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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good place to work

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One of the things I love about RBC is there focus on diversity and inclusion, you have a sense of belonging. I have had the opportunity to work in different locations of the company and i must say unfortunately some managers does not exemplify the values that RBC stands for. Work life balance is depending on what Branch or what team as some managers only focus on sales and less on your well being. Compensation is definitely not the best but there are really good benefits. Opportunities for promotion are also dependent on your manager unfortunately.
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Toxic environment

Super micromanagement , unrealistic target and toxic environment , it’s not worth I Would say CIBC is way better in terms of management and workplace cultural
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A serious trainning that enables you to your future in the Organization or in the Marketplace.

What is the best part of working at the company?Very respectful environment. Best in class training. Collaborative Organization. Numerous career pathways.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The low pace to move to the next position, and salaries are not great.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Very positive work environment! Fostering participation and engagement in diverse areas.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Engaging with multiple clients, serving as the first point of contact, recording client's activities and experiences for future reference, and interacting with a variety of partners to refer clients according to their needs.
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proud to be part of this company

work load is high but you learn alot my first full time job was as banking advisor with rbc if you put in the work and have desire to learn on of the best places for you.fot promoted to financial advisor within 12 months
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Supporting manager

Nice place to work. Managers are always willing to support you. Time off can be flexible but depending on others but managers will always try to accommodate about your time off
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Sad, depressing, dressed up clowns.

Have to hit goals at a bank makes no sense for the customer. They don't care about you. Everyone is over worked and treated poorly. Easily fired. Banks are a sad environment.
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Lots of opportunities for growth.

Good work-life balance. RBC is quite large so even in a smaller market you will be able to serve clients well. After a couple of years in the role you may find good opportunities to grow with RBC.
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Tough and too much

This is a broadened and tough job. You as a financial advisor needs to do from A to Z, from opening an account to loans and refinancing. Investment options in banks is hard but enjoyable. Overall, you will know how to overcome the toughness.
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Good and bad

Less sales pressure, bad pay structure. The more I do, the same I make, the more private banker makes, which is not fair. Management is mostly good. .
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Great team and workplace

Great atmosphere and management. Customer focused team with a positive energy. Lots of opportunity to learn new skills and apply them. Minimal opportunity for advancement
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Horrible management, Good pay

I worked as an advisor (credit cards) at RBC Royal Bank, and I can honestly say that it was one of the most disheartening and frustrating experiences of my professional career. My grievances primarily stem from the abysmal management and the complete lack of work-life balance.To begin with, my manager was nothing short of a nightmare. Their management style was oppressive and demoralizing. Instead of providing guidance and support, they seemed to relish in making our lives miserable. There was a distinct lack of respect for employees' ideas and concerns, and it felt like our opinions were routinely dismissed. This stifling environment created a sense of helplessness and despair among the team, and it was evident that our manager had little interest in our growth or well-being.Furthermore, the complete disregard for work-life balance was astonishing. The demands of the job were unreasonable, with the expectation that we would be available around the clock. The constant pressure to meet targets and deadlines left no room for personal life, which took a severe toll on my physical and mental health. Burnout seemed to be the norm rather than the exception.It's worth noting that the payment and compensation at RBC Royal Bank were relatively good, but they were far from sufficient to compensate for the toxicity of the work environment. No amount of money can make up for the constant stress and frustration caused by an inept manager and a work culture that values nothing but profit.In conclusion, my time as an advisor at RBC Royal Bank was marred by terrible management and a - 

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Pays well

Points négatifs

Inept, racist manager
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Started stressfull. Got progressively more stressful over the years

What is the best part of working at the company?They hire good people. Most teams are cohesive and closeWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Very stressfull atmosphere. Management outside of branch very disconnected and don’t really care about anything but numbers. Have now started micromanaging the planning of everyday and expecting robot like behaviours. The tracking of appointments redundant. Spend a lot of time proving you worked rather doing more work. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Stressful. Culture is corporate and has become fake outside of branchWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Very busy - appts, meetings, tracking etc
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Busy, low pay, lots of career growth opportunities

Was shocked when I found out other FI's are paying their FAs $10k more than RBC. Literally shocked. Management taking away admin time. Awful decision.
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Productive and fun work place

Depends who your manager is but its way too overwhelming for little pay. There is a weekly goal setting in which your results are reviewed with your manager. Its sort of micro managing but to each their own.
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Great organization

High pressure , but RBC values its employees. Working in West-Toronto market is the best experience. Management is extremely supportive. Hardest part is clients issues
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Overall good company

Overall RBC is a good company to work for with many options for advancement (typical paths to start). Typically lower pay for same position at other banks. Benefits and time off are pretty good.
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Low paid, high stress job

They are always short staff and put unnecessary work pressure on employees. work environment is supportive depending on your manager. It is very reputable organisation.
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Productive, fun, interesting , felt like you were contributing to the financial wellbeing of clients

What is the best part of working at the company?Professional, they look after their employees, great advancement opportunitiesWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?I believe my greatest stress was enduring I was always doing what was best for the client. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Culture of personal growth and independence What is a typical day like for you at the company?Personal client interaction, client contact by phone and internet, a large digress of time on computer
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management does not care

Although its a great bank, salary does not meet expectations, management does not care and push targets to you, you feel stressed, lot of turnover always keeps staff shortage across all branches, even with that they force you to work for other targets too.
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Rude management. Expectations are too high to meet the sale. Have been working here for 5 years now but going to leave in a month to other major banks.
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great place to work

always learning, great training, supportive management, flexible work life balance. Career growth opportunities - inclusive work culture. dynamic work environment

Points positifs


Points négatifs

short staff
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Financial Advisor chez RBC

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