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Calgary, AB113 avis

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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great People, low stress

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Wonderful people to work with, lots of opportunities to learn something new, and switch over to different departments — it's a massive company. Paid below market value, but end of year bonus makes up for it.
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Good learning, work culture depends a lot on management, great training, almost always short staffed, might have a lot of turnover depending on the branch you work
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Good place

Good culture , nice boss , able to grow. Training is good flexible work hours. Pay is fair,friendly staff. Work system is very easy, always new update
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Supporting manager

Nice place to work. Managers are always willing to support you. Time off can be flexible but depending on others but managers will always try to accommodate about your time off
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I’d never go back

What is the best part of working at the company?The people that work with you are incredible , made many friends at RBCWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?You are absolutely PUSHED beyond anything to bring in moneyWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?I felt and was very unappreciated as an employee , you are just a number there , not a person What is a typical day like for you at the company?Stressful and under appreciated
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Points forts

  • Capacité à atteindre des objectifs personnels
  • Sentiment d'appréciation personnelle
  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses

Points à améliorer

  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué
  • Absence de stress

Retail banking is horrible

Shortage of staff, and everyone is burning out there. The only enjoyable thing is working with the team you like, however, other things are horrible.
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Training & Learning

RBC provides very good training and learning opportunity as a personal banker starting out. The advisory training offered will set you up for success in other roles.
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enjoyable co-workers

If you were self-motivated there was good opportunity for developing your business. Not a strong emphasis on mentoring. IPO participation was often limited.
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Great place to work

Great place to work, enjoyed it very much, healthy environments and professional managers you can learn a lot while going through training, hiring process stands out
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What is the best part of working at the company?Great people to work with. Good compensation. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Some time frames to get things done. Available equipment .What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Supportive team and work environments What is a typical day like for you at the company?Various shifts and after hrs work and travel.
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Fun place to work

Met nice colleagues and clients while I worked there. Friendly environment and increased productivity at work. Great career opportunities and choices for graduates.
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I would not recommend working here. Underpaid. Under staffed. And top management makes decisions based on their own statistics. They never care that you are under staffed.
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Great place to work

The department is very excepting of people from all cultures. Had a great manager that helped in developing my skills and confidence. HR is really very supportive. If you need any job related help, HR is actually there for you, the employee. I always felt special working here.
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Stressful( Back to back clients and calls)

Not worth the effort for the pay.It's good as an entry level job to get into the finance industry, but not worth the stress of angry clients and back to back calls long term given the pay.
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after training, management stresses on targets i.e sales and sales. Bery bad politics, wveryone is nice ti face, but gossips a lot about u.. Difficult to make sales , wouldnt recommend working in branch specially downtown main branch.
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Run away

Do not even attempt, I have worked for 6 months in the center now as a banking advisor, and I have 3 years of customer service rep, and this is the worst job I've ever had. There is a lot of pressure both from clients, and management. You have to endure a high amount of angry clients and apology 100 times a day while everything is being watched. You have to maintain your time- if you lose a break it's lost, the calls are back to back and nonstop and if you take too much time in your washroom, that is timed and non complient- you also need to meet your daily goals and basically your just a bunch of different numbers to your manager.Worst experience in my life.
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Accepting Workplace and Excellent Management

Very accepting culture and very helpful of your development into the role. Limited career advancement options depending on your career interests as well as limited in locations ie. for financial analysts your only option is to relocate to Toronto. Only other options in any other city are sales and service roles.

Points positifs

Friendly, accepting, and helpful environment. Great benefits and reasonable work life balance.

Points négatifs

Branch hours to 8pm, open on Saturdays, promise of growth/development with little follow through
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Fun & Rewarding Place

Full time salaried job, assist clients fulfill financial transactions including opening accounts, credit cards, personal loans, implementing saving plan & investments. Friendly environment, co-workers help each other to succeed. Hard-work will pay off.
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Disappointing Management structure

Management say they are supportive and have "open door" policy but it is the EXACT opposite.Poor compensation and even worse worklife balance! Would not recommend working here. The company as a whole does great but when you drill down to the branch levels - you are just another number, numerous staff had to go on stress leave because they just were not supported by management. This needs to be drastically changed - from the top down, especially in today's world where mental health/crisis is finally taking up some more limelight!!!
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It's Corporate

Very good benefits and hours. Accommodating for all sorts of circumstances and illnesses. Good experience gained. Understaffing is wide issue and they do not hire quickly as the process is very tedious and drawn out. Customers often complain over frivolous issues, so you need a strong back bone to help them with a variety of issues. Be prepared to be a neutral party and do your best at work. Like all corporate jobs, there's drama and office politics. Common sense is not so common with many managers and staff sadly, as is common courtesy and manners. A good place for a short term learning experience.
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Great Company to work for

Great company to work for. Excellent benefits and bonus structure. Good retirement plan as well. Great work culture. I enjoyed my time at RBC. One of the best banks to work for!
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