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J’ai aimé beaucoup le fait de pouvoir travailler chez soi. Mais RBC pourrait faire beaucoup mieux pour ses employés. La formation n’était pas à la hauteur de mes attentes, je n’étais pas bien préparé aux défis du poste. Les avantages sont bons mais il y a beaucoup mieux chez la compétition. Les superviseurs sont bien occupés eux même pour ne pas dire qu’il sont absents.
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Fun people but pay could be improved

Good people, bad pay and lots of clients you deal with are gonna be so over the top rude. Upper management is so out of touch and your starting pay is under 20$ even though it should be bare minimum 25$ for the mental abuse you take from clients.
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Ok Internship

Bad manager but work is easy and stress-free. Nice coworkers, nice space. Boring and menial work. No upward mobility from the internship. Good lunch breaks.
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Respectful Workplace

RBC is like no other job I have other worked at. I am also blessed with awesome co workers. We really work as a team at RBC, if one of us is struggling we offer help to each other, we boost each other up, we applaud each other when we are doing a good job. Most clients I serve are pretty polite and talk very respectfully. I enjoy typing on the computer as well as I enjoy organizing the paperwork, helping clients with their card issues or online issues. I am making the most money hourly that ive ever made at any job.

Points positifs

Decent Pay

Points négatifs

in my case the con is that im just casual
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Manager is supportive, can be a good please if you would like to get some bank experience. coworkers in the branch can be very helpful, training is good.
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Great workplace

Supportive and approachable management. Decent compensation. Strong culture of rewards and recognition. Huge focus on mentoring and career advancement.
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Good place

lots of work and great hours, people were quite collaborative and worked together well as a team, Not a lot of engagement events for employees result in silos
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You are just another number

I came into this role, very eager to prove myself, as well as hold myself personally accountable for my achievements. This role was 100% commissioned. I did find success in my own personal endeavors, and nothing that came from the actual company itself. I worked extremely hard to prove myself, and found it difficult amongst peers and management to showcase my talents and success. Most of my success was diminished by disbelief. I always was an open book, I wanted to share my success and tips with other colleagues. I chose to leave this position due to ongoing frustrations, and also not being awarded the merits that I deserved.

Points positifs

I was able to make my own schedule 80% of the time.

Points négatifs

Long hours, little compensation
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It could be better

Its not a horrible company to work for however in sales roles you are generally only regarded based on your most recent performance. I had a brain injury and was rated not meeting my sales plan for the year, missed 6 mths work on medical leave and sales goals were not adjusted. Had been a employee of 20 years and was very disappointed in the lack of support and resigned.
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A serious trainning that enables you to your future in the Organization or in the Marketplace.

What is the best part of working at the company?Very respectful environment. Best in class training. Collaborative Organization. Numerous career pathways.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The low pace to move to the next position, and salaries are not great.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Very positive work environment! Fostering participation and engagement in diverse areas.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Engaging with multiple clients, serving as the first point of contact, recording client's activities and experiences for future reference, and interacting with a variety of partners to refer clients according to their needs.
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Productive workplace with its own structured ecosystem

Other than the heavy workload and the difficult clients that I encountered throughout the day, I couldn't really think of any downsides of working in RBC. This company has paid me fairly. It is well-structured, and the team has always been supportive. This company develops an entire ecosystem of its own. It gives you a lot of space to build your career or grow within the company network.

Points positifs

Well-organized company, generous pay, rooms for moving upwards, supportive team

Points négatifs

Heavy workload
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Good place

Good culture , nice boss , able to grow. Training is good flexible work hours. Pay is fair,friendly staff. Work system is very easy, always new update
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There is a place with the opportunity to grow

A safe place to work with the opportunity for everyone to grow. The company provides very good benefits, but compared to the stress level and responsibility, the pay is not great.
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Good place to work for

The job may be stressful sometimes and a lot of sitting can cause back pain but they let you work independently without any Interference ( which is good ) . Good staff and good team . I loved working at RBC
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Good company

Good company to work for, including benefits and career opportunities, community involvement and salary is average per market, sales pressure though, not for everyone
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Great place to work and grow

Great growth opportunities like in any major bank. Things are team-dependent but my team was very supportive and management was there for the people in the department. Salary was in line with other banks.
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Too much micro management and KPI

The role of a banking advisor in the advice center requires handling a minimum of 50-60 calls per day, depending on the length of the calls. Some of these calls can be quite complicated. Unfortunately, the training provided is insufficient for getting familiar with the job, as there is minimal time allocated for it. The instruction given is to follow procedures after training for approximately two weeks.The high level of stress and workload makes this position challenging. Management and coaches closely monitor your work, adding to the overall pressure. This has not been a positive experience, and I would not recommend it.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Horrible negative atmosphere

Like someone said it will suck the soul out of you. Maybe some branches are better but the negative atmosphere in this one was absolutely terrible. I’m a positive person and going there ruined my day. Majority of the time I worked there for just under two years and we had three managers. There’s no guidance they claim they motivate you with goals, etc., but this is not true. You’re practically just a number to them. No teamwork people are miserable there which makes an absolute horrible place to be.
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Good training before start

They offered intensive training before we started and that really helped us understand the job. Will definitely recommend as a starting point to get into the banking industry
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Not bad

Overall, rbc provides a decent work environment with opportunities for growth and learning, but there are areas where improvement is needed to enhance employee satisfaction and engagement.
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Improve fast, work happy

What is the best part of working at the company?Respect and a lot of support from everywhere.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?We need to meet performance requirements What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Great, positive and supportive What is a typical day like for you at the company?Going to work with joy, come back with more joy
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