haven't REALLY learned before. They ASSUME they have already taught you everything with only less than 2 weeks of shadowing given after onboarding you while there can really be lots of complicated transactions to be learned. Work culture ? do they have any? the hardest part of the job is you don't know how to do the work they have never taught you and they thought you have taught you! There is never any enjoyable part of this job. Branch Manager is good! He encourages and inspires you how to do the work better. OVerall, it all depends on which branch you get assigned to work at.

Points positifs

No monthly fee banking account

Points négatifs

A lot
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Hard work faced paced

Rush and face paced environment. Slightly unfair and labor intensive mentally and will not likely move up unless you are there for a long time or meet high sales
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Poor management

Sales oriented and unrealistic goals. If goals are not met, you get meetings to push you to sell more unnecessary stuff to people.Not a fun place to work.
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Alright but low pay and stressful. Not much room for growth within personal banking. Really all the care about it sales and not the satisfaction of the clients
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Managers don't care about subordinates

Not OrganizedJob description is not clear at all.Sales pressure though they say that they are not sales oriented.Pathetic Software, need to work on multiple platforms to process on job.
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Solid experience. Good ol' big company

Biggest company in Canada. what is there to say. Slow moving, old tech, but reliable place to work at. Decent salary and decent people. Joined as a summer student - was in a good team
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Productive with great coaches

you reap what you sew; if you apply yourself and show initiative, are flexible with work environment, you can accomplish many goals and rewards; ask questions, take training that is offered; change is an ongoing process; adapt to the changes

Points positifs

Co workers become life long friends

Points négatifs

Can be stressful at times
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Excellent company culture

Typical day at work were taking back to back calls to help clients with their needs, queries, and issues. I gained a lot of knowledge about the banking industry when I worked for RBC. RBC cares for and values its employees. Management is also very supportive and helpful. The hardest part of the job was dealing with difficult and mean clients everyday. What I liked about the job is the company culture and the benefits

Points positifs

Benefits, company culture, management

Points négatifs

Clients who are mean or difficult to deal with and meeting goals
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Good place to work

Did an internship a few years ago at the bank, the people are really nice and there if you need them, it's specially great because in my case of being an intern, sometimes I had no idea what I was doing but the senior employees and managers are great
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Normal workplace no respect but working

Just a really normal workplace. No one really support you. Management is very weak, they need to train their management people please. Get more qualified management people please.
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Safe and stable

A great place to work in. If you are someone who likes helping clients and are good at making sales this job will suit you. The only downside is the pay. I don’t think the pay is good for this job as we do a lot of work with clients.
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Wages are less, work is more, morale at an all-time low

I would highly warn against this job and this company. The pay used to be worth the high-stress and high-demand job duties. That’s changed. There’s no longer any job security (mass layoffs), morale has been dropping for years and workplace toxicity is on the rise. I’m a long-time employee (15 yrs plus) and the bank has only gone downhill. It’s sad because this used to be one of the best jobs/workplaces out there.
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nice work place, nice people

it is a nice work place, with nice people, benefits are acceptable, work life balance, salary is average. friendly environment. happy to be one of the staffs
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