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Rbc management and salary suck

Rbc is overrated. Pay less salary then other banks and ask too many things for that salary.They ask you to search for investment gif , mortgage etc every time someone has a huge sum.Ask for a feedback every single customer, value program, etc . It’s just too much

Points positifs

Team is good

Points négatifs

Management sucks, Ask too many things
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Better than nothing

Good for people who like to work in professionalism but not getting paid enough if we compared with stress levelGot public holiday is the only benefit to work there
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Good place to start your career as a new immigrant

The work at the branch is sometimes stressful especially during end of the month when it’s busy. The pay isn’t great but well above minimum wage. The work life balance is well maintained

Points positifs

Good Support from management, Work life balance

Points négatifs

Low salary, takes a long time to advance your career to next level.
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Communications Intern - Insurance

The work was a bit boring for me because of my personal lack of interest in the financial sector. There's not a lot of variety in the work either. I edited training presentations for 3 months. But just the name of the bank definitely helps open a lot of doors.

Points positifs

Great managers

Points négatifs

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Great place to work

Great place to work, company provides a lot of supports. However it is getting short staffed recently and putting alot of stress at work. Benefits are great but base salary seems lower than some banks.
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Rbc thumbs up

Amazing place to work. I’ve been with rbc for 4 years, its a company with integrity and standards. Positive and focused environment. I don’t plan to leave. If you are interested in a stress free environment, where you can just get your work done , RBC is the right place.

Points positifs

Positive environment.
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What you’d expect

Nice environment for a bank, good benefits and pay is fine. Depending on team you join you either will have a great time, or a terrible time. Can be stressful but overall feels satisfying, in a way.
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Great work environment but not work life balance

Worked in several different roles with RBC and of course the job is only as good as the management and I had great ones and awful ones it is ultimately why I left poor management. lived in one province and was promoted and appreciated and moved to a job in another province and was stuck and not promoted also worked alot of hours that I was not appreciated for.

Points positifs

team working environment

Points négatifs

lots of time that is required of you
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Nice place to work. You learn something new everyday with this role.

Salary is less as compared to other banks in the market but work culture is really great. Lot of room for growth and improvement within organization..
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Awesome company to work in and gain experience

Overall very good work environment. All the co workers and trainers are very helpful. management is good, everybody is very friendly. the work pressure is manageable.
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Great Place to work and decent pay.

Great place to work. Couldnt ask for a better job. Will probably be a lifer there.Benefits and culture are great. People are respected and respectful. They maoe accomidations where needed and give necessary time off. Pay is good. Not the best but good!
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fun place

A typical day at work it was a fun and encouraging environment. Had to make sure you were hitting your target and providing excellent customer experience or else could get in trouble
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Day at RBC

Overall, working as a Client Advisor for Royal Bank was great, the staff, clients and business procedures were easy to follow and understand, lots of room for growth if willing to put in the time. The issue with entry-level positions like Client Advisor, is the pay which is $17, hard to survive with. Otherwise, the other roles are great, fast-paced environments where lots can be learned and achieved towards.
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Fun, fast paced environment!

Everybody was so much fun to work with! The environment was extremely collaborative, but things can get pretty hectic, especially when you have an uptight (read: annoying) customer to deal with. But everyone supports each other to get the job done!
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Productive and a good place to improve your career for career advancement

Employees like me in my opinion were treated fairly. Love working in RBC because you get to express your ideas. Always treated as family. I would recommend this company as a great place to work.
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Really depends on your Team and specific dept

My experience were within both infrastructure and more development based teams. Really it depends on who your management is.Infrastructure teams are not very well appreciated and getting noticed can be difficult.
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Wonderful place to work!

Supervisors are professional, helpful and supportive. The facilities are modern and kept lovely. The hours are flexible and the work place culture is one of a great team.
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Good place to work

Good place to work; good benefits, internal salary increases are discretionary; collaborative environment; pace is a good work-life balance; growth limited - need to have a sponsor to move to Director and higher.
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Awful experience

Overall I couldn’t wait to leave. They take care of there own kind not a diverse company after all. Training was a different level of diversity then after I received my manger which wasn’t trained accordingly all went down hill. Leaving saved my livelihood!
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You are stuck in the worst shift

They won't tell you that they will put you in the closing shift until you are on the floor already. You are stuck in the worst shift possible. Hey you can bid for a new shift but Goodluck on that. Even your own annual vacation, you have to bid for it. Only favors the few, considering they preach equality. Ah only on the surface.

Points positifs

Pay and benefits

Points négatifs

Working hours
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