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Toronto, ON1 588 avis

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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Bon employeur dans l'ensemble. Salaire acceptable mais pas très compétitif. Bons avantages sociaux
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Fast paced workplace

When you are in sales and customer service ot is very stressful and demanding, it is up to each individual and their interests .I am trying hard to stay with Rbc but move to another department
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Excellent work environment

Excellent culture with great benefits ... Excellent company with diverse employees. Your work is frequently cited as a model of excellence for the team.
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Heavy workload

Be prepared to multitask and work long hours with diverse tasks that can be mentally draining. A lot can be learned from working at a bank, that can greatly benefit the individual.
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Toxic environment

Super micromanagement , unrealistic target and toxic environment , it’s not worth I Would say CIBC is way better in terms of management and workplace cultural
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  • Capacité à atteindre des objectifs personnels
  • Sentiment d'appréciation personnelle
  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses
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  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué
  • Absence de stress


Too much work load and the targets are extremely high and almost unattainable. pay is not very good as well for the amount of work the people are putting in and u have to work in a position for a year before promotion
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High stress, low pay, pushing to sell products on a daily basis to the same customers over and over. Work past your shift and no overtime pay. Paid for our own Christmas parties
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Good place

Good place to work it provides an enjoyable work environment with a good balance. It’s your standard bank environment. Very large and slow moving if that’s your thing
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Not valued

Company doesn't place value in your skills, lots of politics at the top for any advancement, easier to leave and get rehired to advance. Low on the compensation versus industry. Deadlines are always "yesterday" so you work ridiculous hours to deliver, with most of your days wasted in meetings.
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Poorly managed

My manager was a lovely person but not the best at her job. Too nice to really discipline people - two others were hired at around the same time as me and both decided to not do much work, so she just hired two more people instead of getting them to do their jobs. Communication was poor overall.
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Work Life Balance

RBC provides great work life balance, this doesnt mean there are minimal expectations, but if you are a self starter you will have no issue. Large business and slow to adapt to new tech
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Work Culture

Supportive and great work culture. Flexible work environment. Management is good at recognizing and appreciating the employees.
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It's a bank. Antiquated systems but nice colleagues. Management is ok and do their work to make you feel comfortable. Always budget issues so expect to be understaffed and panic if there's one bad quarter, there will be cost cuts meaning your job could end on a Monday morning just like that. But hey, It's a bank.
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Productive and fun place

Good place to work. RBC offers great work life balance. Management in RBC is quite supportive and no micromanagement I have seen so far. Work is recognized.
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Great place to work

I worked as a part-time employee while going to college. I felt included and were a part of all the activities as a full-time employee. Many opportunities to grow as it’s a big organization
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Good to be here. Solid group. Good team. Fun people. Great culture and hardworking individuals. Can be competitive in nature. All apart of the process.
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Good company, great benefits

Good company, great benefits, great co-workers, pay is average for similar type role on other companies, there are many opportunities for advancement
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Room for advancement

Worked here a few years ago, room for advancement and was promoted every 2 years or so. Great stock plan, great atmosphere with team work…best part really were the employees.
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Good place

lots of work and great hours, people were quite collaborative and worked together well as a team, Not a lot of engagement events for employees result in silos
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Productive workplace with its own structured ecosystem

Other than the heavy workload and the difficult clients that I encountered throughout the day, I couldn't really think of any downsides of working in RBC. This company has paid me fairly. It is well-structured, and the team has always been supportive. This company develops an entire ecosystem of its own. It gives you a lot of space to build your career or grow within the company network.

Points positifs

Well-organized company, generous pay, rooms for moving upwards, supportive team

Points négatifs

Heavy workload
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There is a place with the opportunity to grow

A safe place to work with the opportunity for everyone to grow. The company provides very good benefits, but compared to the stress level and responsibility, the pay is not great.
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