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Winnipeg, MB124 avis

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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Comprendre et résoudre les problèmes de clients, procéder à des transactions financières.

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personnel professionnel

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Temps partiel
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Great work place

Rbc is a very good workplace with good culture, your manager understands you very well. Pay is good too, overall very positive place to work and get experience
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Horrible negative atmosphere

Like someone said it will suck the soul out of you. Maybe some branches are better but the negative atmosphere in this one was absolutely terrible. I’m a positive person and going there ruined my day. Majority of the time I worked there for just under two years and we had three managers. There’s no guidance they claim they motivate you with goals, etc., but this is not true. You’re practically just a number to them. No teamwork people are miserable there which makes an absolute horrible place to be.
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Good training before start

They offered intensive training before we started and that really helped us understand the job. Will definitely recommend as a starting point to get into the banking industry
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Excellent company culture

Typical day at work were taking back to back calls to help clients with their needs, queries, and issues. I gained a lot of knowledge about the banking industry when I worked for RBC. RBC cares for and values its employees. Management is also very supportive and helpful. The hardest part of the job was dealing with difficult and mean clients everyday. What I liked about the job is the company culture and the benefits

Points positifs

Benefits, company culture, management

Points négatifs

Clients who are mean or difficult to deal with and meeting goals
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It can be demanding, but the people I work worth with are very nice. However, I do feel a replaceable vibe, from the one manager, and can see that they would only care about performance when it comes down to it
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Salary above average

Pros : Good Pay , Good support from managers , health benefits, RRSP match , The training is of world class will set u up for the role.Cons : High screen times can lead to headaches,
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Its a good company yo work.Oppurtunity to work from home . Good pay . Oppurtunity to grow . Alot to learm which is also used to manage personal financial plans also
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foremore row

pparently back in the 17th century a lot of people tended to promote their nephews to powerful positions at the expense of other candidates. Nepotism has come to mean favoritism of any family member, so if you’re the daughter of a powerful CEO, don’t worry, you can still be the beneficiary of nepotism. However, people might not like you when you become the Vice President, unless you’ve really earned the title.
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Good place to work

I like working in the organization. Lots of great opportunities, a lot of room from growth. The office environment is also very good. The peers and managers are supportive
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Work culture

Pretty good , depends on what team you end on too right but overall pretty good. It’s still a business at the end of the day and it is what you make of it
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Nice Place

It’s a good place to work. The calls are actually Seriously back to back .It’s built for the tough. I love to talk so wasn’t much ve of a burn out to me .Manager is awesome
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Great management, little bit hectic work

Great workplace with lot of benefits. it can be hectic but they treat their employees really well and the pay is pretty good aswell. There are lots of positions to move up the board.
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It was Ok

Decent pay and benefits for young people. I am 24 years old and get paid around 2500 a month. However, it is pretty stressful. Sometimes you have to deal with difficult clients and you have to hit not only the sales target but also the survey score. Working shift is also random and you probably have to work until 2 am in the morning.
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To advance positions, move to a different bank

RBC is typical of a large corporate environment. The best way to advance in a banking career is to move to other banks as you gain experience, as the likelihood of internal promotion is low compared to external hires.

Points positifs

Good coworkers

Points négatifs

Strict management
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monotonous workplace

monotonous workplace, no contact with the frontline manager. Very rigid process and high pressure work. Everything is clocked in. The calls come in at 5 second break and the evalution process is very quantitative.
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Work too much get so little

High Pressure and less payments not worth. Management act fake. Talk big but less support. All they care is if u try to sale as an customer service roll
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Exceptionally supportive

If you have a great network of people you will be successful in this position. RBC has an incredible local leadership group that support you. Their success is your success and they will always have your back. The major downside of this position is the compensation being entirely commission and as a result your hours are all over the place on any day. But you do get to make your own hours.
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Ok place to work, pays well for the work.

A good company that takes care of its employees. But favouritism is a problem with managers. Get in the good books and you have lots of opportunity for advancement.
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Fast Pace but joyful

Good place to work good training and work depending on your manager . Good place to start your career. Really need to learn faster at the beginning and you will be good at your job
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Enjoyable co-workers and culture but continously and stressful work.

What is the best part of working at the company?The coworkers. Good atmosphere and environment.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Endless incoming calls and restricted break times.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Very Good. Builds comradarie and friendly.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Stressful and non stop fast paced.
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