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Vancouver, BC132 avis

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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good start in banking

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Also a good start to join bank, a lot of training and support. The team and manager are good to work with. Fast promotion if you work hard, but really busy everyday
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Politics only no room for growth

there i really slow growth unless you are managers fav and still there is so much politics from senior staff members to stop your promotion as they cant bear you going ahead in career
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Good place to start

Good worklife balance, Management is helpful. Extensive training provided. Role is fulfilling. Schedules also managed and organized well. Good work culture
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Good training and goals can be challenging

The training provided at the bank is commendable, offering a thorough and effective onboarding process. However, the system and products undergo frequent changes, necessitating a swift adaptation to new procedures and protocols.The pressure to achieve set goals is challenging.In summary, the bank offers strong training programs and a dynamic role that requires adaptability.
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Good but low pay

Good working environment and group benefit but low pay. It is not easy to transfer from one department to another department. They do not encourage that move unless you quit.
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A serious trainning that enables you to your future in the Organization or in the Marketplace.

What is the best part of working at the company?Very respectful environment. Best in class training. Collaborative Organization. Numerous career pathways.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The low pace to move to the next position, and salaries are not great.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Very positive work environment! Fostering participation and engagement in diverse areas.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Engaging with multiple clients, serving as the first point of contact, recording client's activities and experiences for future reference, and interacting with a variety of partners to refer clients according to their needs.
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Fun workplace

You can show your dedication and upper management will recognize your hardwork as if you're not working. It's very tiring but definetly can support our PR application in the future.
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Great place to work

Great place to work. Friendly Coworkers who assist when possible. Management are great and so are the perks. I worked there for 4 years and I enjoyed it.
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Good support from manager but stressful working environment

RBC has a great training program and support team for internal staff. However, the Advice Center is an extremely stressful working environment with low pay. If one can ignore the stress then one can easily be promoted and have lots of opportunities to move to other positions.
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Supportive manager and coworkers

Salary is average but the people are good, Very good and thorough training. Good benefits. Very good first job/ experience . Good well life balance.
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Supportive manager and branch director

I had great coworkers that I enjoyed working with. No doubt that they know how to hire good people to create healthy work environment. Your tasks will vary depends on which advisor you are working with or the team environment you are in. It requires a lot of form preparations for client signatures especially if you are under new investment advisor and helping her/his clients asset to be transferred. But great training resources are there for you to learn. Juggling given tasks to meet deadlines can sometimes be challenging, so I would say the ability for time management is the most expected aspect for this job.
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Industry leading environment with many opportunties for growth

RBC is a great environment to develop and grow your career. There are many paths to take and most roles are supported with a manager that coaches to your development with regular touchpoints. Performance metrics are typically clear but can sometimes be harder to achieve depending on the environment. There are many opportunities for professional development, volunteering, community and employee support groups.
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management support

For any internal application, you have to have your manager approval and if your manager doesn't approve, you get stuck on the role and you have to think about leaving compny.
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Entry Level

Good entry level role to get into banking. The pay is not the best but the role itself is not too complicated. Not sales focused and not much micro managing.
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Lots to learn

A lot of things to learn but a lack of proper hands-on training if you're paired with a bad mentor. Overall, like any other company, work was fun at times.
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It is good, if you have a good manager

Culture is good, but you can not grow if your manager doesn't support you in applying for internal jobs. I am thinking of leaving RBC as my manager even didn't agree to have a mentor to get prepared for my dream role.
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Honestly a pretty standard place to work. Good benefits, decent pay, good work culture. I would recommend it for people looking to advance their career.
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Low pay, huge workload

Low pay. A lot of a.. kissing,managers play favourites, no room for growth.High churn, pro is you meet new people who replaced the previous .,..ones. also complicated
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Poorly Managed Workplace

No proper systems in place to prioritize employee growth. Workplace had good work life balance but not a place I would recommend if looking to advance in your career.
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Don't apply to work at RBC DS

It was the worst work environment for me and many others. Hostile and disrespectful. If you don't get a respectful Investment Advisor/Team, it will terrible. Salary is the worst and there is no path to grow.

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Long hours, no overtime paid, hostile work environment, salary is low.
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Good company to work with. Great management, good working circumstance, colleagues are supportive and helpful. Many useful workshop to help employees improve skills.
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